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As Cuban Flag Rises in U.S. Capital, 'Antiquated Policies' Still in Place


As Cuban Flag Rises in U.S. Capital, 'Antiquated Policies' Still in Place

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The Cuban embassy on Monday officially opened in Washington, D.C., exciting the many who support restoring diplomatic relations with the Caribbean nation for the first time in 54 years.

But another raised flag in the U.S. capitol should not signify the end of the American effort to reestablish official ties with the country, Cuban officials and human rights activists said.


One (big) cause of anxiety is that Cuba provides a much closer (cheaper) place to move US jobs. As it is, we simply don’t have jobs for all, and we got very, very tough on our jobless poor.


I was all fixin to wax nostalgic about my disappointment with Castro, of whom I once thought quite highly, and the reasons for his spurning of the marvelous US of A and here you go harshin my buzz. I don’t think, just now, that corporate America is gonna consider Cuba to be a new Mexico because they now have everything headed their way however, I quite agree that we must be very careful of the corporate lust for gain in everything that happens.


Well with Padilla still on the loose in Florida, I hope the new Cuban Embassy has some really good security.


‘Antiquated Policies’ Still in Place

Can’t make change with a government so old it shudders at the prospect of progress. And given the celebratory nature of their dementia things will almost certainly get worse.


@Public Advocate: Your post would be clearer with an antecedent.


Cuba has been caught in something of a 50 year time warp. Antique cars, old infrastructure, undeveloped industries, and lots of beautiful beaches. If I was to go there I would want to go now. In ten years it will be unrecognizable…