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As 'Disgraceful' Muslim Ban Looms, Rights Groups Vow Resistance


As 'Disgraceful' Muslim Ban Looms, Rights Groups Vow Resistance

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As President Donald Trump's "disgraceful and discriminatory" Muslim ban—which was partially reinstated by the Supreme Court earlier this week—is set to go into effect Thursday night, rights groups and attorneys are preparing to challenge the administration's "


Yes, what a pig (sorry to insult pigs here) Trump is. I say let’s impeach and BAN TRUMP from the US!!!


No one should come to the U.S. It’s not worth it. The racist, militarized police kill people with impunity, and racist, delusional people have ready access to military-style rifles, designed to kill large numbers of people in only seconds.

If only all countries would ban all travel to and from the U.S., imposing a strong quarantine, the world would be a better place.


You will have a tough time finding a place outside of the US, which will accept this filthy sleeze bag…


How about a nice room with a rack and electrodes at Abu Ghraib?


You raise a good point. As Trump publicly unwinds, his agenda stalls and popular support flattens to about 37%,; the NRA and hard right have made calls ( 2 ) to their bases to prepare for confrontation and pro-active disruptions. Weaponized ones?
LaPierre is ginning up the old " gods, guns and guts " stuff, even though Trump poses no threat to gun rights. He needs enemies to sell guns to, and scare.
Listen as Fox News opines about Muslims, Illegals, Medicaid recipients ( think black and brown people, their children and parents ) who can just get out or die, from lack of healthcare or something more harsh. And, hinting at vigilante actions, which are growing as Trump rails about his unfair treatment and fake news. Irony just died, right?
The political winds, from the far right, are whipping forest-fire sized troubles. They are urged on by groups and corporate interests who aim to cash in. In some cases, $$$ Hundreds of Billions, actually.
It is of the money, by the money, for the money: by any means necessary, evidently.


If a religion is based upon a book that contains illegal and immoral requirements, than that book should be banned from distribution to minors, affectively banning that religion, bible or koran, it makes no difference, the criminal stuff should be edited out or the work banned.
The difference between a cult and a religion is really quite simple, a religion accepts you changing your mind and leaving, a cult does not and applies penalties if you attempt to quit, severe penalties and as such should be banned.


the mass murderer who sits illegally on the throne is unfit to rule by reason of insanity! Impeach and Imprison!!!


Just to clarify some misconceptions or deliberate falsifications namely, Sharia law is for Muslims only and does not impose itself on non-Muslims who do not believe in the basis or laws. Instead it allows them to live by their own laws based upon what they believe in a Islamic state. However, English ‘common law’ involves a uniform imposition upon all people, irrespective of whether it denies them rights they have in their own belief communities or not, this is unjust.
The Muslim world presently contains injustices, and different countries have different interpretations, this is because of post-colonial constructs, generally completely secular in nature. After 200 years of disrupted Islamic education and implementation, Muslims are generally politically illiterate on Sharia law, and where foreign backed militias apply Sharia, it is generally crude, unsubtle, lacking of Sharia’s wisdom and mercy. So client rulers proliferate.
Half the world knows who is truly causing the Armageddon like wars globally but are powerless and await the bullet.
Vilifying the enemy is a millennial coward tactic and is absolutely effective when spineless humans lend their support
There is no immoral law in the Quran, simply because Muslims would be the first to identify it and secondly members of other faiths including scholars would not have sought recourse to Islamic courts during the centuries of Caliphate rule, more so their womenfolk.
The Quran clearly states ‘there is no compulsion in religion’.


I have a better idea - NO Immigrants.
The only “civilizations” that survive will be those with sustainable population numbers. People are so stupid and irrational, I’m betting on zero – though New Zealand seems fairly good at controlling immigration … possibly they want to have a future. ?!


Getting a visa to the U.S. from Yemen in the ‘good old days’ BT. https://theintercept.com/2016/01/27/yemeni-american-tells-how-the-u-s-separated-him-from-his-wife-and-three-children/