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As Deocratic Establishment Coalesces Around Biden, 2020 Primary Starting to Look a Lot Like 2016

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/04/deocratic-establishment-coalesces-around-biden-2020-primary-starting-look-lot-2016


Bernie Or Bust.

Not a second time.

If you support political corruption as we are all witnessing, it’ll never stop. History shows us this.

Being naive will never fix the problem.


Boojie blacks want a low-turnout election.

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What you do if you are a Bernie supporter, is you initiate an equal campaign to stop Biden by voting for Trump… LOL. jk… But tha’s how insane this idea of “stopping Bernie” is. Such uninspiring, scarcity minded, tactics. Democrat elites can do better than just trying to beat Trump (which Biden of course won’t do). They (DNC) should focus on a leader that inspires the masses. Oh wait, they won’t because they know they are part of the “swamp” that Bernie would drain.


It looks very likely that Biden will be selected as the Dems nominee. If he is, Biden will lose to Trump. Moderate (ie right-leaning ) Dems will , once again, blame Putin and progressives. I expect an all out assault on AOC, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Thalib. My sense is that progressives will be even more excluded from power. More power to progressives who get into electoral power, but my sense is that, at this time, it is very important to engage in grassroots organizing.


You’re half right. All of the Boojiwahzee wants a low turnout. That’s how they win.

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Exactly correct. Anybody who is in the three districts of the great women that you mention needs to get out there NOW in their defense. It’s not like the DimRight is gonna wait to go after them hard.


Travis, welcome to the forum. You’re right, of course. They will push Biden into the nomination after various tricks to stop Bernie. The latest is Bloomberg quitting–a plan all along to bleed off delegates and then back Biden. Done. Now Biden loses and Trump has four more years while the planet and people suffer more irreparable harm. I’m old, but what about the kids?
Should I send “Thank you” cards to Obama and Hillary, et al?
KILL the Democratic party. That’s all that’s left.


Trump v. Biden

YouGov 2/26 - 2/27 RV 50 41 Biden +9
IBD/TIPP 2/20 - 2/29 839 RV 3.5 49 46 Biden +3
FOX News 2/23 - 2/26 1000 RV 3.0 49 41 Biden +8
CBS News 2/20 - 2/22 10000 RV 1.2 47 45 Biden +2
ABC/WP 2/14 - 2/17 913 RV 4.0 52 45 Biden +7
Emerson 2/16 - 2/18 1250 RV 2.7 48 52 Trump +4
NBC/WSJ 2/14 - 2/17 900 RV 3.3 52 44 Biden +8
NPR/PBS 2/13 - 2/16 1164 RV 3.7 50 44 Biden +6
Quinnipiac 2/5 - 2/9 1519 RV 2.5 50 43 Biden +7
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Establishment Dems are like Charlie Brown and the football. Except they don’t even need Lucy to be there.


Sanders betters Trump in every poll, including Emerson.

It’s amazing that a country with 350 million people has turned to two 80-year-old men to represent centrist and progressive causes. One just had a heart attack; the other looks like his is overdue.


How the hell can progressives “be even more excluded from power?”

They have no power, Steve.


Looks like Hillary in 2016. How’d that turn out again?

Pretty soon we’ll see Trump running as the peace candidate. Again.
And Uncle Joe talking up a reignited Cold War because Putin. Again.


People don’t hate Biden as much as they hated Hillary.


Well, the debates should be comedy gold, so there’s that.


That’s true. American politics has become trash TV.


Two weeks ago if you looked at Biden’s projections, he had one state: South Carolina. The other states all looked like Bernie. If you can attribute yesterday’s shift to one person, it has to be Jim Clyburn.

Allegedly, Clyburn “struggled” with his endorsement. Does that mean he had Bernie leanings? How much so?

Anyway you look at it, Clyburn can ask anything of Biden at this point–if not a Sanders plank, then at least three cabinet nominees. And if he doesn’t get it, then he’s been had.

Knowing the DNC, he’s been had. Just more tokenism. Ain’t nothing new.


Makes you long for the days of trash yellow journalism and slanderous broadsheets.

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You mean The NY Times & WaPo shut down this morning?
Who knew?


My friends and I had exactly this conversation this morning.

We agree that the “Establishment” is in firm belief that the overwhelming sentiment is
“Defeat Trump”, and “All” will hold their nose, Vote Biden, and do it just because it’s
the Anti-Trump move. However, I don’t think they take into account how many are truly
vested in real change, see the last few days of just another establishment game to rig
the system, and will revolt on principle!

Also, I don’t think they really care if Trump gets reelected. As I’ve said before, they can fund raise
beyond imagination while he’s in, their joint masters get all the goodies they want, and all is well
in the neo-lib world!

I truly wish our system was not as corrupt and rigged as it is. I hope for a day when we could have
more that 2 parties that are really just the same party, with different masks. It’s really the only way
Democracy can work here, but there are just too many forces against it. We’ll have to wait for the
day when we get down to pitchforks & torches I guess. Unfortunately, they’re very prepped for that
day, and it won’t do any good either.