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As Ellison Makes Pitch, DNC Race Becomes Battle for Soul of Party


As Ellison Makes Pitch, DNC Race Becomes Battle for Soul of Party

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

With Sen. Bernie Sanders by his side, Rep. Keith Ellison (Minn.), who is running for chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), laid out his plan Wednesday to transform the party to one based on progressive values and speaking to the needs of all working people.


Sanders took direct aim at that stale mindset as he introduced Ellison on Wednesday. "We must transform the Democratic Party from a top-down party to a bottom-up party, to create a grass-roots organization of the working families of this country," he said. "Whatever the leadership of the Democratic Party has been doing over the last many years has failed."

Good luck to them all --

but what we know of the right wing, these attempts usually end in violence against
the reformers. We see this on every issue.


In short, the Democratic party must be the working class party! Right now it's a capitalist class party with liberal social issues policy. When the Democratic party represents the working class, they have a foolproof strategy for winning. We are the many, the capitalist class is the few.


Good luck to Bernie, Keith and company. I'm not holding my breath.


All the things that have been said against Keith is all a distraction. It is all about not wanting the 'Bernie wing' of the DP to gain ascendancy. It literally means no more money from wealthy donors. And it is ALL about the money. It always is.


Their “wing” is dead as disco and has driven their party into the ground, turned it into a corrupt, neoliberal mess. Change or die, that’s where they’re at. If you talked to someone in the USSR in 1982 and told them that the whole system would be gone in a decade, they’d think you were crazy. Even if they were opposed to the system, it would have been impossible to imagine for most. The Democrats should keep stuff like that in mind, it isn’t at all impossible that they will dissolve as a party in the coming decade or so, if they continue on this path. However, I don’t see rank and file Democrats doing anything to force change on them, they aren’t going to remove themselves since these policies and interests have made them incredibly rich. No one in that party seems to truly appreciate what’s coming for them if that party doesn’t change.


Machinations of the worthless Democratic Party? snore


Parties are not static. Both have tended to the right since the inception of, and I think directly due to " corporate think tanks". Both parties in their current guises work with & for the Big Bucks...which means their loyalties and directions are compromised ...from voters to donors. And that will not, cannot change as long as candidates and legislators are bribed.


It was a good "pitch", as pitches go. A planet-wide Climate emergency is STILL in full-swing. There was only a brief mention as one of several planks in the old loser Dem platform pushed by the corporate shills (of disgraced Clinton2 - and dittos for Trump, too).

Where was THE BIG INVITATION? You know THE "1"! The former Dems like me, now Green Party (sorta), we are paying attention. The only winning platform must save ourselves from our selves. A single unwavering coalition, (Keith got that right) that defines America's vision as a "People and Planet Party". The speech last night mentioned people over and over - not connecting on Planet-People. HE MISSED THE ONE plank that all others must follow - Planet Justice. Our Commons of Air, Water, Climate and Free Speech. People are crying outloud, "calls of alarm" at Standing Rock, in N. Carolina, in Detroit and in Milwaukee, for an accounting and renunciation of "bankstersm". A vision for our nation must be believable - people on the streets with more signs at the local media propaganda centers - and dialing an insurmountable volume of phone calls and texts, ad nauseum, to their local pathetic corporate media. The nerve of the bankster class that has stopped Dr. Stein's electoral recount! lol

Sanity wants the Green Party platform in place of the platform that Ellison and Sanders have touted as "The Best Ever". Give credit where credit is due. The duopoly turned on its proper head, must work, because time has run out for re-discovering fire and the wheel. Think bigger, Keith. You, too, Senator Sanders, sir. Wall street, the frauds that they are, still rule the roost. Follow the cash. Their idea of "consumer" cash is killing us, Earth. Green cash builds livable futures. Cash that doesn't own, but invites making life a "Bliss" to "Follow" (Joseph Campbell).


The Perez run shows the corruption and ineffectiveness of the current labor movement. There are unions that support somebody who was fully proud of his work in favor of TPP.???? The SEIU which is leading the push for $15/hour min. wage endorsed Hillary in the primaries. Wikileaks revealed the Clinton campaign gave two_shits about min. wage until they were forced to take a position, and then she was advised to only support $12/hour. Union leaders for the most part are just patsies for the DLC establishment in the democratic party.


It is not possible to run down the whole laundry list of needed changes to the party's and to the country's direction in every speech or presentation. Bernie has favored cleaning up the environment countless times and you can be sure, that it will remain at or near the top of the agenda of the Sanders/Warren wing of the DP.

Bernie has managed to rise from relative obscurity to >43% of the Dem. votes. Surely we will manage to get him over the top.
So can the doubting, get moving! Without your help we cannot succeed


Obama pick Perez should step aside for Ellison. The Dems need to NOT stay the Obama-Clinton course.


Fat chance! There is money to be made in the old system.
That is hard to give up.


Link? Thanks.


Very refreshing to hear Bernie and Elison last night on CSPAN. Out with Wasserman Schultz who probably supported corruption in Wall Street.


At least they are iding the problems- it's a start.


Obama Clinton course is republican. Obama admires Reagan.


Get the ones that are not onboard with Elison out of office. At least Obama is leaving.


Yes, cash that doesn't own, and do away with the consumer driven economy.