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As Democratic Socialist Candidates Gain Steam, James Comey Slammed for Centrist 'Scaremongering'


As Democratic Socialist Candidates Gain Steam, James Comey Slammed for Centrist 'Scaremongering'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Fired FBI director and faux "resistance hero" James Comey was widely ridiculed for using Twitter on Sunday to beg Democrats to not "lose your minds and rush to the socialist left," as democratic socialist and


That quote by Comey, says it all!


Piggies squeal the loudest just before the ax falls.

“Everywhere there’s lots of piggies
Leading piggy lives
You can see them out for dinner
With their piggy wives
Clutching forks and knives
To eat their bacon”
–George Harrison, RIP


Comey/Lieberman 2020
Bringing status back to the quo


But wasn’t Comey the great police state lib/prog hero before Meuller upstaged him? It’s really hard to keep track of the piggies (thanks to Guild and George Harrison and George Orwell) w/o a scorecard.

But that’s OK cuz if anyone is a Rookie, they are a devil.


Yes, and for all here who are expecting Muller to save the day, Comey and Muller are cut from the same cloth.
Might want to lower you’re expectations.



Let me translate for the peasants. I took two classes in out of touch rich asshole, a difficult language to grasp.

Those 40,000 people that die each year because of this capitalist healthcare system? Focus your marketing on their family members that live on, and remind them of your “pragmatism”.

The fact that wages for most haven’t grown in decades while the costs of things like college, housing and healthcare have been exponentially growing? Focus your marketing on your “pragmatism”.

Those that don’t want third world like infrastructure? Focus your marketing on your “pragmatism”.

Those that realize the radical changes needed to avoid environmental collapse? At the national level, do 1.2% of what is needed (which will be more than negated by policies elsewhere) and focus your marketing on your “pragmatism”.

Do NOT focus on changing policy, and do not do anything about bridging the gap between what people want versus what the government does. This reality that people are living in, the suffering, the anger at the system, it is just a failure of messaging. If you do have to focus a bit on policy, come up with really, really, really shitty ideas. Like the “centrist” (center of what?) Democrats apparently want to at least partially privatize Social Security, which Clinton was working on until the Lewinsky affair broke.


Centrism is nothing more than sucking on the Duopoly Establishment teat.

Beware of it as it’s all dried up.

The Status Quo is killing us slowly.


It’s good to have faith in someone.


Democrats are some times as stupid as the conservatives. How many times have “liberals” climbed on the bandwagon when so called “conservatives” like Bill Kristol or that fucking idiot George Will have slammed Trump not because they are so fucking smart or have suddenly come to their senses but because of what they know will do to “conservatism” and the Republican party. Look at ALL the conservatives calling the CIA and FBI the “deep state” and other goofy names. I personally don’t like the CIA & FBI for what they have done over the years since both their inceptions. Wake up “liberals” these people are not your friends nor should they be celebrated as heroes.


A Democratic “Centrist” will be negotating starting from the Center, while the R’s will be starting from the Far Right, making it impossible to get even centrist outrcomes!


“Partially privatize Social Security.”

On the one hand, we have the vast majority of people who want to guarantee secure retirement for everyone. On the other hand, we have a tiny group of looting-class billionaires who want to get their hands on all that money. So, we pragmatically compromise between the two groups. Totally pragmatic. Centrism!

Wouldn’t want to “rush to the socialist left” now, would we?


Well, they can’t get much lower can they. Pretty soon lib/progs will be demanding the return of COINTELPRO to get the Rooskie-Loving Commie agents. Or to quote the late-not-so-great JE Hoover (godfather of the U.S. police state):

“When I’m done with them, they’re going think that a communist is hiding inside of every mailbox.” (Or something like that. Let’s call it a paraphrase).


Comey twit sez: (Democrats should not) “lose your minds and rush to the socialist left.”

Translation: “Don’t lose your minds and rush back to FDR New Deal policies.”

(And put my $15 million-plus “income” at risk of the 90 per cent top marginal tax rate in place under that Commie pinko Eisenhower)


Increasingly, we have people with good ideas that will work for most people and are popular, and we have rich people with lots of power with really bad ideas that will make things worse for most people, but will better themselves, and those ideas are often deeply unpopular. The compromises aren’t between the left and the right at all. I am not even sure what those things mean anymore. How many people that identify as “conservative” and “moderate” support single payer, or at least some form of universal healthcare where the government plays a much stronger role than it currently does? If a person calls themselves “conservative” but they support single payer, are they “conservative”? If so, I guess we could call Stalin a right wing capitalist if he referred to himself as a right wing capitalist? The governments in the old Soviet Union used to call themselves peoples republics. Should we have called them republics because they called themselves republics?

And what are “centrists” in the center of exactly? I hate semantics like that to my core. They aren’t in the center of popular opinion, and a centrist in the US would be a far right winger in most other countries. They are in the center of elite opinion. The semantics are even elitist.


Thanks for this. The MintPress News and Ghion Journal are interesting and this open letter is spot on.


If we classified out interests in reality there would be no right, center or left.
There’d only be Labor getting raped by Capital


“Sensible, ethical, balanced leadership” ???
Comey and the rest of the wealthy mafioso are so sick and conformist that no crime is too great for them to perpetrate to maintain the shitstem that works so beautifully for the few.
The list of corruptions that could be listed (i won’t), is so long that any claim of Thugs and Dumbs being balanced and ethical is absolutely outrageous. But that’s how they play.

Meanwhile, the MIC and the surveillance state are focusing on media like this for undermining their authoritarian rule. The MIC and their enablers continues to lie and bankrupt America while feasting on the poor. “The trouble with normal is it always gets worse.” Bruce Cockburn


I don’t think Democrats are rushing toward communism (socialist left) as Comey seems to imply. If he knows anything about New York State he would know that much of the left’s agenda has already been implemented. Free tuition at public colleges and universities. A $15 minimum wage. A goal of 50% renewable energy for the grid by 2030. A Medicare for All proposal in case Obamacare was repealed was stopped by Republicans in a Senate committee. Also, fracking has been banned and the governor has said he will not approve any more natural gas power plants. So basically the move left by the Democrats is largely to take what NYS has accomplished nationally. There really is no need to even use the word socialism for that agenda. It is really a matter of choice what to call it. Whether it is completely unrealistic with regard to today’s political situation is probably the real issue. Many Americans will oppose any program that could help them financially if they feel it helps blacks more than whites. So the main problem as always is to make sure it is understood that these measures will help all groups and not mostly blacks. Nothing will get passed if blacks are seen to be the main beneficiaries even if that perception is not true. So overcoming the lies from the opposition that blacks will be the main beneficiaries would probably be the biggest task.