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As Dozens of Refugees Flee Violence in Central America, Trump Orders DHS to Turn Group Away


As Dozens of Refugees Flee Violence in Central America, Trump Orders DHS to Turn Group Away

Julia Conley, staff writer

Immigrant rights groups slammed President Donald Trump on Monday after he ordered the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to turn away several dozen immigrants who were approaching the U.S.-Mexico border, after they'd spent weeks traveling from Central America.


Important refugee tip: when trying to illegally enter the United States it is best not to do so in large groups. It makes you a bit too conspicuous and will hamper your success.

Important refugee tip 2-WTF are you thinking? Why are you trying so hard to get in when so many of us can think of nothing but getting out?


The U.S. is easy to leave. Try it some time.
Or, are you claiming that other countries are easier to get into?


It doesn’t change the fact that the U.S. has an all time high number of immigrants in the U.S. at 43 million and by some estimates 60 million.


Your name is FightThePower but all you ever do is defend the power. You are a troll. I piss in your general direction.


Please spend some time in Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, or now it seems, Sandinista Nicaragua (12 protestors shot dead for resisting social pension cuts this last weekend) under former good-guy but now utterly corrupt and murderous President Ortega. Try to organize a union or get involved in an environmental or indigenous rights cause while you down there - and see what happens. You will flee for your life back across the Rio Bravo del Norte and have a new-found appreciation for the civil liberties and rights that we, for now anyway, still have in the USA. But when will we would organize and use those rights? Because if we don’t, we may not have them for much longer.


Actually, isn’t 98 percent of the US population (all but the 5.8 million indigenous Americans) immigrant?

And come to think of it, considering that most Mexicans and Central Americans are at least 50% indigenous American, don’t they have greater right to this continent than us immigrants from Europe do?


Several International conventions, which the USA has signed, prohibit countries from turning people away at their border who declare that they seeking asylum. They must, at a minimum, be allowed to enter the country, apply for asylum, and stay in the country while their application is being processed and heard. UNDERSTAND?


This is talking about people that are foreign born. Or more clearly the number of people from other countries that are changing their citizenship. The point is that it is at the highest level in a hundred years and significantly higher than most other countries. It suggests that immigration is not going to be a crises remediation. The article even gives a breakdown of current trends.

Mexicans and Latin Americans have there own immigration policies mostly because they are assimilated with the greater population and have no sovereignty.


“Following the arrival of Europeans, intermarriage resulted in an increasing mestizo population that over the centuries became the dominant ethnic group in Mexico. Northern Mexico is overwhelmingly mestizo in both urban and rural areas.”

“The overwhelmingly largest ethnic group in Mexico is the Mestizos who are of mixed Spanish and Indian ancestry. They control most of the money and the power. The next largest group is the indigenous population who largely retain their sense of distinct identity.”