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As Cyclone Pam Descends on Vanuatu, Climate Experts Sound Alarms


As Cyclone Pam Descends on Vanuatu, Climate Experts Sound Alarms

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

As Cyclone Pam devastated the South Pacific island nation of Vanuatu, where resources are already strained under the effects of climate change, United Nations officials and the country's president on Saturday called for immediate action to prevent further disasters caused by global warming and extreme weather.


Under the heading of “Good News/Bad News”, it looks like climate change deniers WILL be around to see how bad things have gotten,… (Insert invective here)… up.



There’s four cyclones (same as hurricane) spinning around Austraila according to Dr. Jeff Masters at the Weather Underground.

A small one was forecast to hit me in the Northern Hemisphere (cat 1 Typhoon), but has now been changed to just a storm.

Hot Water is what fuels cyclonic weather like Hurricanes. Most of them in the world hit SE Asia by a wide margin. We are currently working on two flood walls to deal with what we know is coming in May. Got hit with one in Florida. Tore the top off my boat and sand-blasted the finish. Destroyed the Flybridge and forced me to sell it off for a third of what I put into it. That picture of the boats smushed together is so familiar to me. The smell of sewage and fuel in the water in the high humidity after the storm leaves is hell. Airports and Ferries are inoperative, so you can’t escape. Followed by clouds of mosquitoes and water-borne disease the following week…


RobertL18 wrote (to Matt_Heins:

‘I am sure you must be aware that George W Bush is no longer president of the United States. FEMA is now up to speed. The help provided after Hurricane Sandy is a good example. Obviously the US has an excellent record in helping out in natural disasters around the world. The US military is often the first to arrive with help. This is one area where you can’t fault the US.’

The arriving of the US miltary is more correctly described as an illegal invasion; an act of aggression prohibited by the UN, and therefore, by the US constitution. The US response to the recent disaster in Haiti speaks for itself.


Political conspiracies and stupidities aside, the damage has been done. Even if carbon use could be drastically reduced with barely imaginable speed, it would take somewhat longer for the atmosphere, biospheres, the seas et al to evolve into a new equilibrium, one which may or may not be one that produces fewer and less destructive weather events. These processes are complex assemblages of variables, and it’s likely that humanity is just going to deal with humanitarian crises of increasing frequency and severity.

The dream that folks of good heart and educated awareness have is the hope that people the world over would wake up to the emergency nature of current conditions and cause a globally organized revision of industrial civilizations production processes, living arrangements, and the way financial matters are managed.

That still could happen. I think as I have said for many years that what is needed is something resembling a new religion, one that could sweep the global population (the means to communicate with masses quickly and globally are there so long as the electricity that makes them run remains available).