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As Fight Expands Overseas, McDonald's Under Fire for 'Low Road' Business Model


As Fight Expands Overseas, McDonald's Under Fire for 'Low Road' Business Model

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

As McDonald's comes under increased scrutiny for both its treatment of workers and its questionable corporate citizenship around the world, workers from five continents, elected officials, and international labor leaders are gathered in Brasília this week to testify before the Brazilian Federal Senate on how the corporation is "driving a global race to the bottom."


McDonalds has used its mighty wealth to lobby US Reps, that don’t really represent the people, to keep minimum wages far too low. Our entire economy is stifled and stunted due to the fact that millions have no access to real and decent pay for their work. The time has come for us to DEMAND an economy that works for the people and the country, not just the already rich and the few.


When are people going to wake up and stop eating this awful food? Actually they are already losing customers in America because either people have woken up or are too poor to even buy at McDonalds. It is high time for people overseas to stop going to those outfits.


Why not serve veggie burgers instead of dead body burgers? Why not serve healthy food instead of heart attack/cancer food? Thereby reducing your greenhouse gas contributions? Earth to McDonald’s: Hello! Is there any intelligent life there? Ever heard of Right Livelihood?


… I have a tshirt that has the golden arches with Mc Shit emblazoned on it … The only good thing about mcdonalds is it has clean bathrooms to take a mcpee in when on the road … good for ancient bladders haha


Folks, almost all fast food is not healthy, not just Mickey D’s. But it is especially true of their meat.There use to be a T. V. add that showed an egg frying and said: “THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON DRUGS”. That add could also apply to most fast food.


Beautiful! :smile_cat:


A quick search shows a “Vegetarian Times” survey says 3.2% of the US population are vegetarian, It most likely isn’t worth it for McDs to have a vegetarian menu as nobody would order it.


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Burger King has a veggie burger and it is very popular. People would order veggie burgers at McD if it were offered. People want to eat better food.


You might have a point. I can probably count on 10 fingers how many times I ate at McDs or Burger King for that matter. If you mean veggie burgers them little meat looking patties, I’m afraid to think what’s in them. Personally I’m a meat lover but if I want to have some veggie stuff i rather make it myself. Same for the meat, get a slab of it with some fat still attached, ground it myself, mix some egg and garlic in it and there’s my burger. I don’t really trust them fast food places.


Let’s not forget the poison pumped into its customers.

Fast food, like fossil fuels, needs to be consigned to the dustbin of history, and the folks working in it transitioned to jobs that foster their and everyone else’s health and well being.


Here’s a link predicting a much higher percentage by 2050:


Sorry but check out comments by people who have worked at Chipotle -low pay,part time,and more important brain washing—there is a reason their stock is flying high and its not the food.