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As Dorian Lashes the Carolinas, the Bahamas Grapple With 'Unimaginable' Losses

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/06/dorian-lashes-carolinas-bahamas-grapple-unimaginable-losses

As much as I’d like to try, I simply cannot dredge up any sympathy for these people. I live on the other side of these folks and not in a Hurricane prone area, (despite this, we do get the occassional cyclone) so I have great difficulty in accepting people’s decisions to spend millions of dollars purchasing homes 50 meters from the ocean front simply because of the view. Apparently none of these people ever pay any attention to the fact those homes and locations are SMACK BANG in a hurricane zone area, plus with the rising sea levels we see these days, anyone with half a brain, would do everything in their power to, RELOCATE to a safer environment BEFORE their home gets disassembled. The other question I have, is How do these people manage to get home insurance against a Hurricane event ??? How can they even afford the premium ??? Wouldn’t that give them a heads up ???

Bahamians need all the help they can get; that’s clear to anyone with open eyes. It’s beyond belief that some posters in the Commons assume no Bahamians grew up there. This is the worst pounding from a hurricane that anyone can remember, anywhere. Please refrain from unnecessary ugliness, if you can.

I think what itchyvet meant was that coastlines are living things that adjust for changes and repair damage on their own unless prevented from doing so by human intervention, certainly affected by non-sustainable over-building. The lesson being repeated that Bahamians are not the only ones affected but part of the lesson. In CA, which has a huge coastline, there is only one small part that has living dunes, the rest is eroding into the ocean.