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As Endless and Borderless War Continues, Civilians Killed by US Largely Ignored


As Endless and Borderless War Continues, Civilians Killed by US Largely Ignored

Jon Queally, staff writer

Contradicting a version of events presented by the U.S. military and reported widely by the corporate press, a human rights group and a journalist in Yemen are citing witnesses who said a raid by U.S. Navy SEALs on Monday night killed multiple innocent civilians and not just "Al Qaeda militants" as the Pentagon claimed.


I noticed yesterday that some of the bloggers were complaining on the site about the killings in Manchester that the people on here were being too political and not being respectful enough. I was going to respond but thought better. Of course, the tragedy in Manchester is horrible and disgusting. I think we are all sad for the families and the needless loss of life. That being said, I think it is a common trait for westerners to ignore the deaths of innocents (collateral damage) caused by their own governments in the middle east. How many innocents have died in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen and elsewhere due to questionable actions by the U.S. and its allies? We are not allowed to bring up blow back and how our own governments (which we apparently have no say in) have helped to foster hatreds that lead to the horrors of Manchester. At the same moment that drones or other weapons are used, we in the west want to go to our concerts, out to the movies, out to dinner, the baseball or football games as if nothing is happening in the world that might have consequences for us. This denial and lack of accountability only makes the world more dangerous for all of us. I think our own governments are the ones who make it this way and pave the way for blow-back like has happened in Manchester.


Considering the cruelty, villainy and violence of the US and it’s illegal wars since the end of WWII,
who in this world will ever show us mercy?

Who or what it is that holds such deadly power over the US and our MIC to cause this destructiveness
and wars around the world – not to mention the rising fascism at home and senseless disregard for its own

How far are we from WWIII, how far from those “smaller and more useable nuclear weapons” which our
government has been seeking over the last decades?

We are being governed by truly insane people.


What was done in Manchester, England was so evil, but ask yourself: where does this egregious, hatred come from?



As long as the American People keep voting for the Duopoly candidates, Empire will exist, and senseless killing of innocents all over the globe will continue without anyone being held accountable.


I completely agree!


Very well written.


That’s the question that got Helen Thomas blackballed from the White House Press Briefings.


And today, our current leader gets all unctuous about Manchester.


Why do they hate us? s/


The empire does not like its people to use logic.


True, and anyone else that asks embarrassing questions and is not a presstitute or a whorespondent.


Why are we at war with Yemen?


Because the Yemenis aren’t doing what we tell them to. I fear that Yemen, along with Libya may be the poster boys for what happens to small countries that don’t do what we tell them to.


Because, our friends(Those with the Deep Pockets) the Saudis and the UAE, are tight with the American MIC, again because of their ‘Deep Pockets’, and our Republican and Democratic, so-called ‘leaders’ in Washington, would rather aid those with ‘Deep Pockets’ who enjoy killing innocents who are rebellious, than supporting ‘Poor’ innocents who are being slaughtered by repressive regimes.

To make a long story short, our government is doing what their doing because to them, Money is more important than Human Life.

Yes, that’s right, they’re…

#Fucking Hypocrites.


And, 137 million Americans voted last November 8th to support this.


Glenn, you know the answer to that already. The odds against are long; because it didn’t give sycophant reporters and publishers the opportunity to be aroused by “the beauty of our weapons”.Just some unimportant dead people. Nothing to get excited over.


Well done, Reader! Thank you.



In addition to organ harvesting, oligarchs will be hooking their bloodstreams up to kids as the successful rejuvenation studies on rats showed.

Direct Democracy


The assumed individual responsible for the Manchester attack was a British citizen whose parents fled Libya. We all know what NATO did to Libya. I find it difficult to conceive of Western leadership not putting two and two together to finally get four. The truth is, the more people the West kills in the Middle East, the more Middle east terrorism will come to the West.