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As Facebook Scrutiny Grows, New Campaign Demands Tech Giants Pledge to Build 'Surveillance-Resistant Web'


As Facebook Scrutiny Grows, New Campaign Demands Tech Giants Pledge to Build 'Surveillance-Resistant Web'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As Facebook's unprecedented data breach at the hands of Cambridge Analytica spurs widespread privacy concerns and demands for accountability over how massive internet companies mine the data of their users for profit, a coalition of civil libertarians and human rights groups on Monday launched a


Why in the world are people STILL on Facebook ? Bankrupt this punk. It doesn’t matter what “safe guards” are / aren’t put in place, you will never know for sure.
Julian Assange backs up what I speculated last week about this story. It wasn’t a leak or breach, he sold you’re data.


The frat boy model of social media
“Move fast and break things. Unless you are breaking stuff, you are not moving fast enough”.
Mark Zuckerberg

“It is a man’s own mind, not his enemy or foe, that lures him to evil ways.”
― Gautama Buddha


I have read there a number of people are working on developing another version of the web that will address these issues. Facebook, Google, etc cannot address the problems because of pressures from investors. It is those pressure from investors that created this situation where these companies depend almost entirely on advertising for money. They are data gathering companies. That is their business. They probably offer much that users would be willing to pay enough for to keep them in business so I think we have to look to developers who are working on these problems and not the big tech companies.


Yes, improve security. At the same time, our society needs to reduce the risk to individuals when this data is misused. Socialize this risk, and punish those who abuse – including the clients of actors like Cambridge Analytica.


The only one I’ve read about is one hypothesized by Kim Dot Com:

’Internet freedom dream alive’ – Kim Dotcom to build alternative web – Nov 23, 2017 – RT – YouTube


Read the “The-Know-It-Alls. The Rise of Silicon Valley as a Political Powerhouse and Social Wrecking Ball” by Noam Cohen. There is some stuff in there about people working on Web 3.0.


Thanks. Do they state what their infrastructure will be; and, who will own it?


As much as I would like to approve the good ideas of this movement, I must say that it looks to me completely and utterly destined to fail. It looks like a coalition of chickens and rabbits asking the coyotes to play nice.

The critical factors are three:

  • Once the information is gathered, it is available to anyone who can lever ore than moderate expertise to procure it.
  • The corporations want to sell or trade the information, whether for money or favors from government or other corporations. Their only interest in truly protecting it is to accomplish sales.
  • There is no automatic way that end-users, as a group the least sophisticated population involved, can see that their information has or has not been taken or sold, or by whom.

There is nothing to stop the tech giants from gathering and selling the information and telling us all that they are not doing so. That is, in fact, exactly what they have already done.

What is necessary is a solution that can be used easily by consumer-level end-users, conveniently enough that a substantial group puts it into practice. And of course the information that we have already revealed is already distributed.

I am old and less likely to become a target. But ways of parsing your information and inferring from it continue to advance, as do ways of unraveling much encryption.


I returned the book to the library. As I recall there was nothing like that in the book.


Voluntary measures by the industry will be ineffective. Government regulation is needed (but FCC regulation has been watered-down to a “fail” and is obviously no model).


Just last weekend, Microsoft changed the password for my computer and the password for my email. I couldn’t get into my computer. After getting that dealt with, I find I couldn’t get into my email either. This is the second time that Microsoft has done this to me. I’m so pissed I want to bust in Bill gates’ face! It really pisses me off that there is no recourse for me. My computer is my personal private property. However, the powers that be see to it that I have no final say over it. They control it, not me… !%#%%%!~%~#%$


How do you know it was Microsoft who changed your passwords? I’ve never heard of them doing such a thing. That would be bad for business. At least some people would then seriously consider moving to Linux.


I worked in the high-tech software industry for a number of years; and, immediately made the decision that I would remain as anonymous as possible. I figured that the less of a personal profile my employers, or potential employers, could assemble for me from the Web, the better.

Consequently, my belief is that the voluntary measure that would be most effective is to not use those social media applications, and as few other products from those companies as possible

For example, I have a Facebook account and password; but, my profile is empty, except for my birth date. I never respond to “friend” requests. The only time I log in to Facebook is if it’s the only way I can see something or respond to someone’s statement that I’ve read somewhere; and, that’s only been necessary twice.

I frequently look at videos on YouTube and have a password; but, the only time I use the password is if I want to ask a question of the poster of a video.

Google’s been on my “ten-foot-pole” list for around eighteen years, ever since it became apparent to me that their sole purpose in life is to harvest and sell personal data. None of their apps are on my machines. Once in a great while I will use Google Search; and, once in a while, I’ll use Google Maps; but, I never sign in.

YouTube is the only service that I would definitely miss; so, I’m hoping that Google doesn’t screw it up any more than they already have since they purchased it. The other service applications can die a quick death, as far as I’m concerned.


Of course you’ve never heard of them doing it. The first time it happened I hired Geeksonsite to unlock my computer (btw: never hire Geeksonsite). It was them who determined that microsoft changed my passwords. Now a couple years later, it happened again. I live alone and no one else comes into my house- meaning only I physically access my computer. Who else would have done it? Microsoft. I never change my passwords.
I hope you aren’t skeptical towards me about this issue anymore. What you need to be skeptical about is the honesty in which computer giants like microsoft conducts their business.


Oh, I’m skeptical enough about Microsoft. For years, I watched them put out major changes to their software, when they didn’t give other companies sufficient info to modify those companies software to work with the changes. This is just one of the many things Microsoft did to stifle competition. I have no love for Microsoft.

What passwords did they change? Did they change your system login password? Other than that password, I don’t keep any passwords saved on my machines. I have to recall every one of them, which is not that difficult.

Also, have you checked your PC for keystroke loggers?


Yes they changed my system login password both times. Yes keystroke loggers and everything else was checked by the geeks and nothing was found. The geeksonsite ripped me off but I did learn from them that it was microsoft who changed my passwords. I can’t tell you how pissed I am about it. It was definitely microsoft without any doubt.

One of the problems stems from these companies trying to tie all our online presences together. For example: somehow they replaced my name for my email with my youtube username. My name for my email is business; my youtube username is for fun. I don’t want those two mixed. I’m going to be writing my senator about it but being a republican I’m sure he won’t do anything about it. They really cannot be connecting all this together. At this point, I don’t blame Hillary for how she was using her email because it doesn’t make any difference in my exerience. I’m a gov’t employee and these companies have connected my personal email to my gov’t email, somehow. That’s really freeking uncool! I really try to maintain a professional character at work and don’t connect my gov’t stuff with my personal stuff. I refuse to be blamed for mixing the two! However, that too has happened in spite of my efforts.


Are you using Micrisoft’s or some other company’s password manager?

And, just for the record, the only people I’d work with, if trying to diagnose my PCs, is www.majorgeeks.com. They’ve been around for years and years; and, are trustworthy. But, they will expect you to do most of the work, following their instructions. – It’s an excellent way to learn how to take care of yourself. :grin: But, it will be more time consuming than handing your PC to someone else (which I would never do)…


Thanks for the tip.

I think I’m using microsoft since I damn well better not be using anyone for a password manager.


Which Windows version and which Internet Explorer version are you using?