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As Examples Mount, Sanders Campaign Accuses Corporate Media of 'Deliberate Attempt to Erase Bernie'

Hi webwalk:
Thank you for that news; it’s depressing. The DNC has been declared a private organization. Ah-----so I will skip anything where that DNC name is used. Sometimes it’s hard to tell who sent the emails–and of course, they all want money. Well, it’s clear now that the DNC is a private organization, so there is no reason for anyone to give them any more money—ever! : )

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Mike Figueredo at Humanist Report continues to impress me. This video I believe is largely based on this article, since he references it in the text right below the video on YouTube.

Hi atelier:

I look at some of these news groups, and they all want you to pay for their news-----but what they are often selling is FAKE NEWS by ignoring Bernie. LOL, who knew that Trump would be right about “FAKE NEWS,” but the Fake or LACK of Bernie news
is the actual FAKE NEWS in this election and the fakery in 2016 too…
I’m not sorry DNC----but the Rat’s Nest Bed you are building is the one you will have to Iive in!

Dumb rules supreme.

And of course you can’t have both. Low liberal expectations. Plus, it’s so easy. Just give up on the archaic “whom”. It’s so Downton Abbey.

And YOU are QUEEN! Who(m) else would put down someone for something so trivial when they are talking about important issues? Where the hell are YOUR comments relative to ANYTHING?! You just come here to slum around with us dummies, Queenie Weenie?

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You poor thing.

And you, madam, are pure ugly inside!
I’m guessing outside too or you wouldn’t be so bitter.