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As FBI Raid on Lawyer Spurs Trump to Float Idea of Firing Mueller, Calls for Mass Protest If He Does


As FBI Raid on Lawyer Spurs Trump to Float Idea of Firing Mueller, Calls for Mass Protest If He Does

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Amid reports that Donald Trump is fuming with anger behind the scenes after FBI agents raided the office of his personal lawyer Michael Cohen for documents related to his $130,000 hush payment to adult film actress Stormy Daniels, concerns grew


Firing Mueller for an FBI raid? Mueller is no longer in the FBI. Why assume he had anything to do with the raid?



I say we go to the White House with signs saying, “Leave or be Removed.”


oooh, not mass protests. Surely Trump wouldn’t order Muller’s ouster in the face of mass prot of course Congress would be frightened into stepping up…not.


We need mass protests to stop the coming war. The dumbass in the White House is just a distraction.


Anyone not watching Rachel Maddow on MSNBC Utube is missing an education in critical thinking and thoughtful analysis. Her recent segment posited that Trump’s choice of third rate lawyers may NOT be because he is being shunned, but that he is loading up on media-lawyers to effectuate a PR response to a pending firing of Mueller.

Stayed tuned to Maddow.


That’s not even a good joke.


In my view, Trump plans to fire Mueller when the time is right. Probably could be right after Trump starts a major war with Syria, Iran, China, Russia or North Korea…take your pick!


I dunno. Up to this point, Trump has shown to be very lacking in such forethought.


I cannot argue with your point!


Or Ian, it’s just because no lawyer with even a smidgen of integrity and ethics, wishes to go down in flames with “Donnie Dumbass Won’t Listen To Anyone.”


The man rambles and rages and fires people based on whatever hits his soft spot. He gets his presidential briefings from Fox & Friends. We aren’t dealing with a tough bureaucratic insider like Dick Cheney, but a whiny, sensitive, phony tough guy who was born into luxury. Hell, even Bolton may not last long under him. He does have a bushy mustache, after all.


The jokes on Ian.

Rachel has seduced him with her Mainstream Media wiles.


Mueller should be fired! Just tell me what in the world Stormi Daniels has to do with Russia. Mueller is out to get the President for anything including matters that occurred more than a decade ago. That was not the idea. He was to look into the possibility of collusion with Russian agents not the President’s pecadillos ages ago. Enough is enough. He should resign or at least stick to the subject.


So Archie,

Stormy admits to having sex with Trump over 10 years ago, and Trump says it never happened.

Fast forward to a few weeks before the 2016 election, Trumps personal lawyer Cohen pays Stormy $130,000 to shut her up.

There are ethics questions, campaign finance laws that may have been broken, so, it’s clear you most likely voted for Trump and think he’s above the law.

Pride is a bitch Archie, if you wish to back a criminal that doesn’t give a hoot for you or anyone but his rich friends, just admit it.


I was shocked recently to find out that Donald Trump has a mainline to Lou Dobbs. He apparently will call him, even in the middle of meeting with someone else, to get his advice. The clip in this article just shows how vacuous and opinionated this man is. I find it incredible that people believe this stuff on Fox News, but they do. I guess for many people emotional manipulation works. We’re all subject to primitive brain functions. Just some people are more blind to it than others.


That mustache will get 'em every time. Can’t make good advice while you’re talking through the remnants of lunch that is caught in it.


I know he is a gross pile of human waste but he is still being railroaded. No more fishing expeditions please. The US has enough trouble without looking for more that does not touch on his ability as President. Clinton had to endure the same thing over his sexual escapades and still won the next election. No more stupid ploys to get the President. Find out if he was complicit in anything illegal dealing with Russia and if you can’t find anything, then drop the investigation and send Mueller home.Anything else is judicial corruption!


Corruption at all levels has been enabled by this Duopoly. The Duopoly “is” the key element in the corruption. Over the decades, the Duopoly has intentionally allowed politicians to be influenced by Money from any and all who have it. Bought politicians have gained so much power and wealth from elites that their sole purpose in life is to make things that were illegal at one time, legal so that none of them can be held accountable for the damage they cause in order to make profit.

I have no sympathy for any of them. If they all were suddenly removed from the face of the Earth, I would rejoice.

To allow the human pile of waste that resides at the White House to evade “any” laws he can be proven to have broken, regardless of the original intent of any investigation into him, would also be a corruption of the law.

Archie, if We the People don’t use the power we possess over these subhumans that only value Money and care nothing about serving the masses which they took sworn oaths to serve and protect, then we too are complicit in their corruption.

The Duopoly must be exposed for it’s destructive nature.

Living in a country that is constantly plotting new wars so that businessmen can reap huge profits is immoral.

We the People must find the outrage in all of corruption and immorality and demand it stop and demand the criminals be removed.

That, is our “only” hope.

To live one more day without realizing how we support the destruction of our own way of life, is to live a lie.