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As Crucial Vote Nears, How Many Dems Will Stand Against Destructive TPP?


As Crucial Vote Nears, How Many Dems Will Stand Against Destructive TPP?

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer


Seeing how Pelosi has been an Obama rubber stamp during the past six and one half years, please raise your hand if you think she will go against Obama on fast track, or TPP.

Recall March 2010 when then House Speaker Pelosi admonished House members to “vote in favor of Obama’s Affordable Care Act (ACA) so we can see what is in it”.


You beat me to it, damn. Pelosi and supporters of TPP, TTIP and TISA ( less Ts, please ) are playing with matches in one hand and charcoal starter in the other. I’ve contacted my Congresscritter twice and she knows this doesn’t play well with the rank and file. It’s another big payoff for the Ohbummer Adm. ( conjure up The Obama Foundation and $$$$ ) along with the checks he’ll get for the lousy ACA from Big Pharma. This was all prepped for the oven before The Prez won in 2008, of course, as Michelle was onboard for $700K a year ( community liaison ) from the Chicago medical bigwigs. Coming soon to a theatre near your former workplace: Bought and Sold America II, a thinly veiled retread of a movie with a script lifted from The Clinton Years: False Hope Man. Here’s the plot: pump up the NYSE, deregulate same with side agreements, add in healthcare costs and increase wage stagnation, stir in false hope and add gunpowder. Call up Fake Liberal and tell her, " hit it, Nancy ". Run like hell around the world and collect checks.


Both factions, Republicrats and Demicans are bought and sold: Behind these wacky trade deals 110%. We should warn off those abroad who are prepared to put money behind these things that they will lose big when things change, as they will, here in the USA.


Every four years you get to pick a sock puppet for the next four years.

  • The 0.001% puppeteers don’t care which sock is in “power” as they are both a means to an end.
  • When the sock puppets no longer seem to work, I think we will really get a chance to see what a Nazified Fascist Empire is really like.
  • It ain’t gonna be pretty.


So get on with it already, the only people who doubt that this fascit power wedgy isn’t blessed by the M.O.T.U. (Masters O’ The Universe) still have misplaced faith in a rigged game, and crow that they’re “liberal democrats”.While Nancy plays catch me/kiss me, we’re to believe this is representetive democracy…HAH-whatta hoot!
These people are becoming insufferably predictable.


There is no way that the ruinous TPP will fail to become law. Our One Percent Overlords want to decimate the remains of the middle class, and the TPP will do the trick, while allowing them to bloat with even more wealth, like the swollen parasites that they are.

Media coverage shall remain minimal, Obama will declare victory when he signs off on the worst “free” trade bill in history. Both sellout Parties will ensure that the TPP stays off the radar during the farce that is the Presidential election.

In a few years, when tens more millions lose their jobs, vague references will be made linking all the offshoring to the TPP, but most Americans will never, ever know what hit them.


That’s how these things always work. The negative effects are never visible right away. It takes a while. Then when people begin to suffer because of these deals it is blamed on something entirely different. The Democrats will blame the Republicans and the Republicans will blame the Democrats.

The same thing is already happening with Obamacare. Many are realizing that it is far worse than they had expected. So now they blame it on the insurance companies, not even realizing that Obama and the insurance companies worked together on this “for profit” healthcare monster.


The political leadership rules the congress. The obvious fact that there is no longer a representative form of government in the United States is verified, daily. The Law of the Land is predicated on the Constitution, which limits the power of the government over the people. The Bush/Cheney coup d’etat in 2000 ended the republic.


Lest we forget, in 1993 Pelosi voted for NAFTA along with the majority of Republicans, while the majority of Democrats voted no. As in many other cases, like single payer health care and impeachment of George Bush, she failed to champion the views and desires of the San Franciscans she supposedly represents.

Since then, she’s claimed to regret her support, but with Fast Track and TPP what’s clear is that she’s just become craftier in how she supports it.


San Franciscans, those that can afford to call themselves that, at least, aren’t that progressive anymore. On social libertarian issues they are progressive but the rest of it is a coin flip. Pelosi keeps representing DLC House members’ interests but their numbers are in deep decline. Not many Blue Dogs remaining, either. The other side of the coin, however, is Steny Hoyer, who’s so far into the MIC pockets his nickname is Major Minor Malfeasance… If the House Dems were smart, and that’s assuming facts not in evidence, they’d all vote no and make the Republicans carry Obama’s dirty water. Setting up a real 50 State Strategy for winning in 2016 and allowing Pres. Obama and his mediocre legacy, to start loading the moving truck. Pelosi is a horrible leader in a horribly flawed seniority system and by all indications the Democrats like that just fine.


She also promised Slick Oily as many house democrats that he would need for his grand bargain on Social Security! We really dodged a bullet on that one, the republicans were too busy shooting themselves in the foot with their guns when they could have screwed us all on Social Security!!


The democrats never learned that if you stay in close proximity to stupid or evil long enough, it tends to rub off. That is why you have a republican and republican lite political parties!


Ms Fulton, for your future reference. Congressman Keith Ellison is a Democrat from the great state of Minnesota, not Michigan!


Nancy Peelosi took Single Payer off the table when 84% of us supported it. Nancy really put the screws on Democrats to toe the line and vote as directed by the big money. Nancy is top dog because she follows orders and makes sure lesser dems obey her orders. Those corrupt unethical people all like the perks of the job. Good money, prestige and guaranteed wealth for their lives.

Problem is with you. Why do you continue to vote for them? I know there is a lot of fraud and rigged voting machines, but still—a lot of people somehow think they must be loyal to the political party of they joined while living with Mommy and Daddy. Grow up. Take a look at what has happened to our nation under our two party system. There is no lesser evil between the two major parties. Get smart before it is too late. Vote for independent candidates.


I have seen the same goddamn attitude from the republicans to the point of destroying this nation: republicans supporting republicans and tea baggers. Rubber stamp? I have witnessed almost 7 years of JUST SAY NO from the party of red. As well, I have no time for Dems waffling and dipping and diving to support corporations and TPP.


It’s actually pretty easy to predict which Dems will cave in or have already made clear they’ll vote for Fast Track. We know that Heitkamp of ND tends to be swayed, Joe Manchin WV, Joe Donnelly IN, Claire McCaskill MO, and the list goes on. These are the main blue dogs we have to worry about and be on top of, if we want to have Democrats leading correctly on serious issues. Daily KOS had a good article on them last month, too.


The Washington Senators, Murray and Cantwell, have quietly supported this “trade” bill since it’s inception. They see only the possibility of a greater port activity with it’s attendant job production and totally ignore the deadly Not Made In America effects. They see a more open trade policy as a boost to the states commerce and seem to totally ignore the fact that the vast majority of it will be imports without the corresponding export production. Ladies, we can sell only so many apples.


Keep your expectations low. This is a very tricky issue at this point. Consider that the media marketed to libs went all-out to sell Hillary Clinton to run against VP Joe Biden for the nomination. Before launching her pre-campaign speaking tour, Hillary Clinton was hard at work promoting the TPP. (Makes sense, since her husband hit us with NAFTA.) Pelosi, of course, was a faithful promoter of the neoliberal Clintons for years. The TPP creates a most awkward situation for the Clinton wing of the party.


Consider how limited our voting choices are. Our alternative to Democrat/Republican is to scatter our votes among an array of third parties, none of which will gain enough total votes to have any influence. So, what’s the point of urging people to “vote independent”? Should they vote for those on the left, on the right, for those that are focused on a specific issues…? Either way, the overwhelming majority split their votes between the Democrats and Republicans.

And I suspect that this isn’t actually the problem. Those in office actually can be made to listen to the people. The problem is, this generation can’t even say who “The People” are, or what they want. We just don’t know. Those who aren’t on the right wing today have been deeply divided by class, middle class vs. the poor. The poor and middle class see America from very different perspectives, and have very different priorities.