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As Elites Aim To Finalize Secret 'Profit Over People' Trade Deal, An Alarm Sounds


As Elites Aim To Finalize Secret 'Profit Over People' Trade Deal, An Alarm Sounds

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

As trade ministers gather for negotiations at a luxury resort in Hawaii on Wednesday to finalize the secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, hundreds of people are planning to stage protests, hold performances, and raise a sacred "call to attention" to send the message that attempts by the global elite to put "profit over people" are not welcome and will not be tolerated.


The greatest trick the oligarchy ever pulled was to convince the plebes that the elites are their friends.


As citizens and voters, why in the hell do we have to put up with this crap? And from our own
faux POTUS no less. That’s definitely over the top.


Obama betrayed ‘the common man’ by pushing through this trade deal. Turns out Obama the president was not Obama the candidate. I was fooled by his rhetoric during his run for office. Volunteered, voted, all of that. His betrayal has taught me not to be so damned gullible, that trust cannot be bought or sold with the turn of a phrase. Guess I should thank him for that. Cynicism is now the American voters’ right of passage. Long may it wave.


Not this plebe. I learn from my mistakes. No longer blindly obedient. Trying desperately to be cheerful. Totally irreverent. Physically clean. Questioning everything. Damn the oligarchs full Defarge ahead. Our neo-royals want a fight, let’s give them one and more.


Thank Obama and his fellow congress and senators and the GOP and his corporate buddies for this TPP bullshit…The real people in this country do not want TPP never did never will…It does nothing for working Americans but does everything for the elite bastards.


I think Obama was repaying his debt for getting elected…He paid a heavy price to become president all he had to do was sell us out once he got elected.