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As Feinstein Steps Down as Top Judiciary Democrat, Sunrise Movement Demands She Go One Step Further: 'Resign'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/24/feinstein-steps-down-top-judiciary-democrat-sunrise-movement-demands-she-go-one-step


Members of the GOP are not the only ones who grift. She’s 87 ḟüçӄing years old, and yet she still needs to suck on the public teat a little longer. She past her sell by date at least a dozen years ago.


Good for the youth. Good too that those who insist on staying in the “democratic” party want to clean their own house. But why not be on the side of evolutionary change? The times do demand it, in my view at least, because as it has been repeatedly pointed out, business as usual, incrementalism will not address the existential crisis we face: Ecological collapse and nuclear disaster.

Consider joining a call to come together virtually both nationally and globally to actually come up with a vision crafted collectively of the type of community, societal organization we want because of these threats. A human scaled world as in Schumacher’s Small Is Beautiful updated, of course, to eliminate fossil fuels.

Others are also advocating Movement For A Peoples Party which is also catching on.


Pelosi and Schumer should also go. A third party to reduce the pernicious influence of the duopoly might also be a good idea as a transition into a post-capitalist world.


Only a third party will do, the next two generations of elected Democrats aren’t much better. There isn’t enough time to win the Democrats before getting to the important policy fights. People’s Party 2022! We only need to be the difference between control of either house to have some power.


Michael, frankly, I have zero interest in winning over any democrat: Never have been a member of their party. If I had to define a political stance then it is eco-socialism. But I think it is the wider system of destruction which is capitalism that has to go and so must all our ideologies if we are to come together to envision–in full color and detail–what we see as a livable future which will translate into a human scaled world where Life is primary and where not only every human being but all our animal fellow-travelers along with the vegetable kingdom are equally revered.


That’s the funny part about megalomania. Once you give someone a taste of it, they never leave the trough.


Apparently Di’s senility has become so obvious that even her beloved Democratic Party finally turned on her.
Don’t be surprised if she announces her “retirement” soon.


Though, I’m reading & appreciating lots of our post’s astute insights. It’s comforting to NOT have kids and grandkids as I’m reading about Kerry, et al, planning a virtual Woodstock of sneering kleptocrats, literally an Armegeddon of pipeline wars; 1.9 million leaky fracked wells, blowing-out. Or bailing out 96 pretty-damn-scary reactors (not suitably maintained for eight months) nearly as old as these folks (ensuring run-away climate change) so billionaire sponsors can blatantly greenwash scary: geo-engineering, carbon capture & GE monoculture “it’s too late, so now let us FIX it” scams. If we had kids, I’d be investigating moving NORTH… right now?

Let me get back to my retirement portfolios… gas & oil UP


great that another conservative republican steps down, she is done working in the senate…


Amazing…She tried to bully the kids and their teacher! The kids and their teacher stood up to her bullying. They were having none of it! Good for them because their insistence and perseverance on what they need is how they will succeed.


87 year old Feinstein should not be in DC. She should retire.


I have a different take on Feinstein’s move. She has acted like a moderate republican in her role as the top democrat on the Senate judicial committee, treating the mostly awful “R” conformation candidates with “kid gloves”. Now as a democrat is about to take the WH, her work on the committee is done. Di-Fi, like most dems in leadership positions, are actually 1970’s republicans, who serve the republican party and their donors (bribers), not the American people.


As a Californian, I think it’s just DiFi’s disposition and there’s no grand plan. In fact, by all accounts, much of the caucus was very unhappy with her unmasked Graham hug and the handling of the Barrett nomination. It seems clear Chuck talked to her and got her to vacate her position, which is what people were calling for at this website just a few weeks ago.

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What you describe just means her handling of Graham was the final straw for the caucus, and we both know there are many straws laid before the back breaks.


Frankly, politics aside, an unmasked 87 year-old Senator hugging a guy whose caucus members have not been exactly careful just wasn’t a good look and it put her colleagues at risk. She’s lucky she didn’t get Covid.


True. But many in DC (as well as the rest of the country) act as though they are immune, it’s baffling.


I live in California, which everyone thinks is some sort of progressive paradise, but we’ve got whole counties, like mine, run by anti-maskers. We joke locally that Northeastern California is the Mississippi of the West Coast. At any rate, it’s no surprise to me to see our numbers increasing big time in my area. The Saturday Trump truck parades may be over, but there are way too many people who think masks go under, not over, their noses, that is if they choose to wear them.


It is a life of elitism that creates this attitude. These people never are penalized for breaking laws so they think they are immune from everything, even science.


We need for all the billionaires to get the F$%^ out of our government. We need a revolt against oligarchal rule…NOW! Not tomorrow; not next week; not the next election…NOW!!!