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As EU Looks to Reopen Borders, US Covid-19 Surge Means Americans May Not Be Welcome

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/23/eu-looks-reopen-borders-us-covid-19-surge-means-americans-may-not-be-welcome


And i don’t suppose any discerning travellers will want to incorporate any “shithole” countries on their list of preferred destinations.


A brief history of USA COVID-19 cases (latest CDC numbers):

> WEEK    28 DAYS             CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   4.  02/03/2020          11          11
>   8.  03/02/2020          42          53
>  12.  03/30/2020     163,486     163,539
>  16.  04/27/2020     817,707     981,246
>  20.  05/25/2020     681,168   1,662,414
>  24.  06/22/2020     639,874   2,302,288

The fact that SARS2 (the virus) with COVID-19 (the disease) isn’t noticeably calming down a bit in USA, now that Summer’s underway, is noteworthy. We still hear talk of “seasonal” behavior from this microbe, though by now there’s virtually no observational basis for it. Unlike influenza, SARS2 seems to like the warmth months as much as the cooler ones – why?

Definite answers will take a while, but the means of transmission is raised for scrutiny. Influenza is knocked down in Summer because it’s conveyed by larger droplets, expelled by coughs and sneezes. SARS2 doesn’t care about Summer because its tiny aerosol asymptomatic droplets, from talking or even just breathing, persist with ease into warmer months.

Vigorous persistence into Summer is another aspect of SARS2 which places prolonged exposure to aerosols in enclosed spaces as a likely candidate for most important means of transmission. This means border-camps, prisons, meat-packing plants, maquiladoras, cruise-ships, warships, nursing homes, and political rallies in megachurches are portals to a slow death-march.


Dilution is everything, you’re likely to get exposed to tiny amounts of virus in public spaces, but if you can keep it heavily diluted (masks help here) your body can likely handle it.

Winter will be the worst because of energy conservation. Seems like it would be wise to start thinking about how to ventilate then, now.

As far as Europe, I’m not surprised they dont want us there. I am surprised that it took this long.

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My humble opinion, from all the settings in which we see cases explode (e.g. San Quentin Prison, across the Bay from where I write), is that duration is the key. Even if the viral load from aerosols is quite small, taking that load over and over again, over time, is what preps the body for a virulent infection.

In other words: Masks are great – but it’s better to get the hell outta there, if possible. Anything outside is probably 1,000 times safer than inside.


Great, so Trump has effectively built a wall with us in it.
So tired of winning.


Add on stress and you really get trouble. (I speak from personal experience with WNV.) This is one reason why so many young and healthy nurses fell ill–true heroes for the cause. Their supervisors should have known better and figured out how to reduce this double whammy.


You can change your name now to USB - United States of Bubble.


Ah, another case of America being really, truly exceptional…And I don’t see Canada opening up the border anytime soon. I do see them trying to pry as many of the American tentacles from their supply chains as soon as possible so they can truly close the border. And deal with China, the two Michaels, and the Wa Whe(not sure of the spelling)executive, who they imprisoned on the order of Herr Trump. Bad move there, Justin.


Your Federal and state governments bat first. Nature bats last.

If your Federal/state government puts together a total package that causes the SARS-COV-2 virus pandemic to decay, then it dwindles, better faster than slower of course, until the tiny number of asymptomatic foreign travelers equals the residual decay. That’s the best any country can do for now. They can then further cut down on the bad foreign travelers.

If your Federal/state government puts together a total package that still allows the SARS-COV-2 virus pandemic to accelerate, then your state or country will probably accelerate until 70% of the entire population has gotten sick, 1% to 2% have died and another 1% have a covid-caused disability that lasts them for the rest of their lives. Think polio.

However, there’s another cost. It’s going to take your state maybe one year to get down to Europe’s standards. This means no sales conferences. Europe will just have to do business with the other good countries such as Japan and China.

This means no education. U.S. colleges will have no foreign students (or American students either this fall). How are K-12 schools going to open during the pandemic next fall? Kids are natural asymptomatic carriers and superspreaders.

The Arizona economic forecast is horrid. The Northeast economic forecast may not be as bad, but we’ll be strongly tempted to have the state police watch for southern license plates, pull them over and ask how they’re going to be quarantined in our state for two weeks. It’s nothing personal against Southern people, they’re just a big disease risk, that’s all.


Looks like my suggestion that the world should cut off the sinking plague ship that is the U.S. is coming to fruition.


I recall writing some time ago that walls are for two purposes. One is to keep people out. The other is to keep people in.


It appears the joke is on us. Trump wanted to put a wall around the USA. The rest of the world wants the same thing.


They had a radio program on that today where they spoke about the two Canadians arrested in China soon after Canada arrested that executive.

It was rather puerile with the person being interviewed that “Canada should not allow China to bully them” out of one side of his mouth while he supported the US bullying Canada out of the other.

One of the most ridiculous reasons to arrest a person I have ever heard. In theory if Trump claims Justin Trudeau broke US law we would arrest Turdeau and send him to the US.


Hey that’s a wall I would support.

Just heard from family in Italy and they are very concerned for us all as they are following very closely what is going on in the US America. Seems as it was only yesterday I was concerned and asking about them. How is Spain doing? US Americans are woefully unconcerned–maybe unconscious even–that an entire world exists outside its borders…Maybe it is time to do more than topple statues?


These numbers can’t be simply due to more testing can they? Seems impossible…Thanks for sharing this graph. Is it possible that Trump may just be worse than Caligula? BLM protesters have become the new scapegoats even as they are outdoors along with “too much testing” and many had their masks seized as we know.

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Hi Giovanna. Well we are out of state of emergency and welcoming tourists (except you lot of course and other risk countries.) but i believe (and for the most part people are) it is still mandatory to wear masks in crowded places. There was an outbreak in the north east of the country and they have gone back to phase 2 lockdown. Just a waiting game now to see what the summer brings. I am so glad i have outgrown the mass gathering/events syndrome. :)) keep safe Giovanna.


Here are the new “normal” regulations:


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I find it gobsmackingly weird that Orangeman’s bizarre addendum to Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle is ever treated for even a moment as something serious – and yet it’s been the theory buted and rebuted for weeks now, between governors and senators… I must have dropped through the looking glass and landed in a parallel universe, where they blame the heat on an over-abundance of thermometers. The agitprop machine, for reasons unknown to me, wants to spend hours and hours inflating abysmally confused infantile nonsense into a controversy – and apparently many in USA are dumb enough to take the bait. As if we needed any further proof: If USA were a pedestrian, it would be bugsplat by now.

USA COVID-19 stats as of Wednesday, 6/24, 5:00 AM

122,562 deaths / 2,387,644 cases = 5.13% case-fatality,
37.03 deaths per 100,000 residents,
one of every 2,701 residents have perished, so far.

Reported deaths-per-day may be rising, after weeks of intense obfuscation. Case-fatality got up to 6.00% awhile ago, and has been (I think artificially) driven down almost to 5 percent. The “one-of-every” framing for mortality is seldom heard, but most impactful. One of every 2,700 means a dozen or so out of an average baseball-stadium crowd.