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As Democrats Urged to Dump All Documents, Booker Releases 50 More Pages Showing Kavanaugh May Have Committed Perjury


As Democrats Urged to Dump All Documents, Booker Releases 50 More Pages Showing Kavanaugh May Have Committed Perjury

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee face growing calls to bypass the GOP's attempted cover-up and release all 200,000 pages of the so-called "committee confidential" documents related to Trump Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh's record, Sen.


'Citing multiple anonymous sources, The Intercept ‘s Ryan Grim reported that Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.)—the Senate Judiciary Committee’s top Democrat—is withholding a document from her fellow Democrats that purportedly “describes an incident involving Kavanaugh and a woman while they were in high school.”’

Funny, it seems to me that Kavanaugh is the type who would have spent his high school years stuffed into a locker by his peers.


May have committed perjury? we need to hear firmly and definitively, “Committed Perjury.”


The discussion indeed went beyond the “may” stage last week.

Although I am not sure how students at my high school would have dealt with Kavanaugh, ever since I first witnessed whiny Paul Ryan on TV nearly two decades ago it was clear that he would have been slapped around and “stuffed into a locker” during the first week of school at my high school with all students playing Sgt. Schultz and looking the other way.


May have committed perjury is not enough. Hell, even committing perjury is not enough. Jeff Sessions committed perjury at his confirmation hearings and it made no difference. It is likely up to Murkowski and Collins to stop his confirmation and I wouldn’t hold my breath when it comes to those soulless monsters.


If Kavanaugh does not make it, it won;t be because of perjury, it will be because of the woman he allegedly molested back in high school. This seems to be the year that women bring down chauvinistic men in high places. How the Republican Party has fallen…from the Gipper to the Groper. Sad but funny.


Seeing how lucrative the book publishing industry has become with Trump providing so much material I am surprised we haven’t seen a book titled FROM THE GIPPER TO THE GROPER.


Why would Feinstein harm us this way and still EXPECTto be re-elected?


Because she has done it many times before and is always reelected. Disgusting.


It doesn’t matter folks, the fix is in for Brett. There is no stopping this train now. All the Repugs care about is overturning Roe and maybe Griswold, because, you know, sex isn’t supposed to be for anything other than making more babies for Jeezbus and the Rapture.


So true! Thanks for the laugh.


This president has a myriad of lawsuits against him, none of which have come to trial yet. Can a potential criminal choose his own judge?

There should be no action on Trumps nominee for SCOTUS until the president’s trial and hopefully conviction. That should settle the Kavanaugh matter unless Trump is able to pardon himself which would be the final nail in the coffin of our “Democracy” which would then become a monarchy.

If Kavenaugh does get confirmed we will be living in a Trump fiefdom.


Are you sure the word isn’t rupture?


So true, he is as phony as trump,and just as slimey, the swamp is getting crowded…


I don’t think accusations from high school, grade school or kindergarten are going to help the case against Kavanaugh. If anything - it will distract from his current record and any acts of perjury during his professional career. If he was convicted of something in high school - that might be another matter but I don’t think that applies. Even then, juvenile records are mostly sealed and unavailable.

Releasing all of the documents is valid as the republicans have unilaterally imposed rules and restrictions without regard to the rights of the minority or the public at large. The indictment of Kavanaugh is also an indictment of the republican leadership’s behavior and their disrespect for the people of the United States and our system of government.


Maybe they can be cellmates and play act like they are President and member of the Supreme Court.


Don’t underestimate California voters. They are capable of almost anything.


I have not come across this alleged molestation but it could very well be true. Are you inferring this or did you come across some information regarding it?