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As Dakota Access Pipeline Fight Grows, Where Are Obama and Clinton?


As Dakota Access Pipeline Fight Grows, Where Are Obama and Clinton?

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

As one presidential candidate faces charges for spray-painting construction equipment at a Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) protest on Tuesday, many are calling for President Barack Obama and White House hopeful Hillary Clinton to make clear their own opposition to the controversial project.


Obama and Clinton are where they always have been and always will be, with the corporations, against the people.


Several news outlets reported on Stein's actions at the protest yesterday. Fairly evenhandedly surprisingly.

This story is growing larger and that means that the fossil fuel industry is losing.
Now is the moment to ratchet the pressure up.


The Obama Administration did support the temporary restraining order in Federal court that was granted. We'll see how they argue the Army Corps of Engineers side of the case in court on Friday.


When the MSM calls these Native Americans " protesters " it does them a grave disservice, because to the average American that is a pejorative term that tends to demonize these indigenous people in negative terms. They need to be called what they are: PROTECTORS OF MOTHER EARTH!


Why is this even a court case?
What did Shakespeare say about lawyers because they make everyone's life miserable?
Why should a for-profit, private corporation ever be allowed to take somebody's land through eminent domain?
A public entity for public use we can discuss the merits of that at a later date.


Where are Obama, and Clinton? F__king us. We Are The People!, We Are The Power!


Obama, Mr. Climate Change, is MIA. Meanwhile, his admin (Dept of Interior, Dept of Energy, the EPA) move full steam ahead on the exact opposite of addressing climate change - the All-of-the-Above Energy agenda. Maybe he'll have some nice words for the folks at a later date.


I agree that it would be great not to allow eminent domain for oil pipelines. However, that has nothing to do with the federal court case. I believe Eminent Domain policies are at the state level and the tribes have separate lawsuits about that (we had similar state lawsuits on that topic for the Keystone pipeline). The Federal case is about the Army Corps of Engineers permit process. The Corps gave the tribes the standard public comment process they give to everyone - but the tribes correctly argued that wasn't enough given how complicated the situation was with respect to cultural and burial sites. So far the Corps has been making a "standard procedures were all followed" argument on the places where they have given permits and a "that's not our jurisdiction" argument for the areas where they did not have to grant a permit. I hope they change their thinking and alter the regulations to allow for more thorough feedback from the tribes.


The Corp of Engineers gives the for-profit, private corporations permits to proceed, which they then use to get the states to grant them eminent domain, no?
And where has the EPA been in all of this?


The richest industry in the history of money can afford to be very, very generous.
The silence of Obama, Clinton and Trump is entirely predictable. The person who did speak out in support of halting DAPL is slowly receding from the frame.


I think it goes the other way around. I believe the for profit groups got the eminent domain from the states first. I remember seeing stories about this pipeline back in May and at that time the Corps had granted no permits on the part in their jurisdiction - but the states had already taken a bunch of land on the company's behalf.


So ... apparently when Obama says "[his] Administration is determined to partner with tribes..." it is only when they agree with his policies and do not show their OWN opinions.


Excellent, excellent, excellent life and work, all the way around!

To organize mass opposition, take direct action, put it in the public eye, and call out phony corporate politicians.

These phony corporate politicians shamefully and shamelessly pander to tribal sovereignty in double-speak, but their actions and their partners in crime speak much louder than their phony words.

These phony corporate politicians stand not with indigenous and tribal sovereignty, and not with the Earth and its people.

More people, see the truth, join the uprising, support the Earth love warriors, support direct action at the site of the crimes, and denounce and expose the phony corporate politicians.


Trump has not been silent. He is all for eminent domain and for the pipeline for expanding drilling and the oil industry generally and was a proponent of the Keystone pipeline as well. As for his stance on the rights of Native Americans generally - that's even worse.


I mean silent as assent.


Where are Obama and Clinton? Obama is getting ready to hit the "send" button so his resume gets to Energy Transfer Partners. Clinton is taking her dosage of anti-psychotic medication before the next campaign event.



Yep. Obama's and Clinton's silence leaves some hope that they will come out on the right side of things in the end (wouldn't hold my breathe on that obviously) - while Trump has already given his policy and it's the worst one possible.


We know where Trump and Clinton are, but may I ask: where is Bernie? He should be supporting Jill Stein, but of course Bernie has sold out to HRC so Bernie is with her!


Bernie has given his strong support to the Dakota Access pipeline protesters.