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As Early Voting Begins in Key States, Advocates Emphasize 'Election Day' Not Just in November This Year—It's Now!

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/18/early-voting-begins-key-states-advocates-emphasize-election-day-not-just-november


Do you think they even count the votes honestly anymore?

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Be very careful!!! Some of you may be tempted by the latest White House atrocity to cast a vote against the dictator and for his opponent – unaware that doing so would irrevocably stain your eternal soul, or something. Top totems of pwogwessive puwity soberly warn you away from such an awful moral hazard.


Good point JR. As an “outsider” i am curious to know who actually counts the votes. Any idea?

Or, you could vote “twice” for the opposition (once by mail and once in person) making you doubly sinful and at risk of all manner of horrendous consequences.

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NYC machine politics resurrected ?

NEWS FLASH! Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died.

Just popped in to say the same. A sad day indeed.


There hasn’t been an honest election in the US since the 1970’s

Trump must be defeated, the Dems must take the Senate and hold the House. If they can do that and then toss the filibuster in the trash bin where it belongs, they can increase the number of positions on the Supreme Court as necessary to neutralize the right wing menace the Court will soon become.


This is a disaster.


We shall see if Common Dreams comment section is a place of compassion, support and wisdom or if it is yet another internet sight with insensitive trolls who repeatedly spout that Biden will be worse than trump.

For those of you who stubbornly cling to this notion: open your eyes and think beyond your incessant dogma.

Hopefully we will not get any posts under this thread or other threads about RBG that state (dogmatically) that Biden is worse than trump or shaming those who see this as MUCH more than LOTE voting this year.

McConnell will try to get a rushed appointment in spite of what he did to Obama . . . what are we going to do?

And if the election goes to SCOTUS (which is likely) . . . . ???

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Vote before the debates, because then you can’t take it back!

There goes any wavering pro-lifers.
Trump’s base enthusiasm just went to 11.
McConnell is already moving forward.
Nervous about nominating Hillary 2.0 yet?

I’m sincerely sad about Ginsberg.


I’m not nervous, just resigned.

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Domestic Policy
Outlaw GMOs and pesticides, organic farming only will be permitted.
Remove subsidies from unproductive farms, if we have a surplus, it is to be distributed to poor people instead of wasting land and taxes
Reduce taxes on farms that hire workers being paid well, rather than using machinery like combines. Research has found that hiring workers is just as profitable as big machinery.
Allow strong punishments on pharmaceuticals that are harmful. Allow suits as well. Remove the indemnity.
If producers of vitamins or natural cures want to claim that they are legitimate at curing ills, let them be tested and be able to advertise as such. Current FDA regulations prohibit vitamin manufacturers from such claims. Promote research to find more cures with vitamins and all-natural ingredients.
Overhaul the FDA, making sure that the Pharmaceuticals have no access to paying them and bribing them. Fund them and have civilian oversight to distinguish that they are really doing what they should. If not, hold them accountable and to be subject to criminal charges and suits themselves.
Take back the Federal Reserve. The money belongs to the people, not the bankers.
Confiscate all savings from people over two million dollars. We have been robbed by the rich- they have cheated, exploited, oppressed, murdered, and poisoned us to amass fortunes.
Dismantle 5G and prevent forced vaccines– that will restore health and covid 19 will disappear. Prosecute the creators of such, including the investors- Gates, etc.
Dismantle Homeland Security and restore constitutional rights- amend constitution to criminalize deceiving the people- these deceptions are more harmful to mankind than drugs are. Get rid of the Patriot Act. Dismantle the CIA. Review other intelligence agencies for removal being fazed out.
Deal with TV-get rid of its evil influence. Most certainly do not allow religion on it-maybe laws to rid us of any deceits or manipulations on it. Possibly eliminate it entirely.
Get rid of minimum sentencing for crimes. Decriminalize some drugs- fines instead of incarceration and criminal records. I would be willing to hear others’ suggestions on how to address drugs-try to eliminate them. Provide better education than “just say no”. Reduce police forces and have civilian citizen oversight. Revive and employ Guardian Angels to protect the streets. Make sure that police are properly prosecuted for any abuse of position-especially murdering people who are not armed. Remove privatized prisons, and prohibit forced labor. Inside, provide real job training and real rehabilitation. Trials by jury=real peers to be enlisted, not people unaware of the accused’s situation. Strong sentences for pedophilia, rape and murder. Also strong sentences for “white collar crime” such as what happened with opioids, if a pharmaceutical has harmful effects that pharmaceutical has been aware of, and it was hidden, and people died or other harm done by them, those who were behind that are to be tried as murder and/or other felony charges. Release those imprisoned unjustly. Fund the judicial system to make certain that fair trials are resulting. Investigate better avenues than plea bargains- there should be no such thing if people have a fair trial.
Remove the vast moneys made by oil, and give it to US government. The lack of ability to make substantial profit should remove the desire to create more. Continue to fund solar panels and wind energy, but not for long-term, the self-sustaining agricultural communities will be the norm.

Foreign Policy
Withdraw troops from foreign lands
Worldwide disarmament of nuclear and chemical weapons
Remove sanctions from all nations, and do not use sanctions as manipulative and abusive strategy- it is as cruel as military war.
Remove funding from Israel
Eliminate the petrodollar and our military presence in the middle east.
Restorative measures and a 21st Century New Deal
Instead of welfare roles increasing, and the mass unemployment created by covid 19 government employment of many people to plant non-gmo organic fruit trees throughout USA and other nations.
Government also employ people with building self-sustaining agricultural communities as proposed in my book.
These are just proposals for you to view. I have had nobody to bounce ideas with for several years, and while most of my ideas have no room for change, some issues do. I invite comments, criticisms, additions, suggestions, and collaboration. I would like to be a “father” to a nation that has allowed itself to be subject to wrong values, wrong mindsets, and wrong worldviews due to the propaganda of television, religion, bankers, and freemasons. With that in mind, I would also like to have the education system overhauled to promote our youth to have good strong values of integrity, service, discipline-strong bodies and strong minds, ability for critical thinking, and to do their own research; not learning to memorize and obey. We will deal strongly with television and media to stop propaganda and manipulation, if we allow it to exist at all. Economic health and protection from terrorists (in reality our own government) are not as important as strong body and mind health, as well as liberated thinking and values. Instead of imposing (dis)information to be memorized, further education for youth should be redirected towards skills and trades to enable contribution to society rather than focused on making money for the rich.

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Those people are already motivated--------I know contradictions seem to have no meaning in the world anymore----It will be interesting to see how this plays out—this could motivate many moderate woman to vote in support of Biden-----because Ginsburg was trying to stay alive until Trump was out of office.

Trump is losing older American’s----this is a first for a rep in 20 yrs--------look at Arizona-----maybe Trump can drop in some of his fat gun toting thugs and shake things up.

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I know they’re already motivated. Now they just got even more motivated.

And now you’ll see this shit hitting the fan – how important is abortion rights as an issue?

Good question------but who does Trump pick??? another right wing white male ----??? who will this motivate ??? how will this effect the suburban vote Trump is so worried about??? Trump has to get some of these indendents to lean his way-------not respecting Gingsberg’s wish could have a real backlash.---------but then I am hoping there is some sense of decency left in this screwed up country.

Apparently Romney and Murkowski are already stating they won’t vote for replacement until next year.

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