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As Demand Grows, Former Trump Adviser Warns of Armed 'Insurrection' If Trump Impeached


As Demand Grows, Former Trump Adviser Warns of Armed 'Insurrection' If Trump Impeached

Jon Queally, staff writer

As questions swirl about President Donald Trump's mental stability and fitness for office—and with calls for his impeachment again spiking after his recent embrace of white supremacists—one of the president's former top advisors warned Thursday that the result of Trump's removal would be an "armed" and violent "insurrection."


Roger Stone? Gimme a break…a pugnacious pimp and courtier who probably has a swastika tattooed on his buttocks…and serves the evil emperor with gusto.


Roger Stone: " anyone that votes for impeachment would be endangering their own life."

Just more proof that our country has been taken over, and is now run by white nationalists and fascists who are sycophants for their great, mentally dysfunctional, leader!


And in the closing words of Lawrence Davidson’s article today at Counterpunch (my bold):

“Most Americans, if pressed to take a side, would probably stand against the real Donald Trump revealed by these recent defining moments. However, in order for them to effectively take that stand, there needs to be a political alternative – an institutional choice that allows for the political defeat of the rightwing radicals. When we look around for that alternative, all we find is a dysfunctional Democratic Party, which, under its present leadership, has proven incapable of checking the reactionary trend besetting the nation. So, the U.S. is in both political and cultural limbo. Its citizens are left asking if Donald Trump’s defining moments will also define their own future.”


We are in quite a mess, aren’t we? Money grubbing Republicans and weak kneed Democrats?


Thanks, good article, but I would argue, the Democratic Party is dysfunctional, but that anyone in Congress, in either party, that does not vote for the impeachment of Trump is condoning his insanity and is guilty of treason!


Anyone who believes and/or lives anything roger stone sez or “warns” of, is as non compos mentis as herr trump and stone…so we should all just get down and lick their boots?..very much BS methinks!


Is it just me or did we pass through a multiverse portal and now find ourselves in some bizarro version of our democracy?

What’s next? Armed thugs hired as security at the voting booth threatening people to make sure that they vote Republican? When do Republicans remember that they are also Americans and stand up for our freedoms and democracy like of old?


I am wondering what these idiots will do if and when Trump resigns. Who can they blame then. I guess they will have to have an insurrection on themselves for supporting such a mentally ill loser Trump.


" I’m not advocating for a white nationalist revolt if Trump is removed from office for felonies, high crimes and misdemeanors or being a fuckin’ lunatic. like me and my buddies are. I’m just blowing so much smoke up people’s ass, I can’t find my own ass with either hand, there’s so much smoke rolling out of it ". Roger Stone
Pucker up Roger, I got just the place you and yours can kiss.


It’s not republican versus democrat it’s racists white supremacists against all of us and all of us is a lot bigger than a few Trump supporter thugs with diabetes, heart dysfunctions, brain and liver diseases to name a few


Roger Stone might be right.

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the U.S. Empire is collapsing right now. Trump is the latest symptom.

I have no idea what the bottom will be or when it will be reached, but a Civil War is a possibility. So is WW III. So is Martial Law. So is an Economic Collapse. Or maybe some combination of these things.


This is not a threat, just a promise. Both sides use impeachment to get rid of a president they don’t like. Neither Clinton or Nixon should have been impeached. The Left has been calling for Trumps removal from office since day one. Any attempt to impeach him will be seen by his supporters as just a ploy by Democrats to remove someone they hate, not a response to any real crime.


What makes Mr Stone believe the prevailing insurgents would be on Trump’s side?

Momentum is not favouring Trump


“Fascism is a result of the failure of the left to provide an alternative” - Leon Trotsky


Haw haw! Nice comment! Thank you for that. I can only wish that I were that articulate!


I would leave it up to Congress and not pay any attention to conspiracy theorist Roger Stone. People who are Infowars fans like Stone should probably be ignored. This guy seems to be way out of reality.


Yes, webwalk, the DNC robbing us of Our Representation in Opposition proves that BOTH Major Parties are Two Wings on the Same, Empire Enabling, Duopoly Bird.

Pointing ONLY to the Reps, at this point betrays either Naïveté or Conscious Collusion.


AM radio makes Trump supporters every day. Fox makes them like cookie-cutters every day they tell these white men to be afraid. Armed insurrections are brief in America no matter who your are or color. America dropped A BOMB about two blocks of Philadelphia to kill members of a group I think called MOVE. They blew it up from a plane. I swear. Armed insurrections do NOT go well. Occupy Wall Street co organizer, a woman was arrested for striking an NYPD officer after he grabbed her from behind by her breasts. They sent her to Riker’s Island. Rikers. It’s being closed it’s so bad. Rule: Do NOT mess with the money, no matter color. Mess with the money and bad things happen. I would not worry about this man. People should worry much less about their heritage and worry more about where we’re going than where we’ve been. peace.


Trump will more than likely resign before any impeachment media circus. He will make sure he does as much damage as he can first.