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As Democracy Dwindles in Wake of Turkey Coup, Leftists Critique West's Hypocrisy


As Democracy Dwindles in Wake of Turkey Coup, Leftists Critique West's Hypocrisy

Nika Knight, staff writer

As the dust settles in the wake of Friday's attempted military coup in Turkey, Western media and leaders have been nearly unanimous in condemning Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for his autocratic crackdown on supposed dissidents.

Observers have pointed out that such condemnation looks like hypocrisy, as the same leaders have allied themselves with autocratic regimes elsewhere in the world and in the Middle East, in particular.


More on the coup in this blog suggesting it a failed CIA operation.

If Erdogan indeed tries to form closer ties with the Russia Chinese pairing in order to prosper off the silk road project, its membership in NATO is at risk. He just might remove Turkey from that alliance given the likelihood of Turkey becoming an EU member ever less likely.

One other member nation of NATO threatened to leave NATO to form closer ties with the Balkan nations at the time and this was Greece during the Johnson Presidency. A CIA sponsored Coup soon followed wherein a Military Junta took over.

Due to its Geographical location Turkey is the most important of NATO members. It the Bridge to Europe, The Middle East and Asia.

Once CIA always CIA and as far as they are concerned once NATO always NATO.


If Erdogan wanted to cement his position as dictator of Turkey, sending some innocents out on a "training exercise" and then claiming they are attempting a coup would go a long way to achieving that end. It has been suggested that this "coup" is Turkey's Reichstag fire. Given the quality of information available to the average citizen, we have no idea what really happened, and probably never will. Those who lust for power, however, have historically been a pretty psychopathic lot, with few if any boundaries on the methods used to achieve power, and Erdogan is one sick, power-mad puppy.


People still believe in the huff and puff Western leaders go on about democracy? Kerry and Obama could care less about democracy in Turkey. If Kerry delayed it was to see if the coupe leaders, if successful, would still be military allies of NATO and the United States. Erdogan can engage in any anti-democratic action he wants so long as he is a military ally.


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Not if the Queen of Darkness takes out the Drumpf Dunce in the circus that the ever oblivious to reality US voters engage (except the sage, progressive Millennials who have the presence of mind to realize that the the otherwise blighted US voters are unintentionally screwing them) and give her the US presidency and she dirties her hands again in that imbroglio in Syria that she created wilts serving as US Sectary of State before spineless Obama gently kicked her out. She will spank the mindless, deluded NATO allies, with perhaps the exception of Frau Merkel, into submission to her bellicose ways and quickly send the US and clueless Europeans hurtling into WWIII with Russia. Who needs global heating to eradicate the human race and most other living species when we have a fine old Nuke war to do the trick?