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As Critics Warn Trump Sanctions Could Spark 'New War in Middle East,' EU Vows to Uphold Iran Nuclear Deal


As Critics Warn Trump Sanctions Could Spark 'New War in Middle East,' EU Vows to Uphold Iran Nuclear Deal

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With new economic sanctions against Iran by the Trump administration about to go into effect as part of its ongoing effort to undermine international diplomacy and "foment unrest" in the country—a campaign critics say heightens the risk of "a new war in the Middle East"—the European Union (EU) on Monday issued an


So the Europeans are calling Trump’s bluff, while upholding the principles of international agreements. Can we be shamed by Trump any more than this? Don’t answer that.


In wars, who lends money to all sides?

“It is only one who is thoroughly acquainted with the evils of war that can thoroughly understand the profitable way of carrying it on,”
Sun Tsu

Business is war. I go out there, I want to kill the competitors. I want to make their lives miserable. I want to steal their market share. I want them to fear me and I want everyone on my team thinking we’re going to win.
Kevin O’Leary


I’m with the Iranians on this one.


A new war in the Middle East? Isn’t that the goal of the US fascists in power? While at the same time ‘fomenting unrest’ in Europe with the help of former WH strategist and despicable human being Steve Bannon who moved to Europe to unleash his fascist “The Movement” right-wing ideology:


The US is well on its way, thanks to Twitler and his crew, to international irrelevance.

BDS the US!



At last the EU takes a stand against trumps unilateral actions that affect many others around the world…like Europe. The trump regime and its rotten head don;t care about anything or anyone outside their crony capitalist exploitation, profits above all else, riling-up the neo-nazi base, and making world policy by executive fiat via twitter.

Bravo to the EU, but let’s see how strong they are willing to stand! Against a bully and complete nutter one needs to be strong in their resolve!

…was there ever an more reprehensible depraved US “administration”?..I use that term loosely.


This is all about Israel, our masters.


My perspective: national security is nothing but a brainwashing,euphemistic term for “their security”! And by their security, I mean the 1%; the war profiteers; and their banking oligarchical, fawning parasite, fascists, who have sold out our security in order to protect their security and profits. .


Never saw a PIG with a beard (cops aren’t allowed).


Hair Twitler.


War is big business:American Soldier speaking the Truth


Critics… Blah, Blah… Everything this killer does is a disaster. Why bother to print this repetitive stuff?


It gets to the point where you begin to wonder if Trump & Company are screwing things up on purpose.
Of course, Trump bragged about making money after The Great Recession of 2008, by picking up properties at .60/70 cents on the dollar. And, he wasn’t a big player, by any measure.
War in the MENA could certainly set the stage, along with financial deregulation, to create a large bubble that would eventually burst. And, the resulting crash would be a cheesy liquidator’s dream.
Funny how that works out for the 1%ers, too.


But the point is war in Iran. That’s what our masters of war (Israel and Saudi Arabia) want.


They’ve already set the stage for the bubble. This time they’re going to take our bank accounts as the bail out. They set us up to Cypress us. WallstreetonParade.com keeps reporting on what they’re doing.
I opened a credit union account and cashed out my 401k to put it in there because of what’s being setup. Last time pretty much all 401ks went down to less than half, this time it’s predicted to be much worse. You’re better investing it yourself when the market turns around instead of watching it disappear. Remember Banks pull out of investments when they have a 2% loss and usually well below 2% - more like 1.5%. Wall Street companies do too while telling the average people to stay in and the average person watches their retirement and investments disappear. They tell the average people to stay in so they can get their money out. The credit unions can’t gamble in the stock market with our money like the banks can (now that glass steagal which prevented them from doing it, is gone.) Trump has been signing orders to raise the risk they can bet on our bank accounts with. They’re raising it a lot but in small increments - once a month so it doesn’t look like a lot. The FDIC will only insure up to what they have money for, they have billions, the banks are looting us for trillions. Cypress was a setup and we get it next. I believe it happened in Iceland first.


Excellent! I thank this soldier for his service to truth!


Look way closer. You’re focusing on Trump. The Koches are way more his backers than anyone knew. It turns out he was using their lawyers through the election. He also ushered in people they would want to dismantle all regulatory systems in government as soon as he got in. That why the head of the EPA wants to dismantle the EPA, and the head of Education wants to dismantle education, etc. Trump is also sold out to Wall Street and Israel and Saudi Arabia(the people our proxy wars in the Mideast are for,) and any other corrupt org you can think of.

So look close. It’s not Trump personally doing this. No matter who we vote for in the duopoly is going to do this. Never vote for the duopoly again.

By the way, Koches, last seen now handling voter machines.


Agreed but their leaders are giving a dog and pony show. They’re as sold out as we are, that’s why they keep getting into all those mid-east wars too. Theresa May…