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As Deathtoll Rises, EU Condemned for 'Failing Policies' on Refugee Crisis


As Deathtoll Rises, EU Condemned for 'Failing Policies' on Refugee Crisis

Julia Conley, staff writer

As the European Union called on member countries to contribute more to the effort to resettle refugees, Amnesty International released a blistering report on Wednesday which charges that EU policies have made the Mediterranean route from Africa to Europe more deadly than ever for the tens of thousands of refugees who attempt the crossing.


If you want to stop immigrants stop the "f"ing wars bombing the hell out of the peoples of the Middle East.


If the EU is at all serious about addressing the problem of the flood of refugees across Europe, they need to formulate a cohesive response to the illegal imperialist military incursions of the U.S. The premeditated destabilization and destruction of nations and cultures across the globe in order to profit from the misery inflicted is an continuous, ongoing war crime, and in no one’s interest except those who hope to dominate, plunder or finance the sick enterprise. The EU has the authority and the power to put the brakes on this sh*t show, and with the compromised present position of the U.S. and the power vacuum it has created, is offered an opportunity to take control of their own future.


Yep, reverse the positionsand we would be squealing


If Bush would have left Saddam Hussien in power, we wouldn’t be in this situation but it is what it is.
Instead of trying to resettle the refugee’s in the European countries, which has produced chaos especially in Germany and Sweden, why hasn’t the UN created safe spaces in Libya and Syria until the conditions in their home countries are stabilized? In it’s attempt to create a Caliphate in Syria and Iraq, ISIS has created the conditions that is causing the exodus to Europe. And to stop them from creating their totalitarian regime it, unfortunately, requires bombing them into oblivion and causing “collateral damage”. (Read dead children) Since they are ideologically driven, sitting down to peace negotiations isn’t an option. In a perfect world, everyone would get along and there would be no need for borders but like oil and water, people from different culture’s sometimes don’t mix well. You can’t blame Eastern European countries for not wanting to allow in the refugee’s. Why would they want to invite in that kind of chaos?