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As Demand for Urgent Transformation Intensifies, New Study Shows Hotter Planet Making Extreme Weather Deadlier

As Demand for Urgent Transformation Intensifies, New Study Shows Hotter Planet Making Extreme Weather Deadlier

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With people across the globe mobilizing, putting their bodies on the line, and getting arrested en masse as part of a broad effort to force the political establish


We are immersed within the 6th Mass Extinction Event and most don’t see it or the magnitude of what this is or what this entails. Coral reefs, rain forests, insect life, many other life systems are breaking down and perishing. I didn’t think I’d live to see this. How wrong I was! The stupid political leaders wouldn’t know how bad this is if it bit them on the ass. It’s here and we’re all going to suffer. Oh well, Earth was a beautiful Garden of Eden 'till humankind’s industrialization screwed it all up.


In the 1950’s The greenhouse theory was being studied as it applies to atmospheric science. In those days it was the material of PHD’s and elite science. Today any idiot can see that the climate is in big trouble - we don’t really need science to see it anymore, except maybe political science. Only very, very, very low functioning individuals are still uncertain. Grade school children around the world know more than any American politician or CEO. I’ll bet the Polynesians on Easter island had a Chief who was narcissistic and wouldn’t listen to various tribal members who warned hum about resource depletion and environmental devastation His orders: More Moai…

Here’s a question who was the bigger fool, that chief, or the members of the tribe who failed to override his authority and resolve their problem for their own sake. In America only Children care about the Earths future. Children grow up quick.


So right you are. I believe we as a global community crossed the rubicon around 2012. I am sorry to say that we are screwed. I wrote a college paper in 1988 mentioning human extinction by the end of the 21st century. But little did I know of the feedback loops and how MUCH sooner my predictions would come to fruition. Our time is very short now. I honestly believe that children born today won’t live to see their 20th birthday. In the words of our fucking man-boy, Child-in-Chief…”Sad!”

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Unfortunately, political leaders do know how bad this is – that’s why they’re doing everything
they can to ignore the public will as they continue to act for the wealthy.

As a vegetarian, I can attest to the harm being done to vegetation.
I noticed a few years ago that there were no longer large bags of Regular/First quality
Mac Intosh apples appearing in early Fall – only “utility” level.
In handpicking apples I can tell you that this year the MacIntosh now are only 2/3rds the size
of prior years. Some apples, like Gala seem to be half their usual size.

And, of course, prices are rising – cauliflower last weekend was being offered at $6.99 a head.

It has been very difficult for the ordinary citizen to conclude that we are controled by the few
who will sacrifice and destroy all in their quest for wealth and power.

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$6.99 a head? I dont know anything about u.s. agriculture but here in spain we have “plastic” farms all along the coastline which produce an abundance of veggies. Cauliflower €1.99 a head, carrots 69 cents kilo, broccoli 89 cents half kilo, green beans 99 cents a packet, tomatoes 1.39 kilo, onions 89 cents for 2 kilos. Mangoes €1 kilo. How do people manage over there? Of course we have extreme weather conditions too. It rained so hard two weeks ago the water was coming through one wall (which backs onto the mountain) and i had to mop up serveral times a day. And now it is so hot i am out in swimwear during the day on my patio. Many villagers here have little plots of land to grow their own veggies. I am often the beneficiary of these things. And so glad i do not eat animals.

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We had just enough bubblin crude to fuel our lamps forever. But Flintstone cars are hard on the feet and sooo heavy.

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I’ve noticed in recent years that much more of my paycheck goes to buying food now. As we add 350,000 more mouths to the planet every day, and with the loss of habitat on the upswing, we are bound to see higher food prices.

wing –

Hi Spain!!

Seems you’re more than dealing with the disorders of weather which are harming
our vegetation. My sister retired early to Ireland so we get a little report now and
then of their travels to Spain and France; mainly about weather and warmer temps.

Personally, we’re not in a position right now to try our hand at even a kitchen
farm, but the weather we’ve been experiencing in NJ would have discouraged us from
trying even that. Right now things are fairly better – 40’s and sunshine - but more
rain ahead this weekend.

What’s happened here – specifically in New Jersey where I am – is that it’s pretty
much been raining since last April – and then periods now of very cold weather.
Price before this $6.99 was $3.99 which has been more usual.

And many foods from other nations are also being effected – Avocados from Mexico
for last two year have shown signs of being harmed by weather.

It’s been so HOT past summers now that vegetables and fruits are pretty much being brought
into our stores here in NJ as “frozen foods.” Actually when they put them out for customers,
you can feel that they are way beyond being simply chilled.

Was always nice when neighbors would share their overabundance of tomatoes and zucchini!