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As Demands for US Probe Into Alleged Murder of Khashoggi Grow, Trump Says Halting Saudi Arms Sales 'Very Tough Pill to Swallow'


I can imagine the “investigation” now…just like the kavanaugh cover-up/whitewash!

The only to get the attention of a regime like the Saudi is to hit them where it hurts…hard!, but the likely of trump&Co doing that to their own partner in (war) crimes and human rights atrocities is slim to none! Birds of a feather dontcha know…the Axis of Evil now on the planet are the three amigo’s: trump, salman, and netanyahu…all depraved, all mental, all killers, and all racists using extremist “religion” as a cloak, or ugly rationale, for their hideous crimes and contempt for all others!


Not exactly the same. For comparison Google a high-rise being brought down by demolition (like Vagas structures), and do a split screen of that and a video of the Towers coming down, and compare the distruction and how big the debris piles are in relation to how many stories made up each building(WTC’s were 110 each). You will see a quite a difference. The Towers were turned to dust and had very little debris for the volume of material, compared to a regular demo job. That’s not to say there wasn’t some explosives in the Towers, just not enough to bring them down.
You are correct about jet fuel (refined Kerosene), and steel beams, but again the laws of physics proves there were no planes(1/8 in. thick alum. wings vs1&1/2 in. thick vertical steel beams, flight speed of what ever it was, was to fast to be a commercial jet at sea level).


When Republicans were murdering children and stealing oil in Iraq with the aid of the Democratic Party, 2003, they hid a tax break for all war profits in the Homeland Security Act because they were selling the War on Terror (an emotion, not a real human) they ensured it would be the most lucrative gang bang in Pentagon history. The one percent also got their tax break in a war app bill but not they have robbed 30 percent of all corporate revenue adding the same amount to the national debt. The Saudis reportedly tortured the journalist and then cut him into pieces. America assassinated environmental activists, journalists, presidential candidates and famous musicians. MK Ultra. The Pentagon is now developing killer viruses to be distributed by genetically modified insects. Too sick not to be American. This is what our tax dollars do at secret Pentagon think tanks. F’ing nuts, murderers! Sooo surprised the Saudis are chopping up a journalist. Oil Pirates chopping up a journalist while earth burns. We could do better.


Another thing people forget to mention is the huge fireball that blew out of the back of the building immediately after the strike. That was the fuel, whoosh! Gone!
*There were a lot of telephotos taken before the buildings came down. Some of them were of people standing in the entrance hole in the building, waving jackets, etc. Rather hard to do with a raging 5,000 degree inferno melting steel a few feet behind you, but what do I know? I only put 25 years in the fire service.


Yea, not sure what that was, but you and I know kerosene doesn’t burn that fast. I’m guessing a possible modified cruse missile, mainly because the object travel speed matches up with a cruse missile speed, but this is a guess, with the speed being the only evidence. It would also explain the small fires on that floor afterwards, and enable people to be in the area shortly after the event, as you described.


Lock HIM up too.


Because that’s what the media is hollering about and bringing to the forefront? Not the millions dead and dying in Yemen…or Palestine.


One could hope…


Thanks for the wry smile.


Wait, wait. I’ve heard that it wasn’t the plane crashes that brought down the towers, but you say “there were no planes”?


WTC number 7 DID NOT collapse from adjacent heat. Rudy and all his gang were told to flee just before it was demolished. You decide who led the betrayal but by God it was and remains the most horrific betrayal in our history.


The latest in the Saudi/“MBS” assassination/murder of Jamal khashoggi is that the Turks claim they have video and audio evidence/proof of the murder!

" US government officials told the Washington Post late on Thursday that their Turkish counterparts claimed the recordings from 2 October proved Khashoggi was murdered and his body dismembered during a visit to the Saudi consulate in Istanbul to pick up marriage paperwork.

The alleged audio evidence – which Turkish sources have also suggested exists in comments to the Guardian – is particularly strong, according to officials.

“You can hear his voice and the voices of men speaking Arabic,” a source told the Washington Post. “You can hear how he was interrogated, tortured and then murdered.”"

Now it’s up to the US to prove that they care about human rights and crimes against journalists more than the profits of the arms industry - war-machine! That answer has been already answered by der trumpenfuhrer saying the arms sales and the “jobs” created by slaughtering people are more important! His regime’s (read Kushner) potential complicity, or knowledge of the murder plot remains to be exposed!

The most corrupt, evil, pathological and depraved regime in US history!

Indict, impeach, and imprison!


The only way to change this country can be found in the streets in massive protests and general strikes.

I refuse to support this corrupt two party fraud. I refuse to believe the stregic lie of “change from within”. When something is as infested, corrupted and dangerous as this two party con job, you throw it out. You don’t scrape the maggots off and feed it to your children.

You imply that people are people and that’s why we have a inverted totalitarian state? That is just an excuse to ease guilt and do nothing but except the present as impossible to change.

The 99% have the power to change this country but it won’t happen within the system that old sick wealthy white men have built as a prison of delusion. It will happen in the streets and at any moment.

The owners of this society have nothing left but brute force their well built bs of a free society fighting for democracy and the people has been revealed as a muderous shame.

There’s no time to fix the criminal and corrupted politics.
It’s time for revolution. Now!


Correct, please see my posts above. And don’t take my word on it, research how a plane with I/8 in. thick aluminum wings can cut through 1&1/2 in thick vertical steel beams spaced 39 in. on center, on the exterior of the buildings… Or check with aeronautical engineers, and they will tell you that the aircraft that were supposed to be used, can not fly at that speed at sea level, not even close. Both of these break the laws of physics, and proves that what ever hit the towers (if anything at all), was not commercial aircraft.


All I can add is that I have made a comprehensive research of 9/11 and over 2000 Engineers and Architects, many with impeccable credentials and recognized as experts in their field of expertise, say the governments theory of what happened on 9/11 defies the laws of physics. One example: they all agree that jet fuel is not hot enough to melt steel. too many other anom a lies to post here.


Brian, I’m not doubting the theory. I’ve always believed from day 1 that this was an inside job. But I thought I’d seen photos that show planes approaching or hitting the towers. So you’re saying that no planes were around there?


There’s quite a few theories on what we saw, I can’t answer what it was. What I can say, is the speed of what we saw was calculated from known points, on a computer model, the speed came out to be around 535 mi. per hour. Aeronautical engineers will tell you that a 767 commercial aircraft can not fly anywhere near that speed at see level.
In no way can flimsy aircraft wings, wrapped with 1/8 in. thick aluminum, cut through box columns, made from 1&1/2 in thick steel, spaced 39 in. on center, on the exterior of the structure. Please consult material engineers, don’t take my word on it.


B, I have read many articles, and since they fit with my neurological pathways in the brain, I accept their arguments. The science from you guys, though, ain’t my bailiwick. It’s just that I think you’re the first person whom I’ve interpreted to be saying there weren’t any planes there.(???)

I remember Randi Rhodes saying that when the planes were spotted, NORAD was told to stand down.

So according to your understanding, did passengers on planes die?