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As Experts Push for 'Killer Robot' Ban, UK and US Stand in the Way

As Experts Push for 'Killer Robot' Ban, UK and US Stand in the Way

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The U.S. and UK are undermining attempts by the United Nations to negotiate over the future of autonomous weapons—or "killer robots"—talks which, if delayed further, could come too late to prevent so-called "robot wars."

Don’t think of them as killer robots, think of them as land drones.

Our valiant soldiers won’t need to go into combat, they can guard the nation via remote control or by just giving instructions to autonomous automatons.

And believe me, we’d like to tell them not to shoot kids, but do you want our multi-million dollar land drones destroyed by an army of little people?

They won’t just be useful overseas. Police will no longer need to endanger themselves confronting unruly mobs, domestic terrorists, school/mall shooters, robbers, rapists and those who cross in the middle of the block. The land drones can keep the peace while our noble men and women in blue remain safe.

Firefighters will no longer have to risk their lives rescuing people from burning buildings, land drones will be able to do it faster and better, while our heroes remain safe.

But some want to keep putting our our soldiers, police and firefighters at risk. They’d rather endanger our protectors because of silly concerns about potential ‘abuses’. They’d rather risk human lives than employ machines to keep us safe and secure.

What do you call a person who wants our soldiers killed in battle instead of machines? Who wants human police at the mercy of criminals and malcontents? Who wants firefighters killed instead of having people rescued by machines impervious to flame and heat?

Traitors? Killers? Inhumane scum?

It’s hard to think of a term bad enough for these anti-progress cop killers. These dangerous Luddites.

So if you know of such a person, report them. They’re helping the terrorists and criminals. Their attitude endangers the heroes who put their lives on the line every day defending us.

Report them so we can stop the cancer before it spreads.

And I’ve just got one thing to say to you terrorist supporting scum: This drone’s for you.


While a student at the University of Kansas in the early 70s this was a subject that came up while many of us were excitedly talking about the invention of the microprocessor. Robotic warfare. Put “them” all on an island and let “them” fight it out. The loser is destroyed and the winner gets a case of 10W40 weight oil. No blood no worries. Then along came “Skynet” and it all went to hell.
Now we are face to face with the grotesqueness of our own imaginations. How to take out a machine bent on killing anything that moves? Bottles of sulfiric acid comes to mind first.
But why even build these things in the first place? War is made by men and men should fight it and suffer with it and even die from it. It is from the spilling of blood that we begin to view war as the thing to be avoided. A machine doesn’t feel.
I know from experience that firefighters feel fear when entering a burning building but know they must to save anyone in danger of burning. Life before safety. Robots don’t feel. To be human is to feel and we must feel in order to know we live. Robots are lifeless, just as are the men who pay to have them built.


Writers like Verne, London, Asimov, Orwell, and a whole host more have turned from thrilling fiction writers to prophets in the last few decades. And the reality just keeps getting worse!


“A lot of money is going into development and people will want a return on their investment,” Heyns told the Guardian.

Krupp and Vickers-Armstrong probably were saying that before WW1. Which all goes to prove that arms races lead directly to war. The Russkies are also developing robotic “soldiers” on the argument that using them will save their boys from getting killed.


Well, the USA could save a great deal of expense during elections by designing a “drone” POTUS. You had one in G_III but chucked him out, unlike the more British sensible colonies.

So in light of the war crime the US committed when it bombed a hospital of patients , what would be the response should one of these “automated drones” blow up a hospital and commited a war crme?

Would it be put on trial?

Would the sentence be CTRL ALT DEL ?


“a lack of accountability for war crimes committed by robots”

That’s the easy part. The Supreme Court declares that robots are persons.
Then they can be compelled to face the same absence of war crimes charges as human war criminals do.


The idea of armed autonomous robots reminds me of the idea of the booby trap or shotgun trap set to protect property. Such devices are illegal even if they could kill or disable a real criminal. These robots- if the military has them then the police will get them and one of these days in some new Ferguson or Watts they will be used against people, and then everyone will piss and moan and say something should be done.

But even now, billions and billions of dollars have been invested, and processes with so much money energy behind them are very difficult to stop, so in other words, folks, think about self-defense against these demonic things.

Americans will be taught that the more of these robots, the safer everyone is, because everyone knows that the only reason the world is so heavily populated nowadays is because of all the lives that American drones have already saved. (not really. A drone has not yet been proven to save a single life. They only kill.))


“Valiant soldiers”, “noble men and women in blue”… At first I thought this whole post was ironic. It isn’t.
The post was probably written by a robot. That’s how much humanity it has.
Just one example: “We’d like to tell them not to shoot kids”… but we won’t, because these things cost multi-millions dollars, so we have to keep them safe, even from kids, so kill the kids first.
Personnally, I’m not a “terrorist-supporting scum”. A “malcontent” if you like, because I want to keep on fighting for democracy and justice. But for ctrl_z, these people are no better than “traitors, killers, inhumane (ha!) scum”, and cancer cells. Report them, because our drones are out to get them.
Ctrl_z ought to be locked up in a high-security psychiatric hospital. But he won’t - he’ll probably end up programming robots.

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And, we seem to be approaching the point where some idiot is going to press the red button and we’ll all “disappear into a little white dot” that darkens as it cools and the twilight zone darkens into endless night.

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You talking about me? Well, wouldn’t it be nice if ctrl_z showed up to explain? He won’t.
Hey, why the italics + bold type? You seem like a kid who’s found a new toy.