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As Covid-Positive GOP Politicians Enjoy Healthcare They 'Would Deny Others,' Coronavirus Pandemic Again Makes Case for Medicare for All

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/04/covid-positive-gop-politicians-enjoy-healthcare-they-would-deny-others-coronavirus


This is outrageous! Can’t Chris Christie close the entire hospital except for him? If he doesn’t have to share a beach, why does he have to share a hospital? Doesn’t he deserve an entire hospital for himself?


Hypocrite Nancy Pelosi rightly said that Trump is getting the kind of medical care every American deserves, yet she STILL opposes Medicare for All.

After we get the dangerous psychopath Trump out, we need to start working to get the damn corporate Democrats out.


The Pandemic makes the case but not Obama, the Camel, Biden, DNC, NYT or the corporate Dems. Interesting. Policy from virus?


This is why God invented guillotines.


Once again, Trump (and other cronies) have said the quiet truths out loud about our “system” of healthcare, simply by getting sick and being treated from the head of the line, while lesser folks suffer and die. This is post-capitalism at its most depraved.


Excuse Me?!

Biden and Neo-liberal Corporate Dems are denying Medicare4ALL to Americans as well!!!

In fact, Biden goes as far as saying even if Senate and House pass it he would veto it!!

But Common Dreams headlines plays as if it’s only a GOP problem. Typical bull shit from Neo-liberal cheering Commondreams dot org

#FtheDNC #FtheGOP #Revolution2020


I loved this statement: “He hosted a super-spreader event to honor a justice who would have the government control your body but refuse the duty to care for it, and when the virus he helped go around came around, he availed of the healthcare he would deny others, financed by the taxes he refuses to pay.”

I’m glad I live in a country where “they value human life.”

Now we have post-adolescent abortion of the living poor.

I am sorry that I have to say this again, but the phrase “medicare for all” carries great risks.

It should be “low-cost to no-cost universal health insurance.”


Right now at this moment Republican campaign strategists are deliberating on the script they will use for any number of possible outcomes.

Should Trump recover it will be…

This proves the USA has the best Health Care system in the World.
This proves that the Corona virus no worse then the common flu.
This proves that all Americans have access to health care.
This proves the threats posed by the virus are overstated and we should open for business again.
This proves our President is healthy and much healthier then his rival.

Should he not come through this, it will be all that Alex Jones stuff (You can already see it on some sites where they claim the Deep State is trying to do trump in)

The reality is that it is all Political theatre. It is all farce. This not just the Republicans at it either. Before any Democrat makes a comment they are meeting with people behind closed doors working on what words to use.

All of these scripts are designed to attract the most votes to a given platform and nothing more.


Totally agree. I would love to read about that.
Would you please provide me with a source?
Thank you.

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Johns Calvin and Knox are salivating in their little corner of hell. The Rich are god’s Elect, while the poor are already pre-destined for hell and their lack of wealth proves it. The poor are, by definition in this twisted religion, immoral, do not have the self-control to save money for emergencies such as illness and old age. Perfect excuse for the founders of the Industrial Revolution to pay minimal wages to such wretches, while they prospered as being “job-creators”, knowing Heaven awaited.
These same twisted beliefs are the engines of the Prosperity Gospel, of the Economic Liberty bunch who proudly brag they are the job-creators, the makers, while the rest of us are the takers and don’t deserve to live if we become ill or old. That’s why the US of Abuse is the only Industrialized nation that has no form of universal health care but allows The Market free rein to make obscene profits from our lives and deaths.
Even worse, Trump isn’t wealthy. Most of these grifters aren’t. They pretend to be while living off the cuff, exploiting others to pay for their consumer life-style.
While I’m no fan of the Pope as a remnant of Patriarchal Authoritarianism, he was spot on today in his latest encyclical. Once he comes out in favor of family planning, birth control, and mandatory education of women in all countries, I’ll be in his corner.
And once the anti-abortion faction comes out against war and the death penalty and for health care for all, as well as clean water, air, and against factory farming in all forms, I’ll be in their corner as well. After all, pro-life should be for ALL life forms, not just humans.
Now the waiting game. I truly expect it to be revealed in years to come that Trump wasn’t ill, that this was just another campaign ploy. He’s a damned good actor. Just ask those who watched The Apprentice.


Remind me again: are Chris Christie and William Barr fat?


It should be medical treatment, if needed.

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WHAT Medicare for All? We live in utter TERROR of getting sick, trying to pretend we can go without paid medical leave, diagnosis, efficacious treatment, actual informed consent & transparent options based on outcome (not being coded-up to maximize profits giant to private equity multi-nationals) obscene surprise, out-of-network billing in ER, ICU or being passed about as chronic complications ensue from cursory treatment by outsourced contractors, as W4 conscientious, empirically capable staff sicken or are replaced as cheaper expedient, or local hospitals are simply overrun, by dying “essential” workers, told to “just go on about your lives,” which cost ~35K excessive deaths here, according to WSJ!






Head removal works on snakes and Zombies too.


These people bring out the sniper in me.


What are the chances that none of the covid positive repugs have severe symptoms? So far they are all mild, I’m not going to be fully convinced this isn’t a con on the American people, until one of them has serious medical problems from it.


We know it works.

They should name this the Herman Cain Syndrome. These rich, privileged assholes admit themselves to the hospital before they, too, end up being murdered by Trump.


Mic Drop. You are so right.

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