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As FDA Gives Pfizer and BioNTech the Green Light, Global Calls Continue to Mount for a #PeopleVaccine

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/12/fda-gives-pfizer-and-biontech-green-light-global-calls-continue-mount-peoplevaccine

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Does anyone else here think this vaccine is more of a “baby’s pacifier” than a legitimate cure?

I mean, if you can still shed this virus after being vaccinated, WTF?


I haven’t read the article, but my guess would be that the vaccine might prevent the virus from taking up residence in cells (as the zinc carried by HCQ did for the patients treated by those 3 MDs earlier this year) but not prevent it being shed while it’s still transmissible.

My personal view is that it’s similar to all the hoopla around TSA - taking off your shoes, no bottles, confiscation of nail files, etc., yet they have NEVER caught an actual terrorist. It’s just ‘Security Theater’ to calm the masses; same thing with this vaccine.


The Pfizer vaccine is different from vaccines we are used to but that does not make it a pacifier. If someone can still become positive but not get severe symptoms, that both cuts the probability of transmitting the infection to someone else (symptoms like sneezing and coughing increase it) and of course it reduces suffering for people getting the vaccine (for most, eliminating it). Sure the normal kind of vaccine is better but it was not at all obvious that any kind of vaccine was possible with this virus. We don’t have an AIDS vaccine and there would definitely be money to be made there if some company had success with one. I will not be throwing rocks from outside on this valiant effort to do something.

On the other hand, I’m not at all happy with the pathetic attitude towards testing and contact tracing we’ve had. We could have done much better.


The monsters that that rule us have declared war on the poor once again. How disgusting.
This idea that the 99% of the poor in the poor nations of the world will not get the vac. until 2023 is a war crime and should be treated as such.


It should come as no surprise that the poor would be last in line for this vaccine, just as they have been for every other vaccine, and to be honest, every other advancement that has made life so much easier in the “developed” world. In truth, the way the pandemic was handled is a very bad sign for the poor and working classes of the earth. It appears that the wealthy have everything they want or need from us. In an ever warming world that will be prone to pandemics, mass migrations, refugees, and incredible weather swings, they now have enough squirreled away in their bunkers to withstand the coming tribulation. Our services may no longer be required.
With all that said, I will not be a guinea pig. Sure, I will eventually take a vaccine for coronal viruses, as i have taken every vaccine from the polio, to MMR, to DPT. However, I will wait about six months at least in to make my own observations about how the masses are handling the side effects. You know, like a normal drug trial.


Many of us have the same approach to this. I will hold out as well.


“We could have done much better”
Well, there’s a mantra you’ll never never see on the dollar bill or engraved on the side of the Lincoln memorial. However, it is a more than apt description of our history in North America. That is to say the history of white people.
And pursuant to that, I was reminded of your observation as I watched the morning news here in the Pittsburgh area (I know, I’ve really got to stop watching local news. It just angers the blood). A story was being done about PAs new lock down, closing almost all gathering places, including casinos (and you know shit must be bad if they closed a casino). Anyway, a reporter asked two women in th parking lot of the mall where the casino is located. The first woman was an older black lady, wearing a mask, and saying that she won’t miss it as any public contact these days could be dangerous to her family. The other, a middle aged white woman, no mask, telling the reporter that no matter they say, she feels more comfortable in the casino than anywhere else.
We had a record number of cases and deaths reported in Pennsylvania yesterday. Go figure.


Sorry to be the thread worry-wart, but the downside we have here in USA, from the trumpeted prospect of vaccine availability at some point, might be additional carelessness among the general population. You know regular folks have been way too careless this holiday season already, and we’re only beginning to feel the serious hurt of Covid’s holiday bite out of USA’s people. Hooray, there’s a vaccine! Let’s go out for a drink! See what I mean?

OWID currently logs USA’s weekly Covid deaths at 16,518 (higher than ever). That’s 2,360 per day, or 98 US Americans transitioning every hour. Vaccines aren’t having any impact on these numbers yet – maybe to the contrary, if overly optimistic news encourages loosening of precautions right now, at the most virulent height of our national outbreak.

There’s way too much we don’t know about these vaccines, imho. Has anyone has even mentioned the logistical complication of how soon people will need to get re-vaccinated? We don’t know when.

A brief history of USA COVID-19 cases (latest CDC numbers):

> WEEK    9 WEEKS              CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   9.  01/31/2020           7           7
>  18.  04/03/2020     274,136     274,143
>  27.  06/05/2020   1,617,547   1,891,690
>  36.  08/07/2020   3,028,679   4,920,369
>  45.  10/09/2020   2,721,133   7,641,502
>  54.  12/11/2020   8,077,309  15,718,811

You’re correct. We are just starting to hit the post thanksgiving boom, and will soon roll into Christmas and New Years. And now with a vaccine being publicized, it will just lead to even more risky behavior during the holidays, most likely leading to an absolutely apocalyptic January here in the US.
By the time we hit the one year mark for Covid in mid February, we will most likely be over half a million dead. And who knows how many survivors will crippled by lingering after effects.


With the amount of money to be made on these vaccines and the money dependent on allaying peoples’ fears and getting them back to work and out and about in the economy spending what money they have left, along with the abbreviated testing and trials, prompts me to wait a few months before even thinking about looking to get the vaccine. I’ll take my chances continuing my preferred lifestyle as a hermit until I see a lot more data, thanks.


This might just be the one time it will be beneficial to live in a poor country. We will have to see how the general public handles the side affects of this vaccine, and if it will be viable at all. The fact that out of the first to receive it, 2 people were seriously injured in the UK after taking the vaccine because of allergies, is not a good sign, IMHO.

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FYI…Hudson Wisconsin is on the NW border. Minnesota just over the border. Minn. has a lock down so people were going to Hudson for fun and frolic.
That is until Minn. did tracing because of the virus spread. They found that 80% of the infected were border hoppers.
Minn. and Wisc. have disallowed the border hopping for now.

“Seriously injured” is more than I heard about. Both patients had their own epipens, used them, and promptly recovered – that’s what I heard. I’m not defending UK’s early roll-out: It looks terrible for anything unexpected like this to come up. But it’s also possible to go overboard with how debilitated people are from the allergic reactions they have to go through life controlling.

I haven’t had personal experience of it, but I’ve had a long-term relationship with a diabetic. It’s serious business, very challenging – but usually manageable. If hyper-allergic syndrome is anything like diabetes, it can often be annoying as hell figuring out what triggered the last reaction.

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This is pretty interesting, the science involved in creating this genetically engineered vaccine.

Urgent global health needs addressed by Novavax ~https://www.novavax.com/our-unique-technology#matrix-m-adjuvant-technology

There are a series of box links: I found the Recombinant Nanoparticle Platform link interesting.

I think the injury is from the fact that it was a potentially life threatening reaction.

And if they hadn’t had epipens? The point being, with the speed of approval and rollout of these vaccines there are most likely many other medical issues that were omitted from these trials, and we have no idea what they were. But we’re about to find out, the hard way.


Do you know if this vaccine is like any other “Flu” shot, something that needs to be renewed every year?
Does it prevent you from getting the virus or does it fight it off if you do get it?

Good news from Germany.
The president of BioNTech was interviewed overnight, perhaps on MSNBC.
He and his wife developed this Pfizer produced vaccine. Now shipping out of
Portage, Michigan which adjoins Kalamazoo.

He is working on two additional vaccines.
The first has a much higher temperature storage and transport temperaure. A regular refrigerator is sufficient.
The second will not need any refrigeration at all. Room Temperature.

Looks like we need about 16 billion doses in 2021. Line up.