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As DNC Postpones Milwaukee Convention From July to August, Critics Say 'Absolutely Foolish' to Hold Wisconsin Primary Next Week

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/02/dnc-postpones-milwaukee-convention-july-august-critics-say-absolutely-foolish-hold

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I would say that Tom Perez deserves to be shot, but is he worth the price of the bullet?
I’ll contribute.


They have to lock Biden down before his Dementia goes even further or he dies. He can then pick a running mate to hand the torch to. They can’t have Bernie being the last man standing!! Fascist PIGS!!!


What sad, sick people… those in charge of the Democratic Party. I would write that they probably have zero friends, since they are obviously frigid, duplicitous, hypocritical and phony to the core. Such people could not possibly have friends, could they?

Oh, but I forgot. The circles that they move in are filled with such people. They live in expensive homes, their children attend private schools, they drive shiny new cars, they take their golden retrievers to the dog park every morning, they smile and talk of superficial things, they have Bill and Susan over for barbecue on Friday, they live empty lives but so does everyone else in their neighborhood, and they are all blithely unaware of who or what they are. Life has no meaning for them, but they don’t care, because in their minds life shouldn’t have meaning, and… well, they just don’t care. In the absence of care, the absence of meaning, they live in fake community, friends all around, and fakery is good enough for them. All yearning for something more was beaten out of them decades ago.


The party boss’ are still trying to force the process to be over so they can give Sanders and the progressives the bum’s rush, before the ramifications of Tara Reade’s accusations against the corrupt old senile rapist Joe Biden start to ripple through the electorate. Joe Biden is a rapist and must drop out. #IBelieveTaraReade. Take it to heart, pass it on, and hammer away at it until we stop this outrage of making Joe a nominee who will certainly lose to Trump in November.


But… if DNC™ LLC neglects the interests of their 0.01% constituents, refusing to gather in packed, smoke filled rooms; with all their blathering smug media, K Street, Wall Street, PhARMA, API, MIC, FIRE Sector & AIPAC jackals, criminal lawyers and kleptocrats… we’ll think a lot LESS of them? Just as long as they bar Bernie, Sen Turner, the Squad…

Tio Thomas, Neera, Cheri, Nancy, Chuck… if you all DON’T gather like loyal, lifelong Democrats; on icy packed, subways, polling places, markets & triage tents, we simply won’t TRUST you folks any more!





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My results from the last three primaries, held March 17 in the teeth of the pandemic’s rise:

Arizona on March 26 was 47th in my turning-the-corner rankings. They shot from 104 cases on the 21st to 404 cases on the 26th, up 288%. Koff.

Florida on March 26 was 33rd in my turning-the-corner rankings. They shot from 763 cases on the 21st to 1721 cases on the 26th, up 126%. Koff.

Illinois on March 26 was 36th in my turning-the-corner rankings. They shot from 753 cases on the 21st to 1785 cases on the 26th, up 137%. Koff.

As of early this morning Wisconsin has recorded 1550 cases. Koff.

The price of next Tuesday’s primary will be measured in Democrats. The Republicans aren’t voting.

Daily updates are at : * ttp://quakerworks.net/statecoronavirusstatistics.htm


I am in total agreement with what you wrote. Please explain your last sentence as this has perplexed me.

The rushed Wisconsin primary will create double jeopardy: 1) subject voters to COVID-19 transmission, and 2) give Biden more delegates that will assure Trump wins in November.

You can safely bet your last nickle that many lawyers are posturing to sue the State of Wisconsin big time for failing to postpone their primary until they are ready to implement an all mail-in voting system to protect the health of voters.


Like I have posted many times since 2016, ANYBODY BUT BERNIE! Looks to me like your post may be spot on! I believe the CORRUPT DNC has already picked Kamala Harris for V.P.


Well, perhaps the last sentence is unfair. I do not personally know any of the wretched souls who occupy leadership positions in the Democratic Party. I have known many similar people, however – people who lead economically privileged lives of abject meaningless and amorality. The ones I have known all experienced fairly severe trauma as children, as teenagers, and/or as young adults. Sometimes the trauma took the form of physical beatings. Sometimes it happened in the course of a series of deep emotional betrayals. Eventually, the victims of such traumas shut themselves off to love and warmth, and gave up on the quest for meaning and cosmic value in their lives.

John Lennon sings of the evolution of a person like Tom Perez in “Working Class Hero.” The trauma he points to in that song begins at birth.

The opening verse: “As soon as you’re born, they make you feel small, by giving you no time instead of it all, till the pain is so big you feel nothing at all…”

And the closing verse: “There’s room at the top, they’re telling you still. But first you must learn to smile as you kill, if you want to be like the folks on the hill.”


Those in charge of the “Democrat” Party today are your daddy’s Republicans. So there’s that…


they need Biden crowned ASAP. The longer the delay, the bigger risk of buyers remorse.

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Or nefarious?

Wouldn’t another primary win now rather than later benefit Joe D’oh!'s campaign, giving him something to preen about?

Okay. We all know that Biden is anointed just like HRC was in 2016. And everyone in the country knows who they are voting for in Nov. so no need for further Dem primaries and no need for campaigns or conventions from either party. So can we ask that the money and resources be spent on Proper PPE for our medical community and first responders? I almost might have a glimmer of respect for the Dems if they announced this.

We sent out our absentee ballots yesterday. At least we know Bernie got two votes.

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There are two kinds of Republicans in our current Congress. Mitch McConnel, and Mitt Romney are honest Republicans. They consistently screw the many in the interest of the few and tell us that it’s in our interests. Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders Chuck Schumer are the dishonest Republicans. They vote the same way as honest Republicans on every big issue, telling us “we voted to screw you but we had no choice” ensuring the Republican agenda for the last 4 decades marches forward.

The only way to stop this is to only vote for honest Republicans, or the yet unformed People’s Party. Every Democratic vote is surrender.

Only in America could an in person election proceed in the middle of a pandemic. As a former hospital Infection Control Officer - this is madness. Wisconsin will reap what it sows. Already cases there are higher than neighboring Minnesota. Who exactly is pushing for this epidemiologists nightmare? (Just like the crowded airports a couple of weeks ago - that was Trump). They should be named so we can hold them accountable for mass murder.

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