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As Exxon Tries to Duck Subpoenas, Groups Keep Urging Clinton to Reject Big Oil



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What great fun feeding frenzy, going to parties to get free food and free money which you promise to pay thousands fold from the public trough. Who cares about the climate when you can get away in your own private plane to fly to your own private island surrounded by like minded parasite fat rats.


This is why the fix has been in for Hillary's nomination since 2013. The Democratic Party is shit-their-pants afraid that a Bernie victory will cause the corporate money that has kept the party alive all these years since they sold out Labor and the youth vote, to dry up. Without their corporate cash cow, the Democratic Party faces oblivion.

Good riddance


Big banks and big energy corps are two sides of the same coin.
Small is not only beautiful, small is a requirement for our species if we want to avoid extinction.