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As Fast Track Looms, Opposition Mounts to Corporate-Friendly Trade Deals


As Fast Track Looms, Opposition Mounts to Corporate-Friendly Trade Deals

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Congress is expected to introduce a so-called 'Fast Track' bill—which would accelerate passage of the corporate-friendly Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and other trade proposals—as soon as next week.

But despite the Obama administration's aggressive push to speed approval of problematic trade pacts, opposition to Trade Promotion Authority and the deals it would advance is mounting.


The Toilet Paper Plan, (designed to wipe us all out), has essentially been drafted in secrecy by the Oilagarchy and various heads of state.

  • What has been leaked so far shows that virtually all of the nations involved will lose their power to legislate, to decide. That will all devolve to the Oilagarchy, who will have the right to fine governments for any loss of profitability, if standards of health or safety are invoked whaich would cause a loss in their profits. This is to be done in secret tribunals, presided over by “judges” appointed by the Oilagarchy, from the Oilagarchy, to profit the Oilagarchy. We the People of the World will be the ones to pay, in health, hunger and poverty while the Oilagarchy rakes in the small bit they don’t already own and control.
  • Unfortunately, the Presidents, Ministers, and other satraps that are in on this are all wealthy, and can be assured of many perks if they can railroad this through.
  • We the People of the World must stop this, or accustom ourselves to the idea of living as serfs, begging at the tables of the rich.


Which proves my tea party Congressman is a big, fat hypocrite. He claims to uphold the Constitution above all other things, but he is for fast track and this trade agreement.


Your Congressman is for the other capital-C word, Corporations.


Anyone in Congress who votes for TPP, TTIP, fast-track, regardless of party, regardless of how they vote on social issues like immigration or gay marriage, should be voted out of office.


This economy is based upon consumption, which ultimately serves, not the ordinary consumers, but a tiny class of excessively wealthy people for whose further enrichment the economy is understood (by them) to exist. For the purpose of their further enrichment, these plutocrats and the great corporations that serve them have controlled the economy by the purchase of political power. The purchased governments do not act in the interest of the governed and their country; they act instead as agents for the corporations.
― Wendell Berry, What Matters?: Economics for a Renewed Commonwealth




Once again, just like Internet Equality, we are late to the game.
This is what Obama was put in office to do. As Henry Kissinger said “He will be effective in implementing the New World Order because of his popularity”. But I don’t think even Kissinger foresaw this sellout of America.
I’ve been watching this as closely as I can over the years. It is so bad, it’s hardly even creditable.

These trade deals, which are NOT trade deals will remove our national sovereignty. We will find ourselves enslaved, conquered and abused like we never have been before.
Nothing will belong to the state or to us, the citizens. And that includes all pensions and Social Security.
We may be assured that we will be in a sort of techno Dark Ages.
Corporations will be able to steal our land as Trans Canada is already doing for their pipeline, regardless of Obama’s veto

The middle class, already vanishing will completely disappear.
Creativity and innovation will cease to exist as will many of us.
Congress will be a sham institution; more than it already is
Extremist religion will be institutionalized and used to further keep us down. The rich want it all and with these agreements, they will get it.
We will have no chance at change of any kind if these things get up or down votes. We will lose this planet. We will lose Life on Earth.
What will anything be worth if we don’t have clean water, air and food? Nothing.
We will be worked to death and kicked into the ditches when we become “useless mouths”.
Why else keep these things so secret, so “behind closed doors”?

And all this for the expanded wealth of the very few at the top


We will lose that opportunity. We already don’t vote. Soon, we won’t be able to do so


You are right on the button!

  • I’d give you five or six hearts, if the machine would let me.


I surely wish I wasn’t…right that is.


One point that really is fascinating: The TPP is a natural expansion of Bill Clinton’s NAFTA. The bulk of our “progressive” media (perhaps with certain MSNBC hosts in the lead) have worked hard to sweep VP Joe Biden under the carpet, replacing him with Hillary Clinton, who has worked long and hard on behalf of the TPP. How do people who oppose the TPP reconcile this with their support for Clinton?


Vote for whom? All idealism aside, we’ll have two viable candidates in 2016, representing two parties with essentially the same agenda. Remember, President Obama clearly stated that if the People wanted something, they would have to get to their feet and demand it of Congress (since Congress essentially calls all the shots). We almost did that, too, with Occupy. Dems and lib media raced in to redefine Occupy as a Middle Class Only movement, and the rest of us - the poor, and those who get how unrelieved poverty is sinking the country - walked away.


By then it will be too late.


Elsewhere on this site it is asked if “Fascism Has Come To America?” For me, if you read these trade “deals”; it couldn’t be more clear that it has.


What makes me despair about the TPP is that it is clear evidence of how deeply our government is in collusion with corporations. Corporations now make the rules that regulate themselves. What?

Corporations have effectively taken over our government–they fund elections, they hire ex-government employees to be company executives, they fund lobbyists. Who do you think buys $50,000 a plate dinners? Your neighbour who volunteers at the free clinic? The small farmer that sells his organic produce by the side of the road? A teacher in our public schools? No, it’s the CEO of Monsanto or, more accurately, his company expense account. And during the course of the dinner the CEO makes a suggestion to the Senator from Iowa about a bright young man who would make a good deputy director of the Department of Agriculture . . . let me get his resume to you . . . by the way when you leave the government would you be interested in being a member of our Board . . .