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As Feds Launch Probe, Users Discover 'Horrifying' Reach of Facebook's Data Mining


As Feds Launch Probe, Users Discover 'Horrifying' Reach of Facebook's Data Mining

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As the fallout from Facebook's Cambridge Analytica scandal continued on Monday with the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) announcement that it is conducting a long-overdue probe into the tech giant's privacy practices, many Facebook users are only now discovering the astonishing and in some cases downright "


I told you but did you listen? No you did not. If fact you thought I was some kind of nut. Now you know the truth.


Many years ago, my cousin told me to join the 20th century and start using Facebook. I told her that, in my opinion, Facebook was an invasion of privacy, so I wouldn’t ever use it.
*Looks like I was right on the money.


It’s good to be poor with nothing to lose, humble as opposed to proud, having no real friends and having no reputation of note. Thus all of this is quite irrelevant.


I’ve always thought that FB’s logo should be that all-too-familiar cartoon meme of a man with hairy legs wearing a trench coat deliberately opened and (thankfully) pointing into the page. (I had enchiladas for dinner last night should you be interested–smothered with delicious green mole, onions, tomatoes, and avocado.)


The solution for this is obvious: No one NO ONE should be able to collect data on anyone w/o their express permission unless it is a public record (i.E. already out there). In the case of criminal investigations, governmental agencies should be REQUIRED to notify the subject it is looking at her/his shit.

It would make journalism and historiography more complex; but the shit that passes for journalism and history these days is little more than rumor and innuendo anyway. It would force journalists and historians to actually get their asses talking to the human beings/agencies that they’re writing/making stories about.

And it would also force a deep conversation about what is private/personal and what the public has a right to know.

On top-of-which, data banks that do this massive sweeping are often horrendously inaccurate and important decisions are made with bad info.


The image belongs to a Penthouse character called Chester-the-Child-Molester.It is legally famous because Larry Flynt won a big court case around it that said almost anything goes in terms of published images.


Finally I get to enjoy some targeted research! I hope my significant other won’t mind, but seeing that she romps around on all fours and wears a choke collar I think it’s a good bet.


Greed is bad enough in the oil industry but eventually the oil run out but in the data collection industry the more data you gather the more valuable your data becomes and there is no end of data, it just continues to grow. It appears that Facebook may be destroying its reputation because of greed and its determination to be a monopoly. It is almost impossible for any company to compete with it because it now has so much data that their data if far more valuable than any competitors data could be. The percentage of people who trust Facebook should be zero. Who would trust it? Users should always remember that their data is Facebook’s product which it sells to its customers who are mainly advertisers and the content is provided by the users for an extremely low wage, nothing. Who knew that Facebook was even collecting metadata. Another reason to use a land line phone. If that weren’t enough local police can intercept cell phone calls. Many people, especially younger people, do not have a land line phone and only use cell phones. That means it is virtually impossible for them to make a call that they can be certain is private. I think Zuckerberg was one of the people who exclaimed that privacy is over. It certainly would be if he has his way from what has occurred so far.


Hope you do look it up. I got the facts essentially from memory, so I hope I got it essentially correct.


Relax Dan. This is just the Private Sector.

It’s not like the Feds have anything like this.


I did mix up apples and oranges. The artist who drew Chester the Molestor beat his own conviction for raping his daughter because his lawyers said he was convicted for his cartoons. Flynt beat Jerry Falwell (who practiced his own kind of pornography) in the Supreme Court. It was Hustler, not Penthouse. The stuff that follows is truly sickening on too many levels to mention, but you can read/see things like this on a daily basis in social media, corporate media, etc. Clearly Flynt was right about an awful lot of stuff concerning ‘life’ in these (Dis)United States.


That it is a giant data-mining operation was obvious from the get-go. But the common desire to jump into the mix and let it all hang out is apparently a strong one, easily overpowering caution and common sense. We’re social animals, after all, and cynical manipulation takes advantage of that. But it’s like the old saw reminds us - if the ‘service’ is free, you are the product.


Hello rolson, I hope that you are being sarcastic. If not the 3 letter alphabet have almost everything that all of us do and say recorded for posterity!!! Everything is vacuumed up by the pedabyte!!!


That’s the big story here… that anyone would be naive to have trusted them in the first place.

-slaps palm on forehead-


During startup, Facebook was provided seed money with suspicious CIA links. Enough said.


Too-big-to-fail Overlords: Facebook, Google, ad nauseum.
Oooh, lovable, reassuring brand names.


Another criminal enterprise that made Billions from stealing.

Only the truly addicted will make excuses for this thievery.


What breed is she WiseOwl? Your significant other.


I want a dinner invite!