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As Dems and Trump Bicker, Dreamers Make Clear: 'No Deal Without Us!'


As Dems and Trump Bicker, Dreamers Make Clear: 'No Deal Without Us!'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

'We are not your bargaining chip,' say activists following late-night meeting between Democratic leaders and president.


Someday, when what passes for civilization implodes**, some people will realize that ZERO immigrants and ZERO illegal aliens is the right number … but most people will choose to remain clueless.

** due to war, overpopulation, and exhaustion of resources.


Obama’s DACA program was a positive step forward the children of immigrants from Mexico to help them get an education and training that lead to jobs. Trump is fixated on repealing everything Obama did in office and is asinine enough to go after such a positive program as DACA. Why? It will make him popular with his baser than base voter racists that want everyone of Mexican or Hispanic descent kicked out of their White America. Here is the contrast, Obama trying to do something positive to make the situation better and Trump fixated on his baser than base racist voters and repealing everything Obama accomplished while in office. Trump is unable and unwilling to be like Obama and do something POSITIVE to address a large problem in the American Southwest.


What a picture - trump (pathological liar and mental case) negotiating with schumer and pelosi (both DINO corporate-whore sellouts) about the future of 800,000 people? WTF? - all three cannot be trusted to be anything other than manipulative, lying, self-serving SOB’s!