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As Drought Grips California, Networks Come Up Dry on Climate Science


As Drought Grips California, Networks Come Up Dry on Climate Science

Miles Grant

California is in its fourth year of an unprecedented drought, with no end in sight and water reserves dwindling. It’s exactly the type of scenario climate scientists have warned about, and new research sees global warming’s fingerprints on the drought. But a new FAIR study shows that, rather than investigating this connection, network news is largely ignoring it.


A compelling video can be seen at robertscribbler. It is about burning ground in Siberia. I generally am not fond of children’s singing or choirs but the music accompanying the video makes for a chilling experience.


The real reason TRUTH isn’t mentioned is the same reason why:

  1. The full racist scope of the prison-industrial complex, a new Plantation System is never discussed
  2. The full power and influence of the MIC and its weapons contractors and THEIR interest in war and spreading conflicts is never discussed
  3. The full threat of gen-tech MON-(Santo)strosities is never discussed
  4. The full implosion of Democracy resulting from D.C.‘s Lobbyists’ culture & “Citizens United” is never discussed
  5. The full impact of U.S. imperialism is never discussed–always the narrative turns a leader protecting his own state and/or state assets into a demon
  6. The full impact of the banking crisis and what it MEANS that the global economy is perilously awash in trillions upon trillions of WORTHLESS paper is never discussed
  7. The full danger of Deep Sea oil drilling, aging nuclear power plants, Big Coal’s destruction of so many mountains are never shown or discussed

People are kept in a state of “Everything is fine” hypnosis perpetuated by smiling news commentators and increasingly narrowed scopes of what passes for news.

The image that comes to me is that in the same way that a tourist destination like Cancun hides the shanty-huts that belong to local laborers, the entire media functions as a kind of dreamy Disney world presenting a VERSION of reality that by the day departs dramatically from “the real thing.” The public is not shown the horrors and those who given the authority to convey supposedly HONEST analyses instead serve up a Prosac-version of events. It’s all planned that way!

Add in the car ads and self-congratulatory green-washing PR ads from all the Oil & Agricultural giants and this ilk of sponsorship makes it clear it will have no mention of Global Warming. Heck, the imbecile governor of my state just put a Mojo out on anyone daring to use such verbiage.

Florida’s coasts will resemble the Maldives within less than 20 years but Rich Scott will no doubt have Alzheimer’s by then. Good thing the Law of Karma keeps track.


And you sound like Shizel by ALWAYS pushing a “there’s nothing that CAN be done” scenario while leaving out what people like Ronnie Cummings, Vandana Shiva, and soil restoration experts explain. In other words, perfectly sound and reasonable ways to work towards full ecological balance. Your model is totally based on the BRAND of agriculture pushed by Big Agri and Monsanto and Cargyle… along with ITS PR and rationales against any alternatives to its food/seed/plant hegemony.


Leftist progressive Texas? Satire?


I’m sorry, but the end of the drought was in sight last year at this time. The El Nino event had a 70% chance of occurring from the summer of 2014 onward. El Nino events are associated with wetter than normal winters in California.

The result: a 94% below normal snow pack, practically zero precipitation to speak of.


First of all folks,

According to the Weather Underground’s Dr. Jeff Masters, it’s a 13-year drought and the hottest year in 1200 years according to tree-ring, sediment core records. It’s so hot above normal in the Sierras that the tiny amount of snow that falls melts right away causing dried up rivers and empty reservoirs later. The drought won’t be over if the “Ridiculously Persistent High Pressure Ridge” keeps itself parked off the west coast for years like it’s been doing.

The weak El Nino does not guarantee rain, it only increases the likelihood of it. But it came too late in the year. It can’t help out until August, if the weather guessers are right.