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As Deadly Heat Waves Sweep Globe, Research Shows Planet Warming at Rate Not Seen in 2,000 Years

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/25/deadly-heat-waves-sweep-globe-research-shows-planet-warming-rate-not-seen-2000-years



How much worse will the headlines have to get before the climate deniers get a wake-up call? Maybe this future headline? CLIMATE DEVASTATION KILLING BILLIONS WORLD WIDE!


Let’s face it, we are cooked.


Oh I do not think the death of billions of people will impact on the Climate deniers at all. The only thing that would work is something like “Global warming a threat to lower billions of people into poverty”

These guys only think about their pocketbooks and not the plight of others.


“This provides strong evidence that anthropogenic global warming is not only unparalleled in terms of absolute temperatures,” said the scientists, “but also unprecedented in spatial consistency within the context of the past 2,000 years.”

Ah … “Global Warming” –
Since we’re all here allegedly to create REVOLUTION, I’d like to remind all of us that
defiance of our right wing rulers is allowable – and that the use of the term GLOBAL WARMING
would be a great way to begin to show that defiance.

“Climate Change” is a Nazi trick by a GOP propagandist – Frank Luntz – to confuse the
public and to confuse kids in their schools. This isn’t climate change – which you can
experience when you leave your home for the shore on the weekend, or to the mountains
during your vacation. It does not make clear to children that it is “global” nor about “heat.”
This is GLOBAL WARMING and should be referred to as such which is what the scientist
has done in his explanation of what’s happening.

Meanwhile, I have a sister in Ireland where the weather is in the 70’s right now with cool
breezes (but beach weather) – she has a close friends in France on property my sister is
quite familiar with –

“Our friends in the Loire Valley, France where it has been 110 degrees during the day and in the high 80’s overnight, said they are all melting and can do nothing. Even the cats are finding it challenging and are constantly looking for a cool place under beds, etc.
The beautiful Loire River is the lowest it has ever been, and at some sections people are actually walking across the river and the fish are dying! They expect some lower temps beginning tomorrow, thankfully.”

The heat is ever faster drying up our water – and very quickly again teeming it down on
us ever faster. Our imaginations are not up to the challenge of anticipating or guessing
how the many, many harms done to Nature and the Planet – to all life on the planet –
may compound and play out.


I would love to examine the research paper, but in another of the interlocked clusterfucks of capitalist civilization, we can’t even access the research documenting our impending demise without forking over from $10 to $30. Because money needs to be made off of this.


I like your headline!


And especially outrageous, the research itself is often publicly funded and done on publicly-owned campuses. Yet the publishers then seize it as their capitalist “intellectual property”. Even the author-scientists themselves risk getting sued if they provide copies of their own work to anyone.

One more reason that capitalism has got to go - the advancement of science…

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i often find it funny, but troubling that so many people regard 2000 years as some kind of mind-bogglingly long period of time.

The current rate of warming is almost certainly far more rapid than anything going much further back than 2000 years.

This cartoon-graph (click the link) covers just the last 22K years - still a minuscule amount of time geologically. In an effort to debunk the “climate has always changed” denialist bullshit, the author had to make the graph a 8 foot long strip (if printed on normal A4 paper) to provide the scale needed to prevent the current warming from just looking like a vertical spike.


I just recently came to a realization. As my 56th birthday rapidly approaches, I have come to accept that my wife and I, during our lifetimes, just may bare witness to downfall of mankind.
Make no mistake, a considerable apocalypse is certainly on its way. It’s baked into the pie already (pun intended). However, if we do not completely alter our lifestyles in the next few years we may set the entire planet on a downward spiral that would see the extinction of not only Us, but of everything. Every living thing, gone.
The fatalistic part is that there is really nothing more we could do in our household to help. We moved to a smaller house, thus half the utility costs. All energy efficient appliances. Low flow toilets. Compact fluorescents. No more prepackaged foods. Wife now walks to work. I work from home. We put 2000 miles on our car last year. We are some solar panels away from being almost completely green. Yet, we are a minuscule minority.
Maybe we should just move to southern Canada in our coming retirement. Escape the heat. However, I’m not sure anyone can escape it now, short of going to Mars.


Nuclear winter. Cons solution to global warming.

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The Science Guy explains it for idiots, religious dopes, and politicians.

I know it isn’t intentional, but the headline should be reworded, acknowledging that the study itself covered 2000 years.

Once the Arctic Ocean is ice free for any amount of time, that particular feedback loop is going to leap off the charts. And at the same time, as the jet streams realign in a myriad of ways…some parts of the globe in winter will have record crushing winter storms and the denialists of course will point to that and say Al Gore, or Soros a few times and think they’ve won the argument. And then during the summer, when a persistent ridge brings over 100 degree heat with dew points at 78 degrees and people without air conditioning are dropping like flies at a bad picnic they will talk about paleontology and “climate gate”.

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Curious. Do you know if there is a percentage of denialists versus believers. (In climate “heating” - the new terminology.

Here in Calgary I can go to two separate Universities which do have subscriptions to ‘Nature’, arguably the top scientific publication on the planet.

These Universities have free access to their computers by the public, after you sign in at the desk, and then you can print the article off in color for a few dollars.

More and more articles are ‘Open Access’ these days.

An alternative is to go to one of the many discussion group summaries - generally high quality, like this one:


Actually only segments of life are threatened - unfortunately we are in one of those segments.

Microbial Life - i.e., the bacteria and archaea, will survive just fine - thrive in some of their specialist segments. From its inception c four billion years ago, life has been overwhelmingly microbial, and their domination of the planet has only ever increased thru time, right up to the present.

There is zero consolation in this for me, but it is a fact worth knowing, especially as we are definitely in the early stages of a Mass Extinction Event.

There have been others, of course, best known is probably the end Cretaceous events which are usually thought of in popular culture as having wiped out the dinosaurs - also untrue - the avian dinosaurs survived, and are with us today - every one of them a theropod dinosaur.

Here is an articel (free) by Stephen Jay Gould (now deceased), one of the giants of paleontology. The article first appeared in the October 1994 issue of Scientific American, but that will cost you.

Check out in the linked article the second pictogram down, showing the 'Left Wall of Complexity and the total domination of the microbes.


Actually, one of the kill mechanisms, if things really get carried away, as this extinction event unfolds, may well be the rise to the surface of the world oceans of certain varieties of this microbial world, capable of producing hydrogen sulfide, lethal at ten parts per million or so.

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Sorry, I don’t understand your question.

If you want to get to the globality of this phenomenon, “global heating” or “global scorching” would be better terms since “warming” sounds too comfortable. Other accurate terms are “climate disruption” which indicates that it is unnatural & “climate chaos” which indicates how drastic an upheaval to our way of life it is.

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Yes, some life forms that are able to live in hard to reach niches and/or are able to live in extreme temperature/climate regimes (extremophiles) will thrive, at least for a while, but even amongst these groups there is likely to be a massive dieoff, although new forms will probably emerge.