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As Demands Grow for End to US Intervention, Sending Troops to Venezuela 'An Option' Trumps Declares


As Demands Grow for End to US Intervention, Sending Troops to Venezuela 'An Option' Trumps Declares

Jon Queally, staff writer

As demands intensify for the U.S. government to cease its dangerous meddling in the internal affairs of Venezuela, President Donald Trump on Sunday morning said that sending U.S. troops to the politically fractured Latin American nation is "an option" he continues to consider.



Will congress please ask the nut in charge, how is Venezuela a threat to the US that we must send troops there, without congressional approval. They need to reign in this nut job or pretty soon he will not need congress at all and they will be out of a job (and thus no need for big donors to give them money). If not for the sake of the country then how about for the sake of your own greedy self interest?



What fabled “settlement” are these pricks expecting? I mean, what exactly, is the place of cooperation at between oligarchs wanting a coup and a popular government insisting on remaining?

What, exactly, is there to negotiate about?

There are traitors among the wealthy trying to topple their government against the people’s electoral wishes. The government has a responsibility to protect the country from these people. Even if diplomacy had a point, could it even work? In two decades, there have been 4 serious coup attempts! Does that sound like an authentic partner?

If Maduro want to be leader, he needs to round these scum up, drag them out back, and shoot them. The end.



There is no clearer line in politics between all progressives and the democratic politicians we absolutely must primary out than the one defined by support of absolutely illegal US military actions. I didn’t like Bernie’s statement on this the more I think about it, and Tulsi’s was much more simple and to the point - no qualification of how bad Maduro is should be mentioned when definitively ruling out US interference of any kind. (I can get my criticism of Maduro from other places like the recent Intercepted with Eva Golinger - https://theintercept.com/2019/01/30/donald-trump-and-the-yankee-plot-to-overthrow-the-venezuelan-government/). But Bernie didn’t step over the line. Dick Durbin and several others sure has hell did - I hope people are getting ready for primary efforts as soon as needed.



Uncle Sam needs to keep it in his pants for once. I am pretty sure that the term predator has been assigned by all of those in the know, which is an alarmingly small fraction of US citizens and a much larger fraction of he world at large. Self awareness, it seems, has been made to seem unpatriotic by the exploitative classes.



I would write to my f’ing senators (Murray, Cantwell) about this, but of course just last week they crossed over and voted to advance the 38 billion give away to Israel, plus the Rubio rider on BDS. I let them know this action was craven and despicable–harsh language like that and I am sure they will come around.



I’m with you though even with congressional approval it is completely illegal and immoral and must be opposed vigorously.

Sometimes I wonder if all the service men and women got to vote on whether they think a particular war is the right thing to do - would they have approved of any of it since WWII? (ok, maybe Afghanistan initially - they might have gone for that one even though Barbara Lee had the better take on it).

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Agree, but that makes as much sense as asking “How is Israel an ally” and deserving of endless military funding from the US. The answers to both Q’s would satisfy neither of us.



These assholes, starting with Rubio need to be impeached NOW! Venezuela and the people don’t have time to wait for our stupid primary elections. People are starving NOW. The people can’t get medicine to save their lives from illness and pain NOW. People are being denied government support of all kinds NOW.

Pursuing war by any means on another country is the highest crime against humanity there is. That reality is a lesson the USA never learned from the Nuremberg trials after WW2.

Our Congress critters have allowed the Commander in Chief to foment undeclared war and interventions around the world for a century or more. It is time for Congress to stand up, do their Constitutional duty, and rein in this prez as they should have done for as long as I can remember.



It’s not that Venezuela poses any threat to the U.S. That’s not what’s motivating Trump and the neocons. What is motivating them is all that oil underneath Venezuela. Just like Iraq, they need a puppet government running the country so Exxon-Mobil, Chevron, et al can go steal that black gold. Now doesn’t that make you proud as a peach to be an American?



True Rania! But Amerika’s fascist, regimes have been deciding the future of many countries from Iran in 1953; to Venezuela today. And until the U.S. citizens demand regime change…nothing will ever change!



Talk about the epitome of hypocrisy! The Democratic Party has gone ballistic over Russia meddling in the U.S. elections, but not a peep from the democratic, political, elite about meddling in Venezuela!



Considering that Maduro won the election (which was called by the opposition) by 2:1, and that the Venezuelan election process is vastly superior to that used in the U.S., and that Venezuela has NOT waged war on its neighbors, has NOT supported terrorists to topple other democratically elected governments across the globe, is NOT the greatest purveyor of violence in the world, and has used what resources it has to BENEFIT its own citizens instead of driving them into servitude, perhaps it is the U.S. citizens who require foreign military intervention in order to rid us of the fascist despots, enact regime change and restore democracy in our part of the Americas.

The neocons are seizing the opportunity to use Trump as a disposable stalking horse to coordinate with Bolsonaro’s impending civil war against the Amazon and indigenous Brazilians to rub out the ‘pink tide’ and sweep up the southern western hemisphere. The resulting wide-ranging war will spread across all of South and Central America and perhaps inspire a wave of ex-pat freedom fighters (to be relabeled terrorists) much like the Spanish Civil War. But ‘Hey!’ what’s a few more million dead in support of Amerika’s Imperialism, war profiteering and corporate world dominion? With the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria winding down, the arms industry needs to develop new markets in S. America and especially Africa. The global fascist wave is as real as the Paradise wildfire and will not be stopped unless and until there is a massive global uprising denouncing and confronting it.

Yeah, I can get behind “all options on the table”, but it’s probably a lot different than what Bolton has in mind. Blowback can be a bitch - time to crank it up.



We are too content and too lazy to make waves. Screw the trifecta of the government, the C.I.A., and the U.S. oil cartel. A criminal enterprise with congressional backing.



Crank it up? I don’t think so. “Lynyrd Skynyrd.”
Another great band by the way.
“Call me the Breeze”



And you can add…TOO BRAINWASHED!



It’s not about “learning lessons.” The US oligarchy is intent on using up and justifying ever more investment in their evil military.



As long as they keep asking for more money, and we keep giving it to them, we are screwed.



No matter who we vote for or who gets elected we continue down the same path. America needs to wake up, The glorification of everything military from toys, war games, war pics, clothing, songs etc. is manufacturing cannon fodder and that fodder will be our sons and daughters and their sons and daughters. The world is littered with the graves of those who believed they could control the world, buried right next to their collateral damage



You saw it here first! Here’s the likely scenario–Trump will claim that thousands of Venezuelans are forming caravans and streaming out of crisis-ridden Venezuela, heading to our southern border–This is going to be the rationale, watch this space!