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As Feinstein Steps Down as Top Judiciary Democrat, Sunrise Movement Demands She Go One Step Further: 'Resign'

Spot on. Diane has been a reflection of the modern Democratic Party all her time in congress. By any measure, being somewhat socially liberal, yet pro-war, pro-wall street, they are Nixon republicans.


No such thing as no ideology, as human beings, we all have a point of view, you said it your self, “eco-socialism,” That is a system of ideas which forms the basis of a economic and political theory that conform to your point of view. If you fight for these idea’s, you are an ideologue, if you don’t fight for them, you are nothing, a mindless twit. Embrace your ideology, i.e. your point of view.

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We have our crumb now. So it’s time for us peons to shut up and go home.

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She was never really a democrat, she loved Repugs so much. I wonder when she realized that she was really a Repug trapped in a Democratic Party? She loves wars and Pentagon contractors, they were always so good to her, and she was always good for them. That is how you stay in office until you are 87 years old.


“Sell by date”; she has been an ongoing sale to special interests. Saying she wants to work on climate change is scary. We would be better off if she stayed away from a subject she obviously doesn’t understand; and just voted the way people who understand the crisis go.

And on the pandemic; she hugged Lindsey Graham after the hearings. I would say she struck out on two counts for that irresponsibility.

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She can resign and rest assured that Israeli lobby has many representative and senators representing Israeli Zionist’s interests before any American interests. Oh and someone please remind her that the people of Berkeley California would like their publicly paid for post office building back along with other hundreds of millions of people’s money taken by her. Would it be impolite to ask her to provide compensation to the relatives of those millions of Iraqis she has helped kill during and after the Iraq war she so forcefully called for and supported


I resemble that emotion. I have supported the Green Party ever since Nader cost Gore the election! LOL.

That we all have our point of view is very true and I would go so far as to say there are as many points of view as there are people. For myself, I think if people want to actually survive, let alone thrive, they will come around to accepting not only a socialist point of view but one that places the rights of Nature–which is also our own collective and individual nature–front and center. Hence an ecological bent to socialism. In a human scaled, small community this will be seen as natural even if it is not called eco-socialism or anything else for that matter. The Life that is everywhere and in all of us is what needs defending or perhaps, more accurately, what needs our reverence. This will include those points of view we may disagree with.

Before we can get there I think we really need to listen to one another’s point of view and not be too rigid in insisting on our view point.


Good for you. I have voted Greene myself many times and also socialists. I want to spend my energy now is finding a way for us to come together and re-imagining a post-capitalist world.


If a person is in the middle of a stumble the first thing to do is to stabilize.
Then you can decide what your stride will be.
Biden has enough grief to handle with the right-wing, can’t the rest of us wait until policy is actually announced before putting it all down?

Then the first thing to pray for is a democratic majority in the senate.
Otherwise we are once again in the grip of executive orders.

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as a California resident could not agree more. SHE NEEDS TO RESIGN NOW.


Keep dreaming about that 3rd party. The other 2 parties will not allow it. They like things the way they are.

Whitehouse would be a better person to head the judicial committee. He is tougher than Durbin. He is also a climate champion.

I fully agree with you.

As the offspring of a 95 y.o., WWII combat vet (who is mentally as SHARP AS A TACK, btw) I agree with you about DiFi–but NOT based upon her age. Based upon her “values” (or, more correctly, her lack of appropriate values).


There is a clear red-line limit, to “compromising,” and that line is drawn right next to an issue that holds death in its claws, as does the Climate Crisis.

Sure, it is “nice” when people start stealing one’s lines regarding policy, but NOT so “nice,” when that action is only cover for one’s FLACCID stance on what needs to be done… and as a way of sucking up to the DIRTY, CORRUPT Reich Wing.

Feinstein is to blame for ACB’s appointment approval, and she needs to be Out On Her Ear, since she cannot see her way to doing what needs doing.