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As Ex-FBI Director Speaks Out, Trump Erupts: 'My Great Honor to Fire James Comey!'

As Ex-FBI Director Speaks Out, Trump Erupts: 'My Great Honor to Fire James Comey!'

Julia Conley, staff writer

As details on James Comey's memoir surfaced overnight, President Donald Trump attacked Comey via his Twitter account on Friday morning—calling him a "slimeball" and declaring it was "his great honor" to fire the former FBI director.

Acting Honorably will never be what you are known for, Donald Trump.


Comey went from being the guy who doomed Hillary’s candidacy a week before the election to D-party dandy.

Just like D-Party loyalists went from being skeptical about NSA ‘evidence’ to blindly accepting it.

And just like the D-party used to represent the working class, and now represents moderates in the suburbs.

Well, I guess consistency isn’t a feature of politics.

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Trump is a disgrace with regard to pretty much everything considered to be American ideals as well as what human decency means but the country somehow has to move forward.


Why do you insist on projecting your nonsense onto others? People can think two things at once: that Comey violated DOJ guidelines, helping cost HRC the election, but that he was wrongfully terminated (in the sense the reason was all about obstructing an investigation). The only people saying what you are projecting seems to be conspiratorial Deep State infatuated progressives and their rightwing friends.

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Personally, I think Comey is a grandstander. And I’ve thought that consistently.

And, as I recall, views on whether Comey should be terminated took on a real partisan flavor depending on the moment:

I agree absolutely about his grandstanding awe-shucks demeanor. But I don’t get your point whatsoever. Democrats knew something was up with the Trump campaign and knew that the FBI was looking into it. Politically speaking, it was absolutely fucked that Trump wasn’t treated the same way—remember the infamous New York Times story—as Clinton. At the same time, Comey was fired by the president’s own admission because of the Russia investigation. Violating DOJ guidelines was just the excuse. If you can’t see what is wrong with that, and why people might have an interest in what Comey has to say, I don’t know what to tell you.

What I’m pointing out is that some Democrats called for his termination before he was actually terminated, then were incensed when he was actually terminated. So when Dems want him fired it’s wonderful, when a Republican does precisely what they wanted, it’s terrible.

Comey is a villain one day, a hero the next, depending on which way the wind blows–that’s my point.

Please don’t let anyone forget, both of these two parties are struggling with the Truth and their eventual Survival.


Uh, I thought he should be terminated–he did violate DOJ guidelines in a pretty disreputable way. But if you can’t see why people like myself would be uncomfortable with firing him to obstruct an investigation via an obvious pretense–did Trump really give two shits about the way Clinton was treated?–I’m not sure what to say. You seem to want to make a quick political point, while not taking in the totality of the circumstances.

Trump is just a petulant and vengeful child. I suspect his parents gave him everything except love.