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As Death Toll and Chaos Mount in Yemen, Red Cross Calls for Ceasefire


As Death Toll and Chaos Mount in Yemen, Red Cross Calls for Ceasefire

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer


In a country that has barely any water left, a tiny strip of land with some of the highest levels of poverty in the world, atrocities are being committed daily against civilians and the civilian infrastructure. The Red Cross is being told they’ll have to wait “until the circumstances are right” before any medical assistance can get through. A vacuum is being created for Al Qaeda and IS to take over and use as their base The Saudis have long supported their fellow-Wahabis as long as they commit their atrocities outside the K.S.A. May they rot in hell along with their Bahreini, Moroccan, Egyptian, Jordanian and UAE accomplices.

The West and their monstrous creatures are on a roll as cities and refugee camps are levelled and the fragile societies and ecologies are damaged forever - Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, and now Yemen.

No curse is strong enough to spit at them.


I wonder how it is that Russia can invade and occupy the Crimea as per the western spin , without killing anyone, without bombing refugee camps, without creating a refugee crisis all while enjoying the support of 90 percent of its population , yet still be “sanctioned” by those champions of Human Rights that lead the Worlds Western nations.?

This is just another US directed massacre so as to ensure hegemony.


I hope you were being sarcastic about Russia’s “invasion” of Crimea. Otherwise you are reinforcing one of the US/NATO/EU foundational lies/propaganda for the US interference in Ukraine.

The Autonomous Republic of Crimea’s citizens constitutionally voted over 90% (as later verified by Gallop and Canadian gov’t funded polls) in favour of leaving the Ukraine Federation. The Crimean gov’t constitutionally voted to request joining the Russian Federation which was accepted by Russia.

The “polite men in green” who were invited by the Crimean gov’t to help keep order before, during and after the referendum were mostly Russian soldiers already legally stationed in leased bases in Crimea. And their numbers were well below the 20,000 Russia was legally entitled to have there.

If the US has issues with troops on foreign leased bases being involved in local security, then the US can relinquish their 1,000 foreign bases which house/employ nearly 1 million troops plus civilian workers. Like Guantanamo, where which Cuba has been requesting the return since the 1950’s, refusing the US “rent” cheques. YANKEE GO HOME.

Oh ya, Obama promised he’d close Guantanamo IMMEDIATELY after being elected. Still waiting.


My sarcasm is evident in the post. See “as per western spin”


I never take sarcasm “as evident”. The subjectivity of such without overt indications (as in sarc/on or sarc/off tags) is one of the inherent flaws of text communication, even with emoticons.


And what eaxactly does the words “as per western SPIN” mean to you?


It means you see some “Western spin”, but this could mean any of a number of things. It does not directly translate in readers’ minds to “I’m being sarcastic or humorous”, despite your belief it does.

This sort of issue has been thrashed to death at CD and social media internet wide. You CANNOT ASSUME all readers share your sense of irony or perspective. To that end it is most helpful to explicitly add tags like sarc/on or /off. You have expended more keystrokes explaining why you think such tags are not required than if you would just do as is becoming recognized as customary and efficient communication.

But carry on leaving readers wondering at your exact meaning. Adding to the confusion helps SO much.


You want sarcasm tags for more efficient communications? Other people got it. You did not. It not my problem.

Mark Twain used a lot of Sarcasm and I do not recall any of his works having “sarcasm” tags on or off so people could understand when he was being sarcastic. I am not interested in “efficiency”. LOL and ROFLMAO are efficient . I refrain from doing that as well. It my choice and If I choose not to use sarcasm tags than deal with it.

I told you in a followup post that the sarcasm evident . That is all you needed to know. It was EXPLAINED to you.