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As Endless Wars Rage, 'Aspiring Dictator' Trump Orders Massive Military Parade


As Endless Wars Rage, 'Aspiring Dictator' Trump Orders Massive Military Parade

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Bolstering his "image as an aspiring dictator" and further demonstrating that he has zero interest in drawing down the endless U.S.-led wars overseas that have killed millions, President Donald Trump has reportedly ordered the Pentagon to begin planning for a massive military parade in an effort to celebrate American military power and


Good Gawd- This is way over the top…
And here, just when I thought it way too much for the Jet “fly over” at the Super Bowl, along with the band and all the other flag waving Patriotic ritual- but this is way, way too much-
This is wasted taxpayer dollars as there are adults and children going hungry without A roof over their head!
This guy will do ANYTHING for attention- Is this to rally his base???
Lets get rid of this tin pot dictator!!!


Maybe we could have a parade of guitars, not guns? Music is one of the few things that never lies, it always tells the truth. That is something to parade about.

I think people are leaving out that we are in Africa as well. We have military in what? 167 countries? Not all of them are fighting but it is who we are. Born killers.


How about a parade, but only after our own Bastille Day that starts our own American Revolution!


So, after all, he turns out to be a tubby little boy in a big suit in search of a balcony.


May 1st would be a good day to schedule this parade…


In Dante’s words, every day we wake up to Trump having once again made “a bugle of his ass”.


This Ruling Bozo’s one of a kind
A dimmer bulb t’would be hard to find
Government shutdowns, wars and fences
We gotta have 'em, damn the expenses


None of this is patriotism. It is uber-nationalism. Trump is continuing to build up his (white) Nationalist cult. And seems to be very, very successful so far.

Scary as hell.


When will everyone figure out Trump’s wall is to keep them in?


I can’t wait. Maybe Ivanka can design an Il Duce style uniform for him to wear as he juts out his chin while standing on a raised dias or balcony. The coat should be overly large (like his ego) and trimmed with gold…lots and lots of gold. Ya, that’s it.

And…and a BIG military style officer’s hat, sorta like the ones the Nazis wore…Women would swoon, the troops would cheer their adoration, strong, shirtless men with rippling muscles would bow down to Him!

Ohhh…where is Hugo Bass when we need him?

I could go on and on, but You get the drift. :sunglasses:


Uber-nationalism is right- Trump reminds me of Mussolini or maybe even Hitler more and more every day- I wouldn’t be A bit surprised if he had some scrambled egg- medal laden suit made up so that he could satiate his illusion and deliver the dramatic effect to his confused worshippers-
Scary as Hell indeed!


American memory is hopelessly absent. Evidently the crazies forget the parades in the former Soviet Union, China, No Korea and other smaller authoritarian regimes. Unfortunately his “base” will love the pageantry of a HUGE, BEAUTIFUL military parade. Just like Super Bowl week, whoopee!!!


I can’t think of a more fitting opportunity to raise from the dead the anti-war movement. If such an opportunity arrises, we need a couple of million dissenters in the streets, disrupting/blocking the parade and causing a D.C. civil disobedience shit-show that will dominate the media feed for months.


Naw, music won’t work unless it’s ALL C&W.


If you have never seen a pic of Mussolini, look closely at one, please.


Naw man, May 1st is the commie holiday, HAS to be the 4th of July, with firecrackers, shooting of all sorts of firearms etc…


Sickening rot of militaristic capitalism be damned.


Wow. Cadet Bone Spurs wants a military parade extravaganza huh?
We are surely in the black hole of utterly insane…


After as many times as I have I seen Barack Obama called a “wanna-be dictator” by the right wing stooges, I cannot help but wonder what Hannity would be saying right now if Obama had called for a parade of soldiers to publicly worship him as our nation’s Dear Leader…