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As 'Do-Or-Die' Talks End In Failure, Could TPP Be Derailed for Good?


As 'Do-Or-Die' Talks End In Failure, Could TPP Be Derailed for Good?

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

This week's closed-door Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations in Maui, which President Barack Obama hoped would be the last round, ended Friday in failure to reach a final agreement, thereby pushing a U.S. ratification fight into the tumultuous 2016 presidential election cycle at the earliest—and raising hopes that the widely-opposed, corporate-friendly accord could be derailed for good.


Please, please let this be so. Please, please let the TPP die. The TPP is a secret agreement that only benefits They The Corporations and will only harm We The People and Our Mother the Earth. Die! TPP. Die once and for all time.


Obama scolds lion-killing dentist (and rightly so) while championing TPP. Methinks he speaks with forked tongue.


I hope this news is correct and the Toilet Paper Plan (designed to wipe us all out) has finally been flushed, but having seen the subterfuges of both corporations and governments, I am suspicious of misdirection to remove or lessen our concern, then our getting blindsided by the 0.001% and its governmental sock puppets.

  • However, if true, Hip Hip, Hooray!
  • Now, if the TTIP can also be flushed, there is a faint chance that We the People of the World may actually regain some control of our world and our destiny, instead of being controlled by the corporate power of the 0.001%.


Hope, this is the fast track hole!


Amen! Them and their crony capitalist beholding brethern.


So, what does Hillary think about these pernicious trade agreements? Oh, that’s right, she’ll let us know when she’s elected.


Of course, we all hope you’re right, but i suspect it will, zombie like, rise from the grave at some point, perhaps clothed in a different colored toilet paper, perhaps repackaged into more seemingly easy to swallow bites, but it, like the vampire capitalists who back this NWO type of bullshit won’t give up until they’re dealt with…


forked tongue ?? more like a hydra if you ask me!


I wrote in Chelsea Manning in the last election, or rather what her name was at that time. It really is disheartening to have three such reps, and female too, as Cantwell, and isn’t she aptly named, Murray and Herrera Beutler. It might make me think about changing my good opinion of women, if I wasn’t one myself.


“Could TPP Be Derailed for Good?” At least in this case, if it were to disappear, it would be ‘for good’ and not just permanently. However, I am very skeptical of things that matter deeply to the entrenched elite just disappearing. I think they are very hydra-like and can resuscitate even the worst ideas by repackaging or having a ‘Pearl Harbor’ moment. It’s not the first time I’ve mentioned that TiSA is basically the Doha Round of the WTO in a new wrapper and of all the three, TiSA one might be the worse. So the effort must keep up the pressure on all the governments involved.


Amen, Brother Heinz, Amen!

  • Quislings used to meet a different end than they do now. Instead of a firing squad or a length of rope, now they get golden parachutes, positions on Corporate Boards and two hundred-fifty thousand dollar speaking engagements, lodging and travel expenses also paid.
  • It would be difficult to find any ward-heeler that finally got into political office that hasn’t become a multi-millionaire.
  • “What? On their salary?”


Methinks people who kill animals for food on a routine, daily basis yet scold a lion killer also speak with forked tongue.


she is so for them.


Excellent point on TiSA 4, We must keep the pressure on to end all of these corporate invasions of our sovereignty. I vote in WA state and have no idea what I will do in the 2016 election other than vote for Sanders. The voting records on TPP (which represents all of the “trade” agreements) is such that I can’t vote for the incumbents. I hope we have some alternatives in the primaries as I cannot vote for any Republican anymore.

Thanks to Public Citizen and Friends of the Earth for their never ending effort to bring the truth of the TPP to the public and to the whistleblowers and Anonymous who have done their best to find and leak the ugly details of the damages threatened by the TPP.


Could TPP Be Derailed for Good?

Are you kidding me? Just like capital itself, it’s well paid political minions are relentless. They’ll keep at this until they get what they want unless…wait, no, they’re going to get exactly what they want.

The working class isn’t conscious and united enough to stop them.


Stewarjt: Join the Bernie movement. There is hope.


This sort of reminds me of this weeks ShallNot deep sea drilling vessel that was forced to turn around due to green peace activists blocking it’s passage only to turn back the next day after the activists were forcefully removed.
The forces behind TPP are extremely savvy, they have deep pockets and won’t give up, one of the tactics they use is to exhaust their opponents hoping they would give up.


A secular amen - but given WA’s election system where only the 2 top vote getters in the primary get on the general (regardless of party) that would mean a well organized/funded write-in campaign at the general. Good luck to us taking out the garbage.


Continued de-listing of wolves from the ESA leading to increased slaughter by those just as depraved as the coward dentist Palmer, and decimation of wild mustangs in the west protecting “welfare ranchers” running livestock on public BLM managed lands are both examples of this administrations ignorance and/or lack of concern for wildlife and “The Wild” in America. I am glad they have done some things for iconic African wildlife being exterminated to extinction, but as usual it has been too little, too late…and probably for political, not environmental, animal rights/protections, reasons, like the TPP.