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As Documents Reveal 'Pervasive Abuse' of Immigrant Children Under Obama, Fears It's Even Worse Under Trump


As Documents Reveal 'Pervasive Abuse' of Immigrant Children Under Obama, Fears It's Even Worse Under Trump

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

A new report out Wednesday that's based on government documents details the "pervasive abuse and neglect of immigrant children" in the custody of U.S.


Obama deported more immigrants than any president in U.S. history. Also during his administration concentration camps for immigrants (mostly privatized) were built along the southern U.S. border and throughout the East Coast. Yet this piece, like so many, deflects Obama’s crimes against humanity to the pig Trump. No accountability is called for.

And it’s useful to remember that HRC was the SoS during much of the Obama era and was up to her neck in international criminal activity, as was the Clinton Foundation.

And it’s also useful to remember that Bernie Sanders endorsed HRC, despite her many domestic illegalities and crimes against humanity.

This is what LOTE means.

Meanwhile, the Dems remain generally silent on impeaching Trump while his criminal rap sheet as president grows by the minute.


Isn’t accountability exactly what this story and the ACLU call for?


Why would Dem’s. speak up ? This started under their hero Obama.
We need to add this to the list.
Judge a society by how they treat their mentally ill, prisoners, and now immigrants. We are disgusting on all three fronts.


Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses

I’m feeling extra nasty today.


Congrats on your anniversary!


I can’t handle articles like this. What kind of a person kicks a child in the ribs? I don’t get it.
I see they didn’t mention the 1500 kids lost track of and many believed to have been given to trafficers.


This how a society decays and becomes degenerate. If the NEXT President worse than Trump then Trump gets a pass.


The main concern here is not whether Obama did it or not. I would not doubt it did occur. But people need to stop somehow constantly carping on Obama’s failures (and there’s more than one) and thinking more about the actual events. These children will have scars that will last a lifetime. Do something. A good start is find a group to give 50 bucks to or whatever you can afford. American Jewish World Services. The money goes to the kids. And address the political in the present and future.


‘Pervasive abuse’ is state sanctioned terror. These children will be scarred for life if they survive at all. And it is irrelevant which government or administration uses such methods. Abuse is always abuse, and terror is always terror…


Obama’s record is sickening; the man was a corporate puppet for ruling .01%. Thanks to this article and your comment, Tom, for keeping the light shining on the many Obama injustices. Try getting this through to the many blinded establishment supporting Democrats, though.


American Jewish world services? What are they doing for the children of Palestine? Maybe they should take a look at their own back yard before they criticize mine. The Catholics are worse yet. Can you imagine handing over children to them, a worldwide pedophile organization?


You unfortunately are representative of the not very well read type of poster around here DO something about the problem. You don’t have the slightest. God, don’t even respond to me.


The second coming of the same old cavalry. May 24, 2018

Common Dreams: As Documents Reveal Pervasive Abuse of Immigrant Children Under Obama Fears It’s Even Worse Under Trump https://commonsdreams

The Atlantic: Why Several Native Americans Are Suing the Mormon Church https://www.theatlantic.com

Seattle Times: NW Jesuits to pay $166 million to abuse victims

HBO this weekend: The Tale


Thanks, had to look up what it meant.


Not very well read, eh?
So what would you have me do?
Kill a pedophile priest for Christ?
Sorry, can’t oblige you there, being non-violent and all.
You, in your self-righteousness, bore me.


I read about severe abuses a few years ago, not in relation to CBP, but the private prison and detention industry. Of course, the industry influences legislation that impacts CBP. I doubt that industry has “worsened under Trump”, but he probably wouldn’t “improve” it- unless anti-Trumpers that ignored the abuses until now create momentum to actually change the system. The root of the problem, corporate-financiers’ policies in Latin America, CIA drug cartels cause the resulting migration. It’s not unexpected. The private prison industry cashes in, pols get another wedge issue and wages stay suppressed. In every type of war that imperial, neo-colonial capitalists wage on people, children suffer most.
Jaw -dropping, tho. “Worsening under Trump” just sounds as if it was at an acceptable level until now. See, if they mean by Trump’s rhetoric, then the (fake)opposition is also responsible for magnifying and distorting it, and 24 hour MSM platform. If they mean CBP abusers won’t fear being held accountable, well they had plenty of protection under previous administration(s). Seems like, what do you call it? Dog whistle?
I hope awareness is raised, the situation improves to basic standards of human decency(!), and people stop being “othered” by politically motivated monsters that divide to rule. Wow, realize that is the very least we can do. Ugh.


You have no idea who you are talking to or what my opinions are. You really embarrass yourself, me and the Left. I am none of those things


I for one would never place a child in my care to any Catholic organization. there is a very long history of documented abuse. It is a reasonable objection. Any cases of abuse in Immigrant facilities should be prosecuted. Along with all those that have occurred in state institutions for the disabled for years.

I think the day for institutionalized care has come to an end, including the mounting health risks to seniors in institutionalized care.

The example of “Boys Town” should give you a cause for concern. If you donate to anything it would be wise to make sure it is something you would actually support.


That’s fine I am well aware of it. AJWS does NOTHING like that. All of their giving is totally separate from any religion. You need to some reading . End of conversation.