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As Examples Mount, Sanders Campaign Accuses Corporate Media of 'Deliberate Attempt to Erase Bernie'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/05/examples-mount-sanders-campaign-accuses-corporate-media-deliberate-attempt-erase


It’s sad and astounding that our country is so corrupted that not only do true progressives have to fight against the gangster Trump, his mob, and the GOP, but also against corporate sellout Dems, and the corporate media.
We’ve been asleep for far too long, and while we were, the bad people were taking over.


As I read through other sites for the news I make a mental note that there is no mention of Bernie. I have to go out of country to get anything, other than here of course and I do get the emails. They are very afraid of “The Bern”, what it means and how big a deal it is for so many people. It literally means the world, so spread the word anyway you can and thanks :-)))


Yes. Too many are also struggling to survive and this is part of their game plan: cut wages, no affordable anything, have people work to death no time for anything else. We must act nevertheless. I will organize another climate strike.

Let’s create a “miracle” and get him in office.

Let’s share this article far and wide, shall we?


From the Chris Hedges article posted on CD today:
“The deep state [and the Democrats/Liberals/MSM] not only intends to prevent, as it did in 2016, Bernie Sanders or any other progressive Democrat from achieving power, but has signaled that it will destroy any politician who attempts to question the maintenance and expansion of empire. Its animus toward the left is far more pronounced than its animus toward Trump. And its resources to destroy those on the left are nearly inexhaustible.”


All of these examples are no accident," said campaign speechwriter David Sirota.

Is this new news? This effort to erase Bernie by the establishment and its mouthpiece, the media, should have be known long ago by the Sanders campaign.

This is deja vu all over again.

The BIG question is, what does the Bernie camp have planned to counter it? Just pointing out the obvious and whining about it won’t do.


The question becomes is Sanders a “sheep dog” or a genuine challenge to the status quo? 2016 indicates sheep dog.


Bernie is having a little Deja Vu of 2016.

Get mad Bernie, and tell the media, and, the Democratic Party Leadership how you really feel.

Don’t pull any punches. They won’t.


It’s on my front page…if you’d like a look/see…


Whomever that has a hold on your leash is misleading you.


This media black out is what you’d expect.

So Bernie’s ground game matters all the more.
The small donors are still ponying up.
An army of committed volunteers will knock on doors.
Organization is crucial – so is enthusiasm.
As Biden fades, Bernie will pick up votes.

Bernie needs one big CTA at the next two debates.
Speechwriters, wutchoogott?


Seems that Iowa using caucus rather than voting may actually hurt Bernie - unless the younger people show up and participate.

The south carolina primary will be Biden.(not capitalized because the place should not even be a state)

The New Hamshire will be Bernie.

The media, cable TV opinion stations will still devote 45 minutes each hour to Trump next year. This year, about 57 minutes each hour to cover impeachment, spin, and nonsense panelists say ‘i think’.


Call To Arms


Actually, Bernie’s strength against Hillary in 2016 was in the caucus states.


Sheep dogs lead back to the same pasture. Sanders is leading to new pastures: healthcare for all, a living wage and expanding public education.

We do need the education - especially the critical thinking skills.


Fucking Chuck Todd on the “liberal” MSNBC can’t even mention his name. Today some dipshit wrote in the “liberal” NY Times that it would be a mistake to nominate Warren for President. Even Fox mentions his name more than the other major networks, albeit banging on him as a Socialist.


that was four years ago. please please please
we have more young folks now and fewer elderly in Iowa.
If Hillary (and NBC) had not re-used the 2008 obama michigan precinct demographics - she might have won Wayne County [Detroit} which counted 36,000 votes for third party prez candidate. Compared to 12,000 when obama ran in 2012. Not all that high on the list of 26 reasons she lost - but she failed compared to Kushner and Bannon.

I am for bernie because turning around the deep mess our government is in right now has to be primary mission for everyone. include state, county and local being messed too. Need a bow thruster!!


And which, sir, is your corporate shill of choice? Perhaps former Republican, newly turned progressive Sen. Warren? We hunger to know.


You forgot to mention NPR as part of the Bernie blackout. Maybe if 100,000 Bernie supports wrote them letters…


Write to your local NPR affiliate. NPR is headquartered in DC, is DC-focused, and as George Carlin noted, you’re not in that club - but the local affiliate may be more sensitive to local opinion and may even rely on local fundraising, which gives you some influence there.