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As Evidence of Man-Made Global Warming Hits 'Gold Standard,' Robert Mercer Continues Funding Denialists

As Evidence of Man-Made Global Warming Hits 'Gold Standard,' Robert Mercer Continues Funding Denialists

Andy Rowell

One of the world's most secretive billionaires is still pouring millions into climate denial, despite scientists concluding we have reached the "gold standard" linking human activity to climate change.

There is no question that a great deal of humanity and other life on earth will suffer as a result of the furtherance of climate change made more insipid by the likes of the Mercers, Kochs and their com’patriots’. This is VIOLENCE essentially comprising WAR. The sovereign entity at stake is the whole planet. Ain’t no more boundaries left for this one folks. This WAR must be one and ranks right up their with the avoidance of nuclear annihilation as a defining moment in the planet. Will the punctuation of the anthropocene’s record be a comma or an exclamation point? If the latter, there may be no one left to edit the record. The planet will survive and go through new periods of stases and transitions. It won’t miss US one bit–might appreciate the rest.


One best reason for a Wealth Cap is to prevent a few from becoming more powerful than the many by virtue of having too much money. That destroys democracy, the great equalizer. Without it, autocratic insanity flourishes and enslaves the many.



If there was only a 25% chance that science was right in concluding that without major change man-made global warming will cause huge damage to future generations, then from that for Mercer (or you the reader) to conclude that man-made global warming denial is good and responsible as not sufficiently proven is like concluding that giving your children some elixir to drink is OK because it’s know that it has only a 25% chance of being contaminated with a deadly poison - so the children will probably be OK - go ahead and drink

Mercer can’t be that stupid, so he must be that dishonest. The same applies to Trump.

The article says “one-in-a-million”. You mean one-in-a-thousand.

99.9% means 999/1000. We need the correct facts in articles like this.

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Are you a commie agitator trying to insinuate that the precautionary principal should be applied to policies affected by questions like whether the activities of man aggravate the problem of global warming? For many decades now such talk has been an unjust anti-American way of talking that seldom gets into the media. The privileged wealthy demand and expect of us that we use the principal of guilty beyond any possible reasonable doubt in these cases when their profits might be affected. Besides, if you somehow have, or will have a pension a good part of your pension investment likely involves investments in companies that profit from the activities that cause global warming.

Besides that, the Mercers only donated a paltry 4.37 million to nonprofits in 2016 who worked at least partially on spreading information on climate change, an amount which is relatively chicken feed. OK, so the words “at least partially” are weasel words indicating that much much less was for actual research, but given that an average professor does $100,000 or better those few millions could never pay for the full-time research work of 20 professors and their assistants and expenses, which, given the breadth and complexity of the topic is a drop in the bucket if the Mercers were to expect to ever conclusively prove that man made global warming is a myth, which is something they obviously aren’t expecting to see.


" According to the tax filings published by Buzzfeed and obtained by the Climate Investigations Center, nearly a quarter (23 percent) of the total $19 million donated to nonprofits by the Mercer Family Foundation in 2016 went to groups working, at least partially, on spreading misinformation around climate change and pushing to repeal environmental protections. Many of the groups that received donations have promoted carbon dioxide as nonpolluting, called for the repeal of the Clean Power Plan, and, over the past year, funneled officials into the Trump administration." (https://buzzunites.com/2018/01/26/heres-how-the-mercer-familys-climate-denial-funding-influenced-trump/)

Or that it’s OK to fly in that jetliner, as it “only” has a 25% chance of crashing. Tickets, please!

That means, assuming two direct flights, that you would have a 50% chance of returning home safely if you use that jetliner for a round trip. When you get there you might want to stay for a while and not hurry back.

Ha ha! With that logic, after 2 round trips you would be history.

I believe that “the terror of the billionaire will come to an end” when the masses realize that their political systems need to be redesigned so that the top hierarchies can not become largely filled with psychopaths and the greedy and ambitious. Sometimes I joke that the favorite game of the psychopath is building and climbing hierarchies, but I think that there is some truth in that joke, and that once they gain control of our political structures they do tend to increase the height of them and make it quite difficult for more normal people to participate. I am not against psychopaths participating in government as they have some useful skills, and they deserve representation too, but it is not good for us when they are significantly over-represented at the upper levels of power. To change this we need to change how we select our representatives, and if we collectively choose to become aware and change how we select our representatives to eliminate the current bias for selecting psychopaths and the greedy and ambitious then our oligarchy can be transformed into a something much closer to a democracy.

Sometimes people survive crashes, so a bit less than 50% of the time, yes.