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As Darren Wilson Walks Free, DOJ Reveals Blatant Racism at Ferguson Police Department


As Darren Wilson Walks Free, DOJ Reveals Blatant Racism at Ferguson Police Department

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The U.S. Department of Justice on Wednesday announced that it will not prosecute former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson for the shooting death of unarmed black teen Michael Brown.

However, an internal probe by the federal agency also released Wednesday charged that the Ferguson Police Department (FPD) is itself guilty of racism as well as systematic and often brutal targeting of African American citizens.


First, enough people are outraged about Wilson walking free that if a concerted effort was made, his life could be turned into a living Hell, where he would end up wishing all he had to worry about was going to prison. Dog him every minute of his life, make it impossible for him to work and have normal relationships. Those who hate him could do that if they wanted to, there are enough of them out there.

Second, with 67% of the population, the African-American community of Ferguson should be geared up for local elections next month with a slate of candidates to take full control of the local government for the black community. Nothing has been said about this. With all of the supposedly politically savvy help from out of town Ferguson has gotten in the past 6 months, why hasn’t a major grass-roots voter registration/alternative candidate drive taken place? The entire power structure of the town needs to be turned over, the police chief fired, and house cleaned in the criminal justice system. They have the voter base to do that. From all accounts, why haven’t they even tried?


“Federal officials concluded there was no evidence to disprove Wilson’s testimony that he feared for his safety…”

How far do you think the average person would get with that argument if the situation were reversed and Wilson had been shot by somebody who feared for his safety?


Murder: It’s not a crime when cops do it.


So glad to see the Justice Department is prosecuting the SOB who murdered Michael Brown. It’s about time!


No prosecution?

Oh. Okay, they must have issued an order forcing the Ferguson Police to end their discriminatory practices. Right On DOJ!!!


No order?

What about sanctions? Something to guarantee compliance with a set of standards? An agreement?


Well what they did do?

A report?

That’s it?

You’re kidding right?


They would be demonized as terrorists with links to al Qaeda or ISIS. Instead of communists like in the 60’s and 70’s. And be brutally murdered again!


No, since most of them would be alphabet agency employees they couldn’t just shoot them. They’d need to frame them - maybe recruit some lonely mentally ill person and convince them to plant a government supplied “bomb”.


First of all I wouldn’t want you in any form of government. You don’t believe what your peers have to say. Do you actually think all those people lied to save Wilson? Are you that slanted that you think the criminals living in Ferguson are going to change? Do you believe putting the brothers out there with uniforms and tasers will help curtail crime? The article states that only 67% of the population is black. 67% is the majority of the population. If blacks take full control, nothing will change if people keep committing crimes, and keep getting arrested.Or do you think that black enforcers won’t really enforce? You are not going to change a group of people who believe a certain way, unless there is a receptive audience who is willing to listen, and change something. If and when that happens, there can be change for the better, otherwise nothing will change, no matter who is in charge.


The racist card is getting pretty mangled up at this point, as if some people of color are not racist, There is no such thing as reverse discrimination. You either discriminate against people or you don’t. Again, like people don’t discriminate all day long about everything they do.


Missouri needs to pass a law recognizing “justifiable lynching” as self-defense.


Yeah, one way or another they would be demonized and framed if not murdered by the fascists in the government.