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As Fast Track Vote Approaches in House, Democrats May Have Last Word


As Fast Track Vote Approaches in House, Democrats May Have Last Word

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The U.S. House of Representatives is gearing up for a vote on the contentious legislation that could grant President Barack Obama increased power to speed so-called "trade" deals through Congress, and its fate is still up in the air as foes and allies draw their battle lines.


This bill known as “Fast Track” sounds like ad-speak for selling expedited transportation services to beleaguered American commuters. Who wouldn’t want to travel via Express? And it’s true that bypassing Congress to give the Executive Branch more authority is a good way to make U.S. government more efficient, possibly more convenient for consumers.

OTOH why should we the people concern ourselves with matters of process? Let the bureaucracy sort it out.

However, if any shred of truth-in-advertising policy still pays tribute to public sentiment, wouldn’t Fast Track be more accurately understood if named the Power Grab bill?

As for Fast Track’s formal name of Trade Promotion Authority, wouldn’t renaming along such lines as Corporate Promotion Authority or Capital Usurpation Authority better convey its promise?


I couldn’t agree more. Actually, I’m sorry I didn’t post my “modest proposal” with some sort of irony icon, like this: ;^)

But seriously, what’s stopping us in vehement opposition to these calculated lies of the corporate-state from insisting on calling such bills by more vivid and honest names? If spiced with a little bite and color, the savvy creation of counter-nicknames just might ring true enough to stick, thereby transforming the terms of debate.

Indeed, no members of Congress dare vote in favor of the Power Grab bill . . . .