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As DRC Ebola Outbreak Reaches City, Trump's Slashing of Global Health Funds Decried as 'Crazily Short-Sighted'


As DRC Ebola Outbreak Reaches City, Trump's Slashing of Global Health Funds Decried as 'Crazily Short-Sighted'

Julia Conley, staff writer

An Ebola outbreak that has killed nearly two dozen people in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) reached the city of Mbandaka on Thursday, raising alarm among public health officials—who have noted in recent days that President Donald Trump's slashing of emergency health funding may hinder attempts to combat such outbreaks.


I can hear Trump now: “I love the exponential!”


This article is way off. It changes the game from it being “rural?” Really? That game changed in 2014 with the massive outbreak that hit at least 3 continents and even came to NYC.


May Trump and all of them burn in hell.


A short-hop aeroplane ride into hell for the planet.

Good-night and Good-luck.


Rainy, the article is about the current outbreak, and how it has now spread to the city mentioned in that country, and the likelihood that common flight travel to the even larger city poses the threat for widespread epidemic in that country, and how withholding funds at this time is unwise. Of course, if it becomes widespread in that larger city then the chances of it moving far beyond the boundaries of that country are great, like what happened in the outbreak you cite.


There is now an effective vaccine against Ebola. Why have they not been stockpiling the vaccine since the last outbreak so that everybody in the region of the current outbreak can get vaccinated? Too expensive for poor black people?


They are using the vaccine but it is still considered experimental. There maybe newer information but that is what I read.


Thanks, Psychedelic_Chicken! I should have re-read.


Pro life christians at work in dark backrooms doing satan’s plans.


It was demonstrated to be highly effective in the Sierra Leone/Liberia outbreak. It’s “experimental” status is purely of a bureaucratic nature.


The vaccine hasn’t been proven to be effective in preventing an epidemic.


Pandemic possible.


Trump is nothing if not basically consistent. He sees these outbreaks as inconsequential to a nation which has closed borders and conversely they reduce the pressure on the more developed nations to accept drought and victims of insurrections and failures of social institutions. Do not expect him and his ilk to welcome the troubled masses of the planet for they will be standing behind their walls of prejudice, avarice, and fear gripping their guns.


Glad to assist :slight_smile:


What would get rump to care? Perhaps if some blond haired Norwegian hottie caught ebola, came into the US and then… Well you get the idea.


Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid! Health issues are not limited to one country. Has Donald Trump never heard of a pandemic? He should look it up. Unless we constantly battle communicable diseases everywhere, they will decimate populations - including ours.