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As Covid-19 Takes Toll, DeVos Denounced for New 'Craven' Public School Privatization Scheme

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/02/covid-19-takes-toll-devos-denounced-new-craven-public-school-privatization-scheme

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GATS, a trade agreement thats part of the WTO is behind a global scheme to privatize all services, bit by bit, including education.

Primary education is theoretically exempted but the protection is so flimsy they might as well be doomed, the way we are going. Because we also have private schools.

Frsnkly they want to privatize public schools because they want to globalize them, trade the jobs away like bargaining chips, to be handled by subcontracting/staffing firms, somewhat like what is happening with IT.

As part of a scheme to equalize wages throughout the world.
This is not conspiracy theory, its easily verifiable fact.

Similar programs are planned in dozens of services with the outcome that many people will have to seek employment outside of the fields hey were trained in because they will be priced out of the market. The goal is to create a race to the bottom instead of race to the top.

This definitely applies to education in all its forms.
People may not be employed in the future, so the argument goes, why spend a lot on educating poor people- for a world where they likely wont have the money to get the advanced education they are expected to need, as jobs will be very tight.

This is the wrong approach. We have to find faith - we cant deprive young people of a future.

To do any differently is to abandon the America we grew up in for something entirely different. Where everything is for sale and based on money, not merit.

These are worth reading- I have dozens of links on education and the privatization controversy on my web site. Which many of you know. My site URL is in my profile. Thank you.

Trading Away Human Rights? The GATS and the Right to Education: a legal perspective
Pierrick Devidal

Globalisation, GATS and Trading in Education Services
Susan L. Robertson
Centre for Globalisation, Education and Societies
University of Bristol, UK


Education is a Human Right & the Responsibility of a Civilized Society.


DeVos … she represents the SCUM too much of this nation has become.

WHO do she and her brother and their friends think they are? They ACT like rulers, and disregard the people who actually make up the nation.


Cruela DeVos is a neo-liberal, privatize everything, money grubbing, witch. One of our prized institutions have been decimated by the neo-liberal revolution. It’s as evil as it sounds. My public schools had art, music, and other cultural necessities. Most of these have been forsaken for profit where public schools are factories for the lesser classes to try go to and to eek out a living. This country sucks for the lower 70% and this new wealth extraction(under the umbrella of the c-virus pandemic) will end in ruin. It was good for a few years during the Cold War, and even then the threat of annihilation was always at the back of my mind. I’m glad I won’t be around for the eventual collapse. I hope, anyway.


Not profit for the wealthy. It’s(public education) already been ruined, mostly.

Lock this witch up.



This concept is key to understanding what’s going on. if you just understand one thing about privatization of education, make it this. (this is what the experts always start out with)

This defines the scope of what can be a “public” service, and what are services of general economic interest under the privatization of everything agreement. (partially subsidized at the beginning but supposed to gradually become private but regulated as something that needs to have an eye kept on it, but not necessarily subsidized, instead, outsourced…

"For the purposes of this Agreement…

(b) ‘services’ includes any service in any sector except services supplied in the exercise of governmental authority;

(c ) ‘a service supplied in the exercise of governmental authority’ means any service which is supplied neither on a commercial basis, nor in competition with one or more service suppliers."

Hu zed: I read that there are 2 exceptions to Article 3, and that neither heath nor education is at non market conditions status—whatever the he that means. : ),
Knowing how such agreements are usually written as to be nonsensical ----- seemed unclear to me. : ) However, as Wamart broke the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and had no repercussions and suffered no consequences—it often does appear that !aws are written to disinform more often than to inform. Of course I did go to the WTO website to read this.

Neo-conservatives or liberals both favor free market capitalism. Conservatives favor interventionist foreign policy. Trump favors blondes and drunk eight graders with assault rifles. DEVOS is just a pig, a billionaire privatizing education. Private corporations do not have to reply to freedom of information requests. Our secret government privatizes or classifies information to ensure its secrecy. The CIA by the way is the only agency legally protected from revealing how it allocates funds. The CIA and every cent of taxpayer money it distributes is legally secret. These private religious schools teach our kids to bomb countries, set people on fire with gas, spray our soldiers with agent orange, steal oil and fund mercenaries. For Jesus? We are going to either swing dramatically back to the left or go right off the cliff with the Oil Nazis. Mississippi is creating a new State flag. This is a very good thing during our life. peace.

The executive branch seeks 10% of C-19 aid relief be provided to private schools. Same percentage reported in this story as attending non public schools in America.
These are montessouri, both for profit and not for profit, YMCA, Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist, Amish, Mennonite and I do not know if in home schooling is included yet.

C-19, protect the childrens. One method is to have half the students attend in person on Monday and Tuesday is e-learning. While the other half has e-learning Monday and in person class Tuesday. This gets the social distancing and I learned they will all wear masks, all the time in the school.

I have no objective to government funds being used to help USA children, all of them.

Ohio and Indiana state governments both provide the same dollar amount to the private schools per student as they forward to public school districts.

Charter schools - for profit - have a failure rate that indicates rip off !!
And they do not accept handicapped students nor raucus, wild, crazy and zany guys like me.


IMHO, Eric Prince should be serving a life term in prison for his war crimes – and sister Betsy should be tossed in there with him.

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Good article in Nytimes on how many other countries are re-opening schools and it’s ok!

Google: nytimes schools

Article 3 of GATS is about “transparency” which in this context means telling foreign corporations what conditions (not just our domestic regulations, also whatever other conditions such as public schools, even) exist (since they might see that as a trade barrier) NOT transparency to people.

I don’t really follow what youre getting at. Please be much more specific, I’m not understanding what youre saying, also there is a good chance I dont know. This is a huge and as you say, intentionally confusing area (and thats a huge understatement)

Here there be dragons, and not in a good way.

There needs to be as many non christian religious groups as possible applying for this money (madrassas, Church of Satan, any Muslim religious organization etc.).

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What do people think about renting our skilled workers instead of educating them?

This is the kind of pitch they have been getting in Washington and Geneva.
Its been very pursuasive.



Like all of the other government agencies heads that Trump has put in place,
this is just another case of self-profiting for DeVos and her family.

We have an administration loaded with millionaires –

McConnell – $30+ million – Pelosi $112 million – Barr $40+ million –

There should be a list of the wealth of everyone in Congress – how much did Obama leave with?
Last I looked his daughter was wearing an $18,000 ball gown for an average party at the White


Did she actually write a check to pay her contempt of court fine from last October?

The US is based on profit. If they people in washington today could make profit chopping up individual Americans and selling them as meat. They might even do that.

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We should bring back royalty so we can have public beheadings of them. (/JOKE)

Te other day I was watching John Waters’ “Desperate Living” and it seemed so much like the world we live in today, with Edith Massey as “Trump”.

One thing about John Waters’ films that I cannot say about most directors, they are entertaining.