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As Democratic Voters Shift Left, ‘Liberal Media’ Keep Shifting Right


As Democratic Voters Shift Left, ‘Liberal Media’ Keep Shifting Right

Adam Johnson

In the past few years, the Democratic Party’s rank and file has shifted left on major issues.


"Obviously, sitting around waiting for Corporate Owned Media to embrace subversive left Political Commentary... is a Fool's Errand and one should be under no illusions that this will Ever Happen."

MSNBC is only Good Cop to Fox's Bad Cop.

Don't allow them access to YOU.

They are NOT your Friends.


"Democratic Voters"?
Are there actually any of those remaining?
I was such a one, for over 40 years. Never again - not one vote for either department of the corporate duopoly, and I don't CARE who the most evil is.

As to the corporate programming some people think of as "news", it's psy-ops-designed, CIA-funded propaganda designed to keep people distracted, uninformed, scared, screaming for war, talking about "deficits" (schmeficits, a total non issue), and voting/donating for the "least" of two awful corporate evils. Pass the word - do NOT be complicit in our own demise.


"MSNBC and the New York Times are not veering right despite Democratic voters’ increasing embrace of left policies; they’re doing so precisely because of it."

And one would hope the obverse will be true.


Maddow has become nothing but a toady of the establishment and a promoter of hatred with Russia. She is a Glenn Beck of the Center.

Hayes I think has some conscience left inside, which is why he is so weaselly in his treatment of people like Sarandon. I began to despise him as a sniveling surrender monkey to the Corporate Dems when he shushed someone in an interview during the Primary who began talking about Sanders. He got caught on camera and he had that weasel look in his eyes.

As to O'Donnell- the man was such a suck up to Obama's horrid policies (too fossil fuel oriented, too wall street oriented, too MIC oriented, too educational deform oriented, too 'grand bargain' oriented) that I refused to watch him at all.

Then there's Tweety Bird. I won't even discuss him. He's not worth my time.


The "media" loves to talk about themselves. Narcissistic overpaid corporate tools. They gave the empty podium massive airtime. As they meltdown over his antics they further entrench his power. He loves creating chaos. The media blames Trump saying if he stops they'll stop. I guess another 3 1/2 years of twitter news.

Watch Jimmy Dore on YouTube


Yeah, it's all pretty sad. Before "Little Debbie" Wasserman Shultz got fired from the DNC, Bernie said that, "with all due respect", he would want her step down if he became president. Rather than be outraged at the DNC deck stacking, all Rachel Maddow could say was Bernie's comment was not the way to "endear" himself to the Democratic Party (can't recall if Rachel had her pinkie in the air when she said it -- per Emily Post's political teacup etiquette). If anyone had any doubts about Corporate Media bias before the 2016 campaign, their treatment (non-coverage) of Bernie dispelled any doubts .... and it's amazing what a prophet Susan Sarandon turned out to be ... another year or two of Trump and "Revolution" won't be adequate to describe the riots in the streets ...


MSNBC once had some really great left-leaning hosts: Phil Donahue and Dylan Ratigan. Can still see his famous rant on youtube.

Ratigan: "I believe Bernie Sanders would have destroyed Donald Trump."


I think TV hiring as lot to do with the demographics of the audience they are trying to get for their ads. I would say that TV news stations figure they can make a lot more money attracting center left Democrats as their audience than progressive Democrats. Probably nobody has figured out how to make money with a progressive audience. The stations probably look at statistics of buying habits and figure that attracting Bernie Sanders supporters is not the way to get rich. They figure many have student loans they can't pay off so what are they going to buy? Or they are working for minimum wage and have little income. Or they lack health coverage and are not going to be purchasing much. On the contrary the center left Democrats have a lot of people with high incomes and there people are going to be spending money and attract advertisers.


Johnson sez: "New York Times and MSNBC editorial teams don’t have one vocal Sanders supporter. Some, certainly, are sympathetic to him, such as MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes ..."

I tossed my Teevee machine in 2001 and left the country in '06, but I did stumble upon MSNBC's simulcast on the Sirius radio in my work vehicle during the primaries last summer. What I recall of that insipid broadcasting during this period was about 65 per cent Trump-bashing and 25 per cent Sanders-bashing, with Maddow in the van of the mudslingers. If that's "sympathetic", Sanders will definitely want to avoid getting on her bad side.


Demonstrating yet again that corporate media is -and will remain, public enemy #1.


One is left to conclude that MSNBC and the New York Times are not veering right despite Democratic voters’ increasing embrace of left policies; they’re doing so precisely because of it.



Nina Turner for president.


Surprise surprise, guess who comes to the rescue for Corporate State Media.


And in one more way, the current political shake-up causes another arm of the Democratic-Republican-Corporate-Media-Military-Industrial-Establishment to ever more clearly reveal its true colors!


The Democratic party is moribund, and has nothing to offer but GOP "light" economics and social programs. Look at the social energy opposing Trump since the election and inauguration. All of that energy was available before the election, but the Democrats couldn't tap it because they are disconnected from real people. They can't tap it now because no one with a progressive brain can seriously turn to the Dems for representation. As long as they keep snuggling with corporations and trotting out dinosaurs like Pelosi and Schumer, they'll never recover or represent progressives.

As for the news media, they've created this mess, and they're not going to help us get out of it. At some point they might recognize their incompetence and try to rally, but it will be--it already is--too late. The USA! Fun while it lasted...


I think you have to see them aa businesses. The bottom line for them is making money. That is why there are so many golf tournaments on CBS. Most of these tournaments get rather low ratings but the viewers tend to be wealthy and gives certain companies, like those selling luxury cars or corporate management tools a way to reach these people. I don't think there is any need to evoke a conspiracy against the left to explain what is on TV. A station like MSNBC has found a niche by being an alternative to FOX News but at least until recently had a much smaller audience. To really understand what they are doing you have to analyze the commercials. What kind of products are they selling and who are the most likely buyers. I do defend the mainstream media because in my view it accounts for most of the free press. It is not controlled by government as the press is in Russia and China. It is also is the most objective press as the left wing and right wing press are agenda driven and lack objectivity. But they all have important roles to play.


I keep thinking there is no point to discussing things with you. But then here I go again.

Once upon a time news was not supposed to be a part of the profit making enterprise. It was a social duty that the television networks had to provide in order to keep their right to broadcast on the public airwaves.

But then conservatives undid all that and the corporations moved into making it part of the profit making enterprise.

What is ironic is that those who support all this act like this is just the way it is and always has been. But it isn't. Just like shipping jobs over seas or big money in politics or that corporations' primary purpose is to make a profit for their shareholders- these things are not just part of the natural way of things. These are all results of political decisions and it hasn't always been this way.

Your support of this, Lrx, uses that old disgusting excuse that this is just the way things are. What a (non)surprise!


Telegram: the media was never on our side. Remember 9/11? Any dissenters? Any voices that could have prevented us from going to war? The media is corporate, relies on moneyed interests as much as the establishment, i.e. political parties or General Electric.


What happened to our Press? Once we had a crusading press and watchdog investigating reporters. Once we had fearless newsmen like Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite who saw themselves as part of the check and balance framework of our democracy. Once our press had the personal ethics to stand independent of influence and insist that the public has a right to know! Once anyway. Not so much anymore!

A process of corporatization overwhelmed our once independent press. The process is best understood by analogy. If all poetry were to be written as a job so as to be published and make a salary, how many people would risk such a job? So it is more and more with our press that they see themselves as earning a salary for doing a job and not so much as dedicating them to ideals like freedom of the press and the public has the right to know. It is as if those glory days of a free press are over and it is all about keeping a job these days.

Once we had reporters who saw themselves as objective observers on the outside looking in on government and industry. Now we have reporters who are doing a job that is defined by their employers and their editors. The public having a right to know is not part of that job description!

The liberal media is like a talk show with a table around which sat Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter and Michael Savage (et al) each of whom was loudly accusing the others as being too liberal. Thus the media became described as being the liberal media even though the only people you ever saw or heard were always conservatives.

The public may have a right to know but these days, who is going to tell them? Meanwhile a reporter has a job to do.